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This directory contains files that are needed for FreeDesktop.org to feature springlobby in so-called software centers
  for desktop software such as gnome, kde, or xfce.

springlobby.appdata.xml is the descriptor file. It contains references to screenshot images found on the web (springlobby.info),
  so these screenshots need to remain at this location or their locations need to be updated in this file if they change.

Alternatively, one can write a "springlobby.appdata.xml.in" that would be processed by intltool or some internationalization 
  program that would produce a locale-specific descriptor, but for now we have a default version in English.

I've included the springlobby.appdata.xml file to get us started, and configured CMake so that "make install" 
  copies it to /usr/share/appdata, where it is supposed to go.

We should perhaps look at incorporating intltool or itstool for internationalization. We have plenty of people in the community
  that can write a springlobby description in different languages!