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Release notes for 1.2.1 -- 2011-10-29
Release notes for 1.2.0 -- NOT RELEASED
* Bad tag, so not releasable.
* Switched to the lite (non-introspective) version of protocol buffers
for a smaller library.
* Includes support for "visible" flag on OSM objects. This allows PBF to
handle OSM history files.
* Namespace and include conventions changes for the C++ library. Everything
is in the OSMPBF namespace. You now do:
#include <osmpbf/osmpbf.h>
* Added stuff needed to build Debian/Ubuntu libosmpbf-dev package containing
the C++ library.
* Added osmpbf-outline tool that shows internals of a PBF file for debugging.
* Added magic file that can recognize OSM PBF files.
-- Changes from Jochen Topf <>
Peter <>
* Added a pom.xml
-- Changes from Zsombor Welker <>
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