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# $Id: CHANGELOG 776 2008-12-7 01:30:27Z dane $
Mapnik Changelog
A simple log of core changes affecting Mapnik usage.
Developers: Please commit along with changes.
For a complete change history, see the SVN log.
Mapnik 2.1.0
- New CSV plugin - reads tabular files - autodetecting geo columns, newlines, and delimiters. Uses in-memory featureset for fast rendering and is not designed for large files (#902)
- Fixed bug in shield line placement when dx/dy are used to shift the label relative to the placement point (Matt Amos) (#908)
- Added <layer_by_sql> parameter in OGR plugin to select a layer by SQL query (besides name or index): see for specifications (kunitoki) (#472)
- Added suppport for output maps as tiff files (addresses #967 partially)
Mapnik 2.0.0
- Add minimum-path-length property to text_symbolizer to allow labels to be placed only on lines of a certain length (#865)
- Add support for png quantization using fixed palettes (#843)
- Add AlsoFilter functionality -
- SQLite Plugin: optimize i/o using shared cache and no mutexes (#797)
- Directly link input plugins to libmapnik to avoid having to set dlopen flags from binding languages (#790)
- Throw an error during registration for fonts which Freetype2 does not report a family or style name (r2985).
- Fixed quoting syntax for "table"."attribute" in PostGIS plugin (previously if table aliases were used quoting like "table.attribute" would cause query failure) (r2979).
- Added the ability to control the PostGIS feature id by suppling a key_field to reference and integer attribute name (r2979).
- Added alternative, more robust proj_transform functions to project a bbox using more points than just the four
corners to ensure an optimally sized bbox despite proj4 out of bounds conditions. (olt)
- Added map.base parameter that can be set to control where files with relative paths should be interpreted
from when a map is loaded from a string or saved to a string. It defaults to an empty string which means
that the base path will be the current working directory of the mapnik process. When a stylesheet is read
from a file that files directory is used. And a custom value can still be passed as an argument to
- Added python function 'render_grid' to allow conversion of grid buffer to python object containing list of grid
pixels, list of keys, and a and dictionary of feature attributes.
- Added new rendering backend, grid_renderer, that collects the attributes of rendered features and
burns their ids into a grid buffer.
- Added optional 'maximum-extent' parameter to map object. If set will be used, instead of combined
layer extents, for return value of map.zoom_all(). Useful in cases where the combined layer extents
cannot possibly be projected into the map srs or the user wishes to control map bounds without
modifying the extents of each layer.
- Support for NODATA values with grey and rgb images in GDAL plugin (#727)
- Print warning if invalid XML property names are used (#110)
- Made XML property names use consistent dashes, never underscores (#644)
- Added support for drawing only first matching rule using filter-mode="first" in Style (#706)
- Added support to PointSymbolizer ('ignore_placement') for skipping adding placed points to collision detector (#564)
- Added ability to register fonts within XML using Map level 'font_directory' parameter (#168)
- TextSymbolizer: Change text_convert to text_transform to better match css naming (r2211)
- Shapefile Plugin: Throw error if attribute name is requested that does not exist (#604)
- Upgraded to the latest proj4 string literal for EPSG:4326 (WGS84) as global default projection (#333)
- Added 'mapnik_version_from_string()' function in python bindings to easily convert string representation
of version number to the integer format used in 'mapnik/version.hpp'. e.g. '0.7.1' --> 701.
- Added xinclude ( support to libxml2-based xml parser (oldtopos) (#567)
- Optimized rendering speeds by avoiding locking in the projection code (r2063) (r2713)
- Added support for setting global alignment of polygon pattern fills (#203)
- Added support for choosing OGR layer by index number using 'layer_by_index' parameter (r1904)
- Added support for fractional halo widths (using FT Stroker) (#93)
- Added support for reading jpeg images (in addition to png/tiff) for image symbolizers (#518)
- Made libjpeg dependency optional at compile time and added mapnik2.has_jpeg() method to check for support in python (#545).
- Fixed reading of PostGIS data on Big Endian systems (#515)
- PostGIS: Added better support for alternative schemas (#500)
- AGG Renderer - Enforced default gamma function on all symbolizers to ensure proper antialiasing
even when gamma is modified on the PolygonSymbolizer. (#512)
- Added ability to read pre 2.0.0 stylesheets, but prints a warning for deprecated syntax (r1592, #501)
- Rasterlite Plugin: Experimental support for Rasterlite, to practically use sqlite database with wavelet compressed rasters (#469)
- PNG: fixed png256 for large images and some improvements to reduce color corruptions (#522)
- Implement MarkersSymbolizer in Cairo render and improve the markers placement finder. (#553)
Mapnik 0.7.2 Release
- Added forward compatibility for Mapnik 2.0 XML syntax (
- Build fixes to ensure boost_threads are not used unless THREADING=multi build option is used
- Fixes for the clang compiler
- Support for latest libpng (>= 1.5.x) (r2999)
- Fixes to the postgres pool
- Fix for correct transparency levels in png256/png8 output (#540)
- Various build system fixes, especially for gcc compiler on open solaris.
- When plugins are not found, report the searched directories (#568)
- Improved font loading support (#559)
- Fix to shapeindex for allowing indexing of directory of shapefiles like `shapeindex dir/*shp`
- Fixed handling of null and multipatch shapes in shapefile driver - avoiding inf loop (#573)
- Fixed raster alpha blending (#589,#674)
- Enhanced support for faster reprojection if proj >= 4.8 is used (#575)
- Allow for late-binding of datasources (#622)
- Fix to OSM plugin to avoid over-caching of data (#542)
- Various fixes to sqlite, ogr, and occi driver backported from trunk.
- Ensured that '\n' triggers linebreaks in text rendering (#584)
- Support for boost filesystem v3
- Fixes to cairo renderer to avoid missing images (r2526)
- Fixed reading of label_position_tolerance on text_symbolizer and height for building_symbolizer
Mapnik 0.7.0 Release
(Packaged from r1574)
- Core: Fixed linking to external libagg (r1297,r1299)
- Core: Completed full support for PPC (Big endian) architectures (r1352 -> r1357)
- Gdal Plugin: Added support for Gdal overviews, enabling fast loading of > 1GB rasters (#54)
* Use the gdaladdo utility to add overviews to existing GDAL datasets
- PostGIS: Added an optional 'geometry_table' parameter. The 'geometry_table' used by Mapnik to look up
metadata in the geometry_columns and calculate extents (when the 'geometry_field' and 'srid' parameters
are not supplied). If 'geometry_table' is not specified Mapnik will attempt to determine the name of the
table to query based on parsing the 'table' parameter, which may fail for complex queries with more than
one 'from' keyword. Using this parameter should allow for existing metadata and table indexes to be used
while opening the door to much more complicated subqueries being passed to the 'table' parameter without
failing (#260, #426).
- PostGIS Plugin: Added optional 'geometry_field' and 'srid' parameters. If specified these will allow
Mapnik to skip several queries to try to determine these values dynamically, and can be helpful to avoid
possible query failures during metadata lookup with complex subqueries as discussed in #260 and #436, but
also solvable by specifying the 'geometry_table' parameter. (r1300,#376)
- PostGIS: Added an optional 'extent_from_subquery' parameter that when true (while the 'extent' parameter is
not provided and 'estimate_extent' is false) will direct Mapnik to calculate the extent upon the exact table
or sql provided in the 'table' parameter. If a sub-select is used for the table parameter then this will,
in cases where the subquery limits results, provide a faster and more accurate layer extent. It will have
no effect if the 'table' parameter is simply an existing table. This parameter is false by default. (#456)
- PostGIS Plugin: Added '!bbox!' token substitution ability in sql query string. This opens the door for various
complex queries that may aggregate geometries to be kept fast by allowing proper placement of the bbox
query to be used by indexes. (#415)
* Pass the bbox token inside a subquery like: !bbox!
* Valid Usages include:
<Parameter name="table">
(Select ST_Union(geom) as geom from table where ST_Intersects(geometry,!bbox!)) as map
<Parameter name="table">
(Select * from table where geom &amp;&amp; !bbox!) as map
- PostGIS Plugin: Added 'scale_denominator' substitution ability in sql query string (#415/#465)
* Pass the scale_denominator token inside a subquery like: !scale_denominator!
* e.g. (Select * from table where field_value > !scale_denominator!) as map
- PostGIS Plugin: Added support for quoted table names (r1454) (#393)
- PostGIS: Add a 'persist_connection' option (default true), that when false will release
the idle psql connection after datasource goes out of scope (r1337) (#433,#434)
- PostGIS: Added support for BigInt (int8) postgres type (384)
- PostGIS Plugin: Throw and report errors if SQL execution fails (r1291) (#363, #242)
- PostGIS Plugin: Fixed problem in conversion of long numbers to strings (r1302,1303)
- PostGIS Plugin: Added missing support for BigInt(int8) postgres datatypes (r1250) (#384)
- OGR Plugin: Added support for reading multipoint features (#458)
- Shape Plugin: Fixed bug in file extension stripping (#413)
- Shape Plugin: Fixed missing compiler flags that causes crashing on newer g++ versions (#436)
- PNG: Fixed problem with garbled/striped png256 output along sharp edges(#416,#445,#447,#202)
- PNG: Added support for semi-transparency in png256 output (#477,#202)
- PolygonSymbolizer: Added 'gamma' attribute to allow for dilation of polygon edges - a solution
to gap artifacts or "ghost lines" between adjacent polygons and allows for slight sharpening of
the edges of non overlapping polygons. Accepts any values but 0-1 is the recommended range.
- TextSymbolizer: Large set of new attributes: 'text_transform', 'line_spacing', 'character_spacing',
'wrap_character', 'wrap_before', 'horizontal_alignment', 'justify_alignment', and 'opacity'.
* More details at changesets: r1254 and r1341
- SheildSymbolizer: Added special new attributes: 'unlock_image', 'VERTEX' placement, 'no_text' and many
attributes previously only supported in the TextSymbolizer: 'allow_overlap', 'vertical_alignment',
'horizontal_alignment', 'justify_alignment', 'wrap_width', 'wrap_character', 'wrap_before', 'text_transform',
'line_spacing', 'character_spacing', and 'opacity'.
* More details at changeset r1341
- XML: Added support for using CDATA with libxml2 parser (r1364)
- XML: Fixed memory leak in libxml2 implementation (#473)
- XML: Added function to serialize map to string, called 'mapnik.save_map_to_string()' (#396)
- XML: Added parameter to <Map> called 'minimum_version' to allow for enforcing the minimum Mapnik version
needed for XML features used in the mapfiles. Uses Major.Minor.Point syntax, for example
<Map minimum_version="0.6.1"> would throw an error if the user is running Mapnik less than 0.6.1.
- XML: Added support for relative paths when using entities and 'mapnik.load_map_from_string()' (#440)
- XML: Made width and height optional for symbolizers using images (r1543)
- XML: Ensured that default values for layers are not serialized in save_map() (r1366)
- XML: Added missing serialization of PointSymbolizer 'opacity' and 'allow_overlap' attributes (r1358)
- XML: Default text vertical_alignment now dependent on dy (#485, r1527)
- Python: Exposed ability to write to Cairo formats using 'mapnik.render_to_file()' and without pycairo (#381)
- Python: Fixed potential crash if pycairo support is enabled but python-cairo module is missing (#392)
- Python: Added 'mapnik.has_pycairo()' function to test for pycairo support (r1278) (#284)
- Python: Added 'mapnik.register_plugins()' and 'mapnik.register_fonts()' functions (r1256)
- Python: Pickling support for point_symbolizer (r1295) (#345)
- Python: Ensured mapnik::config_errors now throw RuntimeError exception instead of UserWarning exception (#442)
- Filters: Added support for '!=' as an alias to '<>' for not-equals filters (avoids &lt;&gt;) (r1326) (#427)
- SCons: Improved boost auto-detection (r1255,r1279)
- SCons: Fixed support for JOBS=N and FAST=True to enable faster compiling (r1440)
- SCons: Ensured that -h or --help will properly print help on custom Mapnik options before a user
has been able to properly run 'configure'. (r1514)
- SCons: Added ability to link to custom icu library name using ICU_LIB_NAME (r1414)
- SCons: Improved reliability of python linking on OSX (#380)
- Fonts: Added unifont to auto-installed fonts, which is used by the OSM styles as a fallback font (r1328)
Mapnik 0.6.1 Release
(Packaged from r1247)
- Plugins: expose list of registered plugins as a 'plugin_names()' method of DatasourceCache (r1180)
- XML: Fixed serialization and parsing bugs related to handling of integers and Enums (#328,#353)
- SCons: Added the ability to set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH env setting (#217)
- SCons: Improved linking to only required libraries for libmapnik (#371)
- Shape Plugin: Added compile time flag to allow disabling the use of memory mapped files (r1213) (#342)
- Core: Improved support for PPC (Big endian) architectures (r1198 -> r1213)
- Scons: Improved auto-detection of boost libs/headers (r1200) (#297)
- Plugins: Exposed list of available/registered plugins (r1180) (#246)
- SCons: Improve build support for SunCC (patches from River Tarnell) (r1168, r1169)
- Python: Pickling support for text_symbolizer (r1164) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for proj_transform and view/coord_transform (r1163) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for parameters (r1162) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for stroke objects (r1161) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for line_symbolizer (r1160) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for projection objects (r1159) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for shield_symbolizer (r1158) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for polygon_symbolizer (r1157) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for query objects (r1156) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for pattern symbolizers (r1155) (#345)
- Python: Pickling support for raster_symbolizer (r1154) (#345)
- Python: Added 'mapnik.has_cairo()' function to test for cairo support (r1152) (#284)
- Python: Exposed dash_array get method (r1151) (#317)
- Python: Pickling support for Coord objects (#345)
- GDAL Plugin: Added an experimental option to open files in 'shared mode' (r1143)
- Python: Exposed RasterSymbolizer options in Python (r1139)
- Plugins: Fixed support for non-file based sources in GDAL and OGR plugins (#336,#337)
- Plugins: Formal inclusion of new plugin for Kismet server (r1127) (#293)
- Python: Made access to features and featuresets more Pythonic (r1121) (#171,#280,#283)
- XML: Ensured relative paths in XML are interpreted relative to XML file location (r1124) (#326)
- XML: Added ability to serialize all default symbolizer values by passing third argument to save_map(m,'file.xml',True)(r1117) (#327)
- Core: Added support for alpha transparency when writing to png256 (patch from Marcin Rudowski) (#202)
- SCons: Ensured ABI compatibility information is embedded in libmapnik.dylib on Mac OS X (#322)
- SCons: Ensured that the full 'install_name' path would be added to libmapnik.dylib on Mac OS X (#374)
- Tests: Added testing framework in Python using nose (r1101-r1105)
- Raster Plugin: Added a tile/bbox-based read policy for large (rasters width * height > 1024*1024 will be loaded in chunks) (r1089)
- OGCServer: Made lxml dependency optional (r1085) (#303)
- Rasters: Handle rounding to allow better alignment of raster layers (r1079) (#295)
- AGG Renderer: Added option to control output JPEG quality (r1078) (#198)
- Plugins: Fixed segfault in OGR Plugin with empty geometries (r1074) (#292)
Mapnik 0.6.0 Release
(Packaged from r1066)
- Python: Added support for aspect_fix_mode (r1013)
- OGCServer Fixed axis-ordering for WMS 1.3.0 request (r1051) (#241)
- Plugins: Added option to all plugins to support using a 'base' path argument (r1042)
- Symbolizers: RasterSymbolizer now support composing modes for hillshading (r1027)
- SCons: Added options to build the rundemo and pgsql2sqlite tools (r989)
- OGCServer: Added content-length output (r986)
- SCons: Replaced LIBS/INCLUDES options for postgres and gdal with pg_config and gdal-config (r977)
- SCons: Created an optional configure stage (r973)
- Python: Added further pickling/copy support to Map, Layers, Datasources, Styles,and Rules (r907,r913,r921)
- Plugins: Added Sqlite driver for reading sqlite databases (r881)
- Python: Exposed a number of properties for the Text Symbolizer (r869)
- Plugins: PostGIS plugin now accepts multi-line queries (r862)
- Filter parsing: Allow numbers in the filter field name.
This allows for shapefiles with columns like '1970'.
- Plugins: Added OGR driver for reading all OGR supported formats (kunitoki) (r836) (#170)
- XML: Added serialization of Fontsets (r807)
- XML: Added support for reading xml from a string (r806)
- C++: renamed mapnik::Color to mapnik::color (r796)
- Python: Made available the scale_denominator property from the map in c++ and python (r794)
- Python: Added ability to resize map and clear all layers and styles from python (r793)
- Python: Exposed Proj to/from transformation for projected coordinate systems (r792,r822) (#117)
- Memory Datasource: Added support for dynamically adding Points to map using Point Datasource (r790)
- XML: Added xml serialization for abstract, title, minzoom, maxzoom, and queryable attributes (r787)
- Core: Transformation is now skipped if srs values match exactly (r777)
- Symbolizers: 'min_distance' now honored for POINT placement using Text Symbolizer (r771)
- Plugins: PostGIS plugin now accepts a geometry_field,record_limit, cursor_size options (r769,r872)
- Python: Added ability to transform as a method on Coord and Envelope objects (r764)
- Python: Added docstrings to the Layer object (r763)
- Plugins: Loosened the type checking in Shapefile Plugin dbf reader (r762)
- Fonts: Added support for Right-to-left Hebrew text (r749)
- Core: Added a Map buffer parameter - helps to avoid cut labels at tile edges (r744)
- Symbolizers: Added opacity support to Point Symbolizer (r743)
- Symbolizers: Added support of using Points with Shield Symbolizer (r741)
- Plugins: PostGIS plugin now accepts alternate schemas (r773)
- Core: Added a Map aspect_fix_mode to ensure proper syncing of map dimensions and bbox (r705)
- Fonts: Added support for fallback fonts (r704)
- Cairo: Cairo support exposed in Python (r666)
- Plugins: Added OSM plugin for reading directly from OSM data (r663)
- Filters: Added support for boolean expressions (r660)
- Python: Added ability to open Image32 files (r652)
- Cairo: Cairo rendering support added (r656)
- Core: Added unicode support based on ICU (r650)
- Core: Added support for single and multi threaded variants of Mapnik (r632,r634)
- Plugins: Use memory mapped files for reading shape file (r628)
- Core: Use streams to write images (i/o refactor) (r628) (#15)
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