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Mapnik integration with QGIS


  • On-the-fly translation of QGIS layers and styles into Mapnik objects
  • Ability to export a QGIS project to a Mapnik XML mapfile
  • Loading of Mapnik XML or Cascadenik MML/CSS for dynamic rendering in QGIS.

Requires a working installation of Mapnik and its python bindings.

New tabbed view and styled xml in Quantumnik added in 2.x series:

OpenStreetMap browser in QGIS via Quantumnik Plugin

Flickr Alpha Shapes from Clustr in QGIS via Quantumnik Plugin

Installing Quantumnik

First make sure Mapnik and its python bindings are installed.

Then install the latest quantumnik release of the plugin via the QGIS plugin manager:

  • Enable the Plugin Installer in the Plugin Manager
  • Choose "Fetch Python Plugins"
  • Add a new repository http://qgis.dbsgeo.com/
  • Quantumnik should then appear in your plugins list

Or install manually by cloning this repository and copying the quantumnik folder into your QGIS plugins folder, usually located at:


Then enable in your plugin manager.