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Workshop materials for teaching about OSM on Windows (using QGIS, PostGIS, and TileMill) - designed to work offline
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An introduction to QGIS, PostGIS, and TileMill for Windows

This is a work-in-progress for a tutorial introducing users of the Windows Desktop with GIS backgrounds to a few key open source tools for making maps with OSM data.

These materials are combined from a few separate workshops I ran focusing on QGIS, TileMill, and consuming OSM data.

Design decisions

Very detailed step-by-step notes are used to ensure that no users are left behind. While tedius, I've found this detail critical to allow workshops participants to move at their own pace.

No screenshots are used intentionally. The goal here is not speed or ease of use but rather completeness so that users have a solid handrail at all times.

Explicit versions are used to ensure that all tools play nicely together.

GUI steps are prioritized and command line usage is minimized in order to highlight workflows most viable for non-programmers.

The tutorial can be found in markdown format in the

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