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sprintly-mode is a small mode for, a project management tool. It is a work in progress and pull requests and github issues are accepted.

Working Features

  • List your tickets.
  • Nagivate to tickets.

Future feature ideas

  • Group your tickets based on status.
  • Auto-complete inside a magit-commit buffer for ticket ids. ie # key will open auto complete.
  • Create new tickets from within emacs.
  • Create branch of repository for working on a given feature.
  • Support for multiple products.

Known Issues

  • You need to find out your own user id. I did this by poking around in the json api.
  • Another alternative is to go to Sprintly and filter tasks clicking “Mine”.

It will be in the following format:!/items/#members=USER_ID&statuses=backlog,current&sub-items=true

To learn the API key, see


M-x package-install sprintly

(setq sprintly-email ""
      sprintly-api-key "long-hex-here"
      sprintly-product-id 9999
      sprintly-user-id "123456789")