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Lidarr running in Alpine Linux. This container provides some simple initial configuration scripts to set some runtime variables (see #Configuration for details)


Basic usage with default configuration:

docker run -dt
    -v $PWD/config:/config
    -p 8686:8686

Note: Is is important to use -t (pseudo-tty) as without it there are no logs produced.

Advanced usage with custom configuration:

docker run -dt
    -v $PWD/config:/config
    -p 8989:8989
    -e URL_BASE=/lidarr
    -e ANALYTICS=false
    -e ...


  • /config - Lidarr configuration file and database storage. Should be readable and writeable by $SUID

Other files accessed by Lidarr such as tv-show directories should also be readable and writeable by $SUID or $SGID with sufficient permissions.

$SUID defaults to 923


These configuration options set the respective options in config.xml and are provided as a Docker convenience.

  • LOG_LEVEL - Options are: Trace, Debug, Info. Default is Info
  • URL_BASE - Configurable by the user. Default is empty
  • BRANCH - Upstream tracking branch for updates. Options are: master, develop, other. Default is develop
  • ANALYTICS - Truthy or falsy value true, false or similar. Default is true