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en: Masayoshi Takahashi and Yurie Yamane
ja: 高橋征義・やまねゆりえ
github: [takahashim, yurie]
en: Tatsu-zine Publishing Inc.
ja: 株式会社達人出版会
en: Takahashi and Yamane are software engineers and we are working together on mruby.
ja: 高橋とやまねは二人で協力してmrubyを触っています。
en: mruby on TOPPERS
ja: mruby on TOPPERS
en: |-
The TOPPERS/ASP kernel is a famous RTOS in Japan, as extended and improved kernel for embedded systems, based on the standard profile of μITRON4.0.
We have tried to port mruby into TOPPERS/ASP. In TokyuRubyKaigi05, we have talked mruby on TOPPERS on QEMU. In Sapporo, we will show it on some (real) hardware and talk about more hacks to do it.
ja: |-
language: Japanese
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- [My website](
- [My twitter](
- [Past talk slides](
ja: |- # write in markdown
- [My website](
- [My twitter](
- [Past talk slides](
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