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Ruby + iOS = Super awesome!

Are you fed up with Objective-C? Now, you can build iOS apps with mruby.

MobiRuby aims to replace Objective-C/C/Java on mobile platforms with Ruby, just like you can use Lua or Mono to build apps on those platforms.

In this presentation, I will talk about how to create iOS app using MobiRuby and MobiRuby internals.

  • Preferred presentation day: [no preference]
  • Presentation language: [Japanese]

Yuichiro MASUI

増井 雄一郎

Appcelerator, Inc. / FrogApps, Inc.

Yuichiro is Open source developer who's known as Furo-grammer. I'm writing this proposal in the hot-tub. I have been developping PukiWiki what's most popular WikiEngine.

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