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Ruby; Exported

Ruby is known to have been inspired by many programming languages, especially Lisp and Perl. Most notably Perl's principle "TIMTOWTDI" motto was imported to Ruby as the "Diversity matters" concept.

Similarly, some concepts in successful Ruby projects such as Rails (CoC, full-stack MVC framework) and Sinatra (dead-simple DSL to write web applications) have inspired other programming language communities, but not all of them have been successful doing so.

In this talk, I'll take some examples of projects where I've been shamelessly inspired by Ruby's equivalents (Rack, Unicorn and Bundler) and how it has been successfully exported to and accepted by the Perl developers community.

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Tatsuhiko Miyagawa



Tatsuhiko Miyagawa is a software engineer at COOKPAD. He grew up in Tokyo and Yokohama, and has been living in San Francisco since 2006. He is an author of hundreds of open source software published on GitHub, CPAN and RubyGems, and also known as a founder of and the world popular grass-roots Perl conference YAPC::Asia.