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-# My talk title
-# タイトル (title in Japanese; optional)
-My talk description
-発表概要 (talk description in Japanese; optional)
-- Preferred presentation day: [no preference | 9/14 | 9/15 | 9/16]
-- Presentation language: [English | Japanese]
-## My name (required)
-## お名前 (name in Japanese; optional)
-## My affiliation (required)
-## 所属 (name in Japanese; optional)
-My bio (required)
-プロフィール (bio in Japanese; optional)
-- [My website](
-- [My twitter](!/twitter_handle)
-- [Past talk slides](
-- [Past talk video](
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+# Off the Tracks - Challenging the Rails Mindset
+Rails - a word that stirs programmer's blood. It brought us testing, easy web app building, database abstraction and hundreds of extension gems. Why not take it to another level and discover how Rails turns into a real OOP framework? By exploring chosen gems let's discuss what MVC really is and how it boosts your AJAX user interface, how to apply patterns like DCI, dependency injection and POROs to your database layer and how to expose your Rails system through a real RESTful API. Also, have you ever tried using Rails helpers outside of Rails, maybe in Sinatra? Let's do it and learn about some refreshing aspects of this framework.
+- Preferred presentation day: [no preference]
+- Presentation language: [English]
+## Nick Sutterer
+## Software Architect
+Nick Sutterer is proud to be a member of the Ruby open source community. His Cells and Apotomo projects have been bringing increased view modularity and event-driven programming to Rails for years. He has enjoyed attending, and speaking at, Ruby conferences around the world. Buy him a beer sometime, and with very little prompting, he will tell you why there should be no such thing as a double-render error, why you should not confuse your models with your resources, and how to play a mean bass in a punk rock band.
+- [My website](
+- [My twitter](!/apotonick)
+- [Past talk slides](
+- [Past talk video](

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