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+# Finding True Love in Legacy Software
+Every line of code has a story. Every block of code has a lesson. The
+Heroku API is the oldest and largest codebase on the platform. This is
+my story of being introduced to the code and why I've fallen for it.
+In this presentation I'll go through code that, at face value, may seem
+strange or wrong, but offers much more when you place yourself in the
+shoes of the developer at that time.
+Legacy software may come with code you'd rather not see or touch, but it
+also comes with solutions to problems you don't have to relive and a
+history of why certain decisions were made.
+I'll talk about how and why inheriting legacy code can be a great
+## Dane Harrigan
+Dane Harrigan is an Engineer at Heroku. When he's not coding at work,
+he's building gems you've never heard of or contributing to projects you
+have such as Rubinius, Radiant CMS or the Heroku Gem.
+![Profile picture](
+- [My website](
+- [My twitter](!/daneharrigan)
+- [Past talk video](
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