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+# Scaling in the unknown, how GitHub develops, ships and supports GitHub Enterprise.
+My talk description
+Everybody talks about scaling up, but, what happens when you have to scale
+down? or even, what happens when you don't control where your product is
+being deployed? In this session we'll talk about how we build GitHub
+enterprise, keeping every feature that you can find in, and how
+we ship it ready to deploy on your infrastructure.
+- Preferred presentation day: no preference
+- Presentation language: English
+## David Calavera
+## GitHub
+My bio (required)
+David works as a developer at GitHub making GitHub Enterprise even more
+awesome. When he's not coding you can probably find him improving his circus
+skills around the beautiful San Francisco.
+- [My twitter](!/calavera)
+- [My GitHub](
+- [Past talk slides](

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