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## Team OyasumiSupport#end_of_day, 株式会社えにしテック
My bio (required)
+Yoji Shidara, co-founder and CTO of Enishi Tech Inc., is a wild programmer. He wrote jpmobile (de facto standard Rails plugin for handling Japanese mobile phones), (soupcurry restaurant search service) and (buzz detecting service of twitter) and nroonga (native node.js binding for groonga full-text search engine).
プロフィール (bio in Japanese; optional)
- [Movie about Oyasumi Shower](
- [My blog entry about the contest]( (in Japanese)
- [COOKPAD 24-hour Hackathon Competition](
-- [エンジニア向け「第3回 開発コンテスト24」](
+- [エンジニア向け「第3回 開発コンテスト24」]( (in Japanese)
- [My website](
- [My twitter](!/darashi)
+- [Past talk slides (speakerdeck)](
+- [Past talk slides (slideshare)](
+- [jpmobile](
+- []( (in Japanese)
+- [](
+- [nroonga](

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