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This is my answer for "We Code."

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+# My talk title
+The development with community.
+# タイトル (title in Japanese; optional)
+## My talk description
+Recently, I think that the chance you hear the word "SOCIAL CODING" is increasing.
+Are there something good in there??
+I believe that the people not only "special" but also loves software development can enjoy it.
+I will talk about what I found through my operating [nothub]( (this is the product for for more enjoyment GitHub).
+It is the relation there are between the people with the products.
+- The people especially the people not touched "SOCIAL CODING" yet.
+- The people interesting about it a bit.
+- And you.
+## 発表概要 (talk description in Japanese; optional)
+最近、"ソーシャルコーディング" という言葉を耳にする機会が増えてきているのではないかと思います。
+それは、"特別" な人達だけに関係するというものではなく、
+GitHub をもっと楽しむためのプロダクトである [nothub]( の運営を通じて、
+特に、"ソーシャルコーディング" にまだ触れたことがない、もしくはちょっと興味がある、
+- Preferred presentation day: [no preference]
+- Presentation language: [Japanese]
+## My name (required)
+Ryunosuke SATO
+## お名前 (name in Japanese; optional)
+佐藤 竜之介
+## My affiliation (required)
+Sapporo.js, RubySapporo, Enishi Tech Inc.
+## 所属 (name in Japanese; optional)
+Sapporo.js, Ruby札幌, 株式会社えにしテック
+## My bio (required)
+A software developer.
+## プロフィール (bio in Japanese; optional)
+- [My website(tricknotesのぼうけんのしょ)](
+- [twitter](
+- [SlideShare](
+- [nothub](

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