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+# The Way of Fun Development
+# たのしい開発へ至る道
+When I started my career as a programmer, I was not happy. There were too many hard things. Then I changed my job, and found Ruby. After that, I have been working with agile programming practices such as pair programinng and enjoying Ruby communities. Ruby has changed my life thoroughly; I AM VERY HAPPY.
+These days, Ruby is widely used, and I think there are some people who are working as a Ruby programmer already but not confident as a Rubyist, not a member of Ruby community though having interest in it. Also, new programmers are comming to Ruby because web application development and deployment is getting easier.
+I just want to talk to those people about 'How to enter Ruby communities' and 'How to enjoy Ruby'.
+現在、Rubyは広く使われていますが、After Rails からすこし経ち、Rubyでお仕事をしている人、すでにプログラミングはしているけれどRubyコミュニティへの参加に興味がある人、Rubyistと名乗っていいか自信のない人なども増えてきていると思います。手軽にアプリを作れる環境が整備され、プログラミングを初めてみようという人も増えてきています。
+- Preferred presentation day: no preference
+- Presentation language: Japanese
+## Tatsuo Sakurai (tatsuoSakurai)
+##, #tkbb(Tokyo Bouldering Club), #tkbjs(Online Study TokyoBouldering.js), Tokyu.rb, shinjuku.rb
+## 株式会社万葉, #tkbb(東京ボルダリング部), #tkbjs(オンラインJavaScript勉強会), Tokyu.rb, shinjuku.rb
+Rubyist, The engineer of
+Rubyist, 株式会社万葉のエンジニア
+* [My GitHub](
+* [My website](
+* [My blog](
+* [My twitter](!/tatsuoSakurai)
+* [Past talk slides](
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