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'How to build a Ruby or Rails coding environment easily?' #33

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Add my proposal about 'How to build a Ruby or Rails coding environment easily?'


I think this topic will be informative for newcomers. However I have no idea whether it will be suitable or not if the Kaigi will be formed as single track.

This talk will be perfect if there wil be some tutorial like thing(for instance, nu-ruby) in the Kaigi.



Thank you for your proposal for Sapporo RubyKaigi2012.

We are sorry to inform you that we could not allocate time for your presentation in the plenary session.
We are also planning to have lightning talk sessions.
If you are intrested, please submit a lightning talk.
Furthermore, there will be a parallel "Unconference" and you may have opportunity to present there.

About ticket reservation

All proposal submitters are welcome to participate in SPRK2012. We would like to offer you one free ticket to the plenary session.

If you would like to attend, please send the following information to no later than Wednesday, June 7, 2012.



Sapporo RubyKaigi2012 に応募いただきましたこの発表ですが、

LT を合計11枠用意する予定ですので、
ぜひ LT での応募をご検討頂ければと思います。


Sapporo RubyKaigi2012 に参加してほしいと考えています。


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+# My talk title
+- How to build a Ruby or Rails coding environment easily?
+# タイトル (title in Japanese; optional)
+- 超簡単!Ruby と Rails のコーディング環境づくり
+## My talk description
+Software evolves rapidly in the Ruby and Ruby on Rails world. We can try out the benefits of new features quickly, but on the other hand we need to adapt to a changing development environment. There are some explanations of how to build a development environment in books and on web sites, but many are old leading to sub-standard solutions.
+In this presentation, I'll explain how to build a coding environment easily on Windows, Mac and the Linux platform. I'll also show how you can change it to meet your personal preferences, and point out places you'll need to take care.
+The session is targeted at the beginner who would like to write code in Ruby or Rails, those who have given up creating a great environment for themselves, or those who need to set up many environments for in-house seminars or study meetings.
+The goal is that you will be able to build a great enviroment whenever you want, when you get home, or even right here at SapporoRubyKaigi.
+Welcome to the "We code" world!
+## 発表概要 (talk description in Japanese; optional)
+Ruby も Ruby on Rails も進化が速く、新しい機能の便利さを享受できる一方で、コーディング環境づくりもOSの進化などの外部要因も相まってどんどん変化しています。環境構築は最初の一歩ながら、どの方法を選べば良いか分かりづらく、また簡単ではないことも多くあります。書籍やwebには開発環境構築の説明があるものの、情報が古くなり必ずしも現時点でのベストな方法ではなくなっている場合もあります。
+本発表はRubyおよびRailsを使ってコードを書き、実行できる環境を簡単に作る方法を、Windows・Mac・Linux の各プラットフォームごとに説明します。また開発者の好みにあわせ、状況に応じたベストな環境構築方法と、気をつけるべき注意点を紹介します。
+本発表はRubyやRailsでコードを書いてみたいと考える初学者、興味はあるが環境構築がうまくいかず諦めた経験がある方、社内研修などで大人数の環境構築を行う必要がある方らを対象とします。家に帰ってからすぐ、もしくは発表後すぐに、コードを書き、実行できる環境が作れるようになることをゴールとします。We code. の世界へようこそ!
+- Preferred presentation day: [no preference]
+- Presentation language: [Japanese]
+## My name (required)
+- Kuniaki IGARSHI
+## お名前 (name in Japanese; optional)
+- 五十嵐邦明
+## My affiliation (required)
+- Everyleaf Corporation, Hitotsubashi University part-time instractor
+## 所属 (name in Japanese; optional)
+- 株式会社万葉、一橋大学非常勤講師、高専カンファレンス
+## My bio (required)
+I'm working using Ruby on Rails, and I'm also a part-time instructor teaching Ruby and Rails at University. We've struggled to run ruby on many platforms. And we enjoy happy coding time in the class. Author of "Start-up Ruby" (scheduled for publication). I was a Lightning talk timer staff in SapporoRubyKaigi #1, #2 and #3.
+## プロフィール (bio in Japanese; optional)
+Ruby on Rails で仕事をする一方、4月から大学にて非常勤講師でRubyとRailsを教える。学生さんの様々な環境でRubyを動かし、コードが動いたときの喜びを一緒に味わう日々。書籍「スタートアップRuby」(刊行未定)著者。タイマー職人として過去3度の札幌Ruby会議のLTタイマー係を務める。
+- [My website](
+- [My twitter](!/twitter_handle)
+## [Past talk slides](
+RubyKaigi2009 Lightning talks 前説
+## [Past talk video](
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