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Finding True Love in Legacy Software

Every line of code has a story. Every block of code has a lesson. The Heroku API is the oldest and largest codebase on the platform. This is my story of being introduced to the code and why I've fallen for it.

In this presentation I'll go through code that, at face value, may seem strange or wrong, but offers much more when you place yourself in the shoes of the developer at that time.

Legacy software may come with code you'd rather not see or touch, but it also comes with solutions to problems you don't have to relive and a history of why certain decisions were made.

I'll talk about how and why inheriting legacy code can be a great experience.

Dane Harrigan

Dane Harrigan is an Engineer at Heroku. When he's not coding at work, he's building gems you've never heard of or contributing to projects you have such as Rubinius, Radiant CMS or the Heroku Gem.

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