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Toward Ruby 2.0: Progress of VM Internal

My talk description

Now, we are working on Ruby 2.0 which will be released at next February. Especially, we are enjoying on rewriting the virtual machine (VM) of Ruby 2.0 as a member of Matz team in Heroku, Inc. - to make it more useful, high performance, low resource consuming and more sophisticated. In this presentation, we will talk about a progress of VM implementation including (1) new features related to VM internal such as profiling/debugging support and (2) progress of performance of improvement of Ruby 2.0 interpreter. We will also show the plan toward Ruby 2.0 release.

  • Preferred presentation day: no preference
  • Presentation language: Japanese

My name (required)

Koichi Sasada

My affiliation (required)

Heroku, Inc.

My bio (required)

A Ruby (MRI) developer (Virtual machine), Heroku, Inc.