Example verilog / miner for crypto mining using AWS F1 instances
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FPGA Miner & Verilog Code For Mining Using AWS

In light of the recent push to leverage the newer Xilinx FPGA chips for crypto mining, I am providing some examples that can be tested using AWS F1 instances.

Please keep in mind, none of the code I have provided is profitable for mining using AWS, (but they may provide a good return on the VCU1525 boards), and these are the unoptomized verions of my algos. Also, I don't personally mine using AWS as I find it quite cumbersome...but I provided the full verilog / miner as AWS is a great place to test out your builds.

I am simply posting these as educational tools so that others can learn from them and improve upon them. You will need to tweak the I/O to match the board that you intent to run them on.

Best of luck to all of you miners out there...

If you find this FPGA code helpful, feel free to leave a tip - BTC: 1AxiWd4oAccnGuT6TJxDtEX7nJs1veTviQ