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UniFi Network Notes

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Do you have questions? Do you feel that they are of the "frequent" variety? If so, then feel free to peruse this list of questions to see if you can find an answer.

Q: Why isn't the latest stable Controller version available via apt-get update after it's been announced on the community forum?

One week from the time a release goes stable (on the community forum), it will be pushed to the download site, Debian/Ubuntu/Cloud Key repos, etc. (UBNT-MikeD)

Q: Do I have to perform a stepped version upgrade to get the latest version?

Nope. You can go direct from most previous versions, going back to 3.1.0, to the latest version. Note, however, that if a new patch version of the 5.6 branch is released, a newer patch version of the latest stable branch will also need to be released before you can upgrade. (UBNT-MikeD)

Q: Why can't I adopt a UAP-AC Gen1, UAP-AC Outdoor and/or PicoM2 device into my 5.7.x or newer Controller?

UniFi Controller 5.6.x will be the LTS release for the UAP-AC and UAP-AC-Outdoor models (and PicoM2). (UBNT-APieper)

Q: How do I reset my Controller admin password?

Connect via SSH and update the salted hash that's stored in the database. (UBNT-MikeD)

Q: Can I use an external MongoDB server?

In 5.3.x (and later) this is possible and can be configured in your file. (UBNT-JoeHughes)

Q: How do I update DNS hostnames after editing the hosts file on my USG?

You can restart dnsmasq with a force-reload and it will re-read the hosts file. (unifimynet)

Q: Can I make my custom scripts persist through upgrades on the USG?

Yes, store them in the /config/scripts folder to persist across firmware upgrades. (unifimynet)

Q: The fans on my UniFi device are too loud, can I make them quieter?

Yes, by installing replacement fans from Noctura. (osunifi)

Helpful UBNT Articles

USG Config File Examples

mDNS Repeater by SprockTech

  "service": {
    "mdns": {
      "repeater": {
        "interface": [

Disable NAT masquerade by UBNT-cmb

  "service": {
    "nat": {                                       
      "rule": {                   
        "5999": {                        
          "exclude": "''",        
          "outbound-interface": "eth0",
          "type": "masquerade"

Redirect DNS requests by UBNT-AdamD


Quick Tips and Tricks

Use MongoDB 3.6.x or newer by bkohler

mv /usr/bin/mongod /usr/bin/mongod.bin
touch /usr/bin/mongod
chmod +x /usr/bin/mongod
vi /usr/bin/mongod


cleaned_args=$(echo $* | sed -e 's/--nohttpinterface//')
/usr/bin/mongod.bin ${cleaned_args}

Delete a ghost admin account by SprockTech

mongo --port 27117 ace --eval 'db.admin.deleteOne({"email": ""})'

Clear invalid “connectivity” settings in the database by SprockTech

mongo --port 27117 ace --eval 'db.setting.deleteMany({key: "connectivity", site_id:{$exists: false}})'

Advanced Walkthroughs

Community Projects


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