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Name: HumanNameParse.php

Version: 0.2

Date: 6 Sept. 2010

Author: Jason Priem, modified by Keith Humm




Takes human names of arbitrary complexity and various wacky formats like:

  • J. Walter Weatherman
  • de la Cruz, Ana M.
  • James C. ('Jimmy') O'Dell, Jr.

and parses out the:

  • leading initial (Like "J." in "J. Walter Weatherman")
  • title (such as Mr, Mrs, Dr, Prof etc)
  • first name (or first initial in a name like 'R. Crumb')
  • nicknames (like "Jimmy" in "James C. ('Jimmy') O'Dell, Jr.")
  • middle names
  • last name (including compound ones like "van der Sar' and "Ortega y Gasset"), and
  • suffix (like 'Jr.', 'III')

See the website for usage, features, issues, credits, and documentation. You can also leave comments and requests there.