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# Site
repository: Git repository where your resume will be hosted, only required if you are hosting on GitHub (eg. sproogen/modern-resume-theme)
# favicon: Directory of your favicon (eg. images/favicon.ico)(optional)
# Personal info
name: Your Name
title: Your job title
email: Your email (optional)
website: Your website (optional)
# Social links
twitter_username: jekyllrb
github_username: jekyll
dribbble_username: jekyll
facebook_username: jekyll
flickr_username: jekyll
instagram_username: jekyll
linkedin_username: jekyll
pinterest_username: jekyll
youtube_username: jekyll
googleplus_username: +jekyll
# About Section
# about_title: About Me (Use this to override about section title)
about_profile_image: Directory of profile image (eg. images/profile.jpg)
about_content: | # this will include new lines to allow paragraphs
Write an awesome description about yourself here, this supports markdown, so you can add [links]( and highlight things <mark>like this</mark>.
You can even add paragraphs by using empty lines like this and add anything else markdown supports such as
- Lists
- Tables
- Links
- Images
# Projects Section
# projects_title: Projects #(Use this to override about projects section title)
# Experience Section
# experience_title: Experience #(Use this to override about experience section title)
# Education Section
# educaton_title: Education #(Use this to override about education section title)
# More Section
# more_title: A Little More About Me #(Use this to override about more section title)
more_content: | # this will include new lines to allow paragraphs
This is where you can write a little more about yourself. You could title this section **Interests** and include some of your other interests.
Or you could title it **Skills** and write a bit more about things that make you more desirable, like *leadership* or *teamwork*
# Footer
footer_show_references: true
# Build settings
# theme: modern-resume-theme (Use this is you are hosting your resume yourself)
# remote_theme: sproogen/modern-resume-theme (Use this if you are hosting your resume on GitHub)
sass_dir: _sass
style: compressed
- jekyll-seo-tag