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A minimalist image viewer based on Leaflet.js and Electron.


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👍 Features

  • Pan & Wheel Zoom
  • Browse the images in a folder
  • Auto Update

📥 Download

🖥️ macOS (x64, arm64)

You can download the latest version of LeafView from the releases page here:

💻 Windows 10, 11

You can download the latest version of LeafView from Microsoft Store.


🐧 Linux


📗 Usage

⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function
J or CmdOrCtrl+ Next Image
K or CmdOrCtrl+ Previous Image
+ Zoom In
- Zoom Out
0 Reset Zoom

🖱️ Mouse Operations

Mouse Function
Drag Pan
Wheel Zoom in/out
Double click Reset zoom
Right click Show the context menu when available

🔐 Security

API Value
default-src (CSP) self
nodeIntegration false
enableRemoteModule false
contextIsolation true
safeDialogs true
sandbox true

🌐 Supported Languages

Language Code
English 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🌎 en
日本語 🇯🇵 ja
Čeština 🇨🇿 cs
Deutsch 🇩🇪 de
Español 🇪🇸 🇲🇽 🇦🇷 es
Polski 🇵🇱 pl
Русский 🇷🇺 ru
Português 🇵🇹 🇧🇷 pt
简体中文 🇨🇳 zh_CN
繁体中文 🇹🇼 zh_TW
Arabic (Standard) ar

🍻 Contribution

We need more locale files. When you have translated the menu into your language, could you please send us the locale file as a pull request?

  1. Create {your_LANG}.json in src/locales.
  2. Then import the locale file into src/setLocales.ts as follows:
  import en from './locales/en.json';
  import ja from './locales/ja.json';
+ import cs from './locales/cs.json';

 export const setLocales = (locale: string): void => {
     lng: locale,
     fallbackLng: 'en',
     resources: {
       en: { translation: en },
       ja: { translation: ja },
+      cs: { translation: cs },

🎉 Contributors

Special Thanks to:

🚦 Privacy Policy

  • LeafView and the developers do NOT collect any personal information or privacy-related information about the user.
  • LeafView and the developers do NOT collect the information of files opened by LeafView.

©️ License

Copyright (c) 2020 sprout2000 and other contributors