Apps for working on and debugging specific components of SproutCore
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SproutCore Debug

A set of simple SproutCore debugging apps. Before working on a specific part of SproutCore, be sure to check to see if someone has already made a debug app for that part. As well, if you've created small test apps, please submit them so that others may use them in the future.


AcceleratedLayer (SC.View)


Animation (SC.View)


ImageViewTest (SC.ImageView)

Contains a GridView with a user defined number of images that may be resized using a SliderView. Buttons toggle background loading, canvas rendering and image storing. You can also select what type of scaling to do: SC.FILL, SC.FIT_WIDTH, SC.FIT_HEIGHT, SC.FIT_SMALLEST, SC.FIT_LARGEST or a percentage (> 0.0), what offsetX or offsetY to use and what rotation to use (degrees).

The red borders indicate the edges of the images.

status 01/24/11: debugged with git://

incomplete FormViewTest (SC.FormView, SC.FormRowView, SC.NestedFormView)

Contains a form for editing the data of a Person {givenNames, familyName, addresses, biometricSet}. Where addresses is a ChildArray of Address {label, street, locality, region, country, postalCode} and biometricSet is a ChildRecord of BiometricSet {weight, height, hairColor, eyeColor}. There are buttons to add/remove addresses from the Person which should update the form and there is a label bound to the current Person content to validate edits of the nested records.

Note: this work became a dead-end, probably won't revisit

status 11/18/10: debugged with git:// (nested_forms branch)

Gestures (SC.Gestureable, SC.Gesture)


SegmentedViewTest (SC.SegmentedView)

Contains two SegmentedViews (one variable width & one fixed width) and two labels bound to the current values. Also contains four buttons: Add - add a segment to the end of each, Remove - remove a segment from the end of each, Stretch - add a character to the variable width segmented view and 5px to the fixed width segmented view, Shrink - remove a character or subtract 5px respectively.

status 11/18/10: debugged with git:// (segmented_views branch)