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# Use this file to customize the URLs, source and output paths and and other
# options used by the SproutCore build system to create the output for your
# SproutCore applications.
# If you want to use the libraries provided by other gems, require those gems
# here. SproutCore will automatically locate and load any bundles found in
# your load path. The sproutcore gem is automatically loaded for you.
# require 'sproutcore'
# This configuration section will be applied to all bundles used by your
# application, even bundles that come from other gems.
config :all do |c|
c[:build_languages] = [:en, :fr, :de, :ja, :es, :it]
# Name any other frameworks your bundles depend upon. The stylesheets and
# JavaScript for required bundles will be loaded before your bundle on your
# page.
c[:required] = [:sproutcore, :common_assets]
# This string will be prepended before any URLs that reference JavaScript,
# CSS or images in your files.
# c[:resources_at] = 'static'
# This string will be prepended before any index.html urls that actually
# load your clients. Setting this to an empty string will mount all
# of your clients at the root URL level.
# c[:index_at] = ''
# If you also need to load external stylesheets not managed by the bundle
# system, name the URLs you want to reference here.
# c[:stylesheet_libs] = ['/stylesheets/public.css']
# If you also need to load external javascripts not managed by the bundle
# system, name the URLs you want to reference here. These will be loaded
# automatically.
# c[:javascript_libs] = ['/javascript/scriptaculous.js']
# This is the preferred language. When the user visits the root URL of
# your client, this is the language they will get. When looking for a
# resource (such as an image or stylesheet), SproutCore will also try
# your preferred language .lproj if it cannot find the resource in the
# current language.
# c[:preferred_language] = :fr
# If you want to use a default root layout template other than the default
# provided by SproutCore, you can specifiy the path name to the index.html
# here. If you provide a relative path, SproutCore will assume the file
# is relative to the root of this project.
# c[:layout] = 'lib/index.rhtml'
# This is the fully qualified path to the directory you want all of your
# static files stored in. You can place any files not managed by the build
# system here. SproutCore will also save its cached resources here.
# c[:public_root] = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'public')
# The default build mode. Normally you can specify this on the command
# line as well using the -e option, but you can override the default
# using this config as well.
#c[:build_mode] = :production
mode :debug do
config 'sproutcore/standard_theme', :combine_stylesheets => false
# Add configurations for specific bundles here as well. Any options you
# provide here will override the defaults provided by the bundles themselves
# as well as any options you place in the :all category above.
config :scui, :required => [:sproutcore, :'scui/drawing', :'scui/linkit']
config :bindings_overload,
:required => ['sproutcore', 'sproutcore/animation']
# Costello example. Does not use the rest of SproutCore
config :store_configurator,
:required => 'sproutcore/runtime', :theme => nil
# table_view demo requires the sproutcore/table framework
config :table_view,
:required => ['sproutcore', 'sproutcore/table']
config :family_tree_theme,
:theme_name => 'family_tree_theme'
config :family_tree do |c|
c[:required] = [:sproutcore, :scui]
c[:theme] = :family_tree_theme
# It is better to add :required targets here than in the global Buildfile.
config :gestures,
# Knock out a few files from the built source.
:blacklist => 'gestures_blacklist.json'