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SproutCore Demos

These are apps that showcase (or will showcase) SproutCore at its finest.


Make sure to run the following command to fill the frameworks/sproutcore directory with the latest code from the master branch of sproutcore.

$ git submodule update --init


To deploy (make sure to replace {app_name} and {build_number} appropriately):

  1. Build the demo app into the working copy of the deployed page repo:

    $ sproutcore build {app_name} --buildroot=../path_to_working_copy_of_sproutcore-demos.github.com_repo
  2. cd to that directory and move index.html to the top of the directory:

    $ cd ../path_to_working_copy_of_sproutcore-demos.github.com_repo
    $ mv static/{app_name}/en/{build_number}/index.html {app_name}_demo.html
  3. Push to