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SproutCore Extensions

This repository contains extensions to the SproutCore framework. To use an extension within your project, clone this repository into the frameworks directory and include the desired extensions in your Buildfile.

For example,

config :my_app, :required => [:sproutcore, :'extensions/multiplexed_data_source']

Multiplexed Data Source Extension

  • Path: 'extensions/multiplexed_data_source'
  • Requires: 'sproutcore/datastore'
  • Original Author: Tim Evans

A multiplexed data source will forward data to a number of registered SC.DataSourceDelegates that accept the SC.Record type provided. This should be used when you have a single channel that has a multitude of record types that are non-trivial to transform into data hashes suitable for the store.

For example,

MyApp.dataSource = SC.MultiplexedDataSource.create({
  delegates: 'presence chat muc roster vcard'.w(),

  presence: MyApp.PresenceDataSourceDelegate,
  chat: MyApp.MessageDataSourceDelegate.extend({ type: 'chat' }),
  muc: MyApp.MultiUserChatSourceDelegate,
  roster: MyApp.RosterItemDataSourceDelegate,
  vcard: MyApp.VCardTempDataSourceDelegate

MyApp.store.set('dataSource', MyApp.dataSource);

The order of the delegates is irrelevant. Queries and CRUD actions will be forwarded to the apropriated delegate(s).

Alternatively, you can use a more jQuery-like API for defining your data sources:

MyApp.dataSource = SC.MultiplexedDataSource.create()
  .from(MyApp.MessageDataSourceDelegate.extend({ type: 'chat' }))

MyApp.store.set('dataSource', MyApp.dataSource);

A similar API can be used before creation time that allows SC.DataSourceDelegates to be wired to their parent SC.DataSource via the plugin method.

The child delegates have direct access to the parent SC.MultiplexedDataSource, which acts like a hub where all common functions and properties should be placed.