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Removed lame joke. Added screencapture of TodosThree. Fixed image link.

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@geojeff geojeff authored publickeating committed
BIN  assets/images/getting_started/todos_three_screen_capture.png
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3  source/getting_started_2.textile
@@ -391,8 +391,7 @@ called TodosThree, and walk you through the process of building it from scratch.
You will learn about models, controllers and how they tie in with the statechart
and views.
-So go grab a hot cup of joe, or something else to steel your resolve (Joking. You
-think?), and dive in to "Getting Started: Part 3":/getting_started_3.html.
+Dive in to "Getting Started: Part 3":/getting_started_3.html.
h3. Changelog
4 source/getting_started_3.textile
@@ -35,7 +35,9 @@ for relevant sections of this guide page.
h3. Creating A TodosThree Application
-Here is a screen capture of the completed application: [TODO] need TodosThree screen capture image here.
+Here is a screen capture of the completed application:
+<div><img src="images/getting_started/todos_three_screen_capture.png"></div>
The TodosThree app looks simple. It has toolbars at the top and bottom. It has a text field near the top,
where a user types in a new todo. It has a list of already added todos. Even such a simple-looking app like
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