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veebs commented Sep 2, 2011

The yaml looks correct but I cannot see these pages on guides.sproutcore.com.

  • title: SproutCore Records
    url: records
    text: "The SproutCore data framework is a full-featured ORM-like framework for working with data in SproutCore. Learn about the SproutCore data framework and how you can use it to interact with your data sources."
    • title: Hooking Up to a Backend
      url: data_source
      text: "This guide covers how to create a SproutCore data source, which will retrieve data from your servers and make them available to the SproutCore Records you designed in the previous guide."
      construction: true
    • title: Transactions Using Nested Stores
      url: nested_stores
      text: "SproutCore provides a powerful facility for allowing your app's users to make changes to local data, then commit or rollback the changes as needed. Learn how to use 'nested stores' to manage the state of your data as it moves through your user's edits."
      construction: true
    • title: Using Fixtures
      url: fixtures
      text: "In order to facilitate rapid development, SproutCore provides a facility for using pre-set fixture data as your data source. This guide covers how to set up your fixtures, and how to replace them with your real server once you're ready to get going."
    • title: Understanding the Record Lifecycle
      url: record_lifecycle
      text: "Records in SproutCore travel through a series of simple statuses. Understanding these statuses can help you to build better, less buggy Sproutcore apps. This guide walks you through a description of the details of the lifecycle of a record."
      construction: true

veebs commented Sep 2, 2011

I can see the links here in my local machines ... maybe guides needs to be redeployed?


topherfangio commented Jun 3, 2013

Trying to catch up on old issues so we can decide what to do. This issue is due to the fact that the guides were marked as "Under Construction" by the use of the construction: true property.

We should create separate issues for the things keeping these guides from going live, and then close this issue once those have been created.

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