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Note: The DOM structure of SC.WYSIWYGEditorView has changed. If you need to retain the view's previous version for a legacy project, you can check out the v0.9 tag (git checkout v0.9).

SproutCore Rich Text Editor

A basic WYSIWYG editor for SproutCore.



  • Basic WYSIWYG editing (bold, italic, underline, ul, ol, alignment, indenting, linking, block formating)
  • Basic image inserting
  • Basic video (youtube/vimeo) embeding
  • Compatible with the SC view layer (unlike all other editors)
  • Undo/Redo Support
  • Move image inside the editor by drag'n'drop
  • Extensible

Basic Usage

You can add the SproutCore WYSIWYG to your existing views the same as you would any control:

MYApp.MyView = SC.View.extend({
	childViews: ['editor'],
	editor: SC.WYSIWYGView.extend({
		valueBinding: 'MyApp.myController.content'

Specifying Commands

To specify which commands you would like to be available inside the toolbar, simply add them to the commands list.

MYApp.MyView = SC.View.extend({
	childViews: ['editor'],
	editor: SC.WYSIWYGView.extend({
		commands: [ 'link', 'bold', 'italic', 'underline'],
		valueBinding: 'MyApp.myController.content'

Add Commands

To create a custom command, create an object which mixes in SC.WYSIWYGCommand and add it to the command factory.

MyApp.MyCommand = SC.Object.extend(SC.WYSIWYGCommand, {
	commandName: 'myMagicCommand',
	execute: function(source, editor) {
		// do some stuff

Once it is registered with the command factory, you can simply add it to the command list in the WYSIWYGView.

MYApp.MyView = SC.View.extend({
	childViews: ['editor'],
	editor: SC.WYSIWYGView.extend({
		commands: [ 'link', 'bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'myMagicCommand'],
		valueBinding: 'MyApp.myController.content'

Editor API

To determine if a command has been executed against the current selection use the following command (detailed: https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/editing/raw-file/tip/editing.html):

queryCommandState: function(command)

To determine the command value (if available) of the current selection:

queryCommandValue: function(command)

To execute and arbitrary command against the editor:

execCommand: function(commandName, showDefaultUI, value)

To insert arbitrary html at the current location:

insertHtmlAtCaret: function(html)


  • Add some tests boy howdy
  • refine the video embed command
  • refine the image embed command
  • full screen support ?
  • image / file uploading (probably with the sproutcore-fileupload framework)
  • clean up the way the styles are enumerated / displayed (kindof brittle with the css + js views)

Thanks to LearnDot & Joe Gaudet

Special thanks to LearnDot's Joe Gaudet for incepting, developing and open-sourcing this project!