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SproutCore 2: For Native-Caliber Web Apps

Sproutcore 2 no longer support the Abbot Buildtools which has been replaced by the new Node.js Build Tools.

SproutCore is a JS-MVC framework for building blazing-fast, native-caliber web applications. SproutCore's full-stack approach to single-page application development gives you the tools you need to build rich, powerful applications... which happen to run in the browser.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with SproutCore is to install the Ruby gem. You can find instructions here. Once you've got SproutCore installed, checkout the Getting Started tutorial.

Next Steps

Once you're through the Getting Started tutorial:


Resources for SproutCore developers include the docs for API documentation, and the Guides for a series of topical walk-throughs.

For additional SproutCore user support, join the mailing list, or stop by the #sproutcore IRC channel. For those interested in contributing to the framework itself, please join


SproutCore includes code from a number of different open source projects including:

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