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*SproutCore 1.4.4 (November 12, 2010)*
* Fix SC.platform.touch for Chrome 9
* Better docs for setIfChanged
* Minor documentation fix
* Minor cleanup to SC.platform
* Added support for Chrome Frame with :chrome_frame flag in Buildfile
* Can now parse '1/1/01 1:1:1'-formatted date times. Thanks timgaleckas.
* Remove unused code in SC.Store#removeDataHash
* Removed deep flag for clone method
* Replaced some instances of true with YES
* Datastore makes deep copies of data hashes instead of shallow copies
* Added support for making deep copies of an object into SC.copy and into SC.Copyable.copy
* SC.clone makes deep copies of objects of type SC.T_HASH
* Removed unnecessary variable declaration and method invokation in writeAttribute
* Fixed an incorrect statement in the SC.CollectionContent inline documentation.
* Fixed typo in SC.Animatable fixes
* Added safety check for SC.Touch.allowDefault
* Animatable should check that transitions exist before using special case
* Typos prevent accelerating anything with a right or bottom even if it also has a top/height or left/width
*SproutCore 1.4.3 (October 19, 2010)*
* Send a warning to the console when using SC.RecordArray#indexOf or SC.RecordArray#lastIndexOf and providing an object that is
* Applied fix to the findClassNames function so that class names can be detected when using SproutCore in IE 7 and 8.
* SC.ObserverSet.add was being overloaded in debug mode by a version that mucked up passing along a context with addObserver. T
* rendering of select field will now honor isEnabled, ensuring that the control is disabled in the markup if not enabled in cod
* adding an observer that monitors the objects content (and not just the reference) so that any changes to the content will upd
* NotEmpty validator would not validate 0 as a non-empty number
* Spelling fixes in api doc
* Fix spelling in license header
* LabelView: allow inline editing of numbers like 0
* Refactor duplicated code into a function
* Made errors with not correctly initialized caches obvious to find.
* Add same guard clause as in insertTab
* Fix tabbing in the previous direction as well
* Make tabbing between inline text fields work
* Make SC.Animatable not crash when it lacks a parent view.
* Changed SC.Button mixin to support content objects that do not have get
* Fixed issue with SC.ScrollerView not properly updating its element's class names, e.g., if controlsHidden changed to false, t
* SC.ScrollerView's thumbs now default to their position -- solves an issue where going back to a view that had already been sc
* Explicitly check falsity of isReady in SC._object_className so searching for class names in tests work
* SC.ListItemView checks rightIcon property when determining if click occurred within it
* For radio buttons with horizontal layoutDirection, added itemWidthKey for custom widths -- fixes Github Issue #27
* These tests fail because the store status for the child record is only updated when you 'get' the status of the child record.
* return null instead of undefined from select field view getFieldValue when empty item selected.
* Sanity check in CollectionView item removal
* Fixed SC root responder's mousemove function so that last hovered views are exited first before other views are entered
* Fixes passing contexts with addObserver.
* Make sure a bad DateTime.parse() doesn't mess up future parses
*SproutCore 1.4.2 (October 1, 2010)*
* Fixes a DateTime .get('lastMonday') bug
* default to using ISO 8601 format for time parsing if none is specified
* Allow SelectFieldView to obtain focus if the user presses TAB key from previous field.
* Fixed typo
*SproutCore 1.4.1 (September 21, 2010)*
* Update the X-SproutCore-Version header to 1.4 [MO]
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