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  • The SC.guidFor() method (primarily used internally) no longer maintains a cache for String and Number GUIDs. Because the GUID for a String or a Number is essentially its own value, the caching process actually takes longer than it does to simply generate a GUID key from the given String or Number (see More importantly, this removes the memory overhead of maintaining the GUID cache, which was also unable to be cleaned.
  • Errors generated on autonomous nested stores are retained in the nested store base class. readError() and readQueryError() were consulting the parent stores error list for the error to return. This was changed to consult the base class error list for cases where the nested store is autonomous.


  • The Ruby Buildtools nicknamed abbot are no longer supported.

  • Deprecation of SC.keyFor. It is used to create identification keys, but simply adding strings together is already faster than trying to read them from the cache.


  • Re-attach pane modal if owner pane is re-attached during transition out
  • Removed dependency on deprecated SC.MENUPANE.VERTICAL_OFFSET property that could cause a height NaN error in SC.PickerPane
  • Fix for uncaught error in SC.UserDefaults when accessing window.localStorage and adding a definition and extension of SC.UserDefaultsDelegate



  • Added a retina version of the SC.ToolbarView image. This prevents the bleedthrough of adjacent sprites on retina displays (noticeable as pink in development mode).
  • Added retina versions of all SC.ButtonView images. This includes capsule and pointer images at every control size. Previously, the capsule theme was only supported at SC.REGULAR_CONTROL_SIZE and the pointer theme was only supported at SC.REGULAR_CONTROL_SIZE or SC.HUGE_CONTROL_SIZE.




  • The hasObserverFor method of SC.Observable has been improved to also be able to optionally check against a specific target and method. This allows the developer to properly check for the existence of a specific handler before adding it rather than only being able to check for the existence of any handler (without knowing which handler it is).


SC.Gesturable & SC.Gesture (SC.TapGesture, SC.PinchGesture, SC.SwipeGesture)

After some investigation, it was found that there were a number of issues with the built-in gesture support. For example, two touch taps would throw an exception, pinches would fail to register and in particular, supporting multiple gestures failed in a number of scenarios. In order to fix these problems, the gesture code has been rewritten from the top-down.

It is now possible to mixin SC.Gesturable to a view and use events to react to multiple gestures concurrently. Examples of the advanced type of behavior that the gesture code allows include:

  • Responding to single finger, two finger or any other number of touch taps, pinches (2+ touches) or swipes individually or as a group. For example, your code may want to perform different actions when a single finger taps vs. when there is a two finger tap.
  • A touch session, the time between when the first touch begins and the last touch ends, may contain more than one gesture. For example, it's possible for the user to perform a pinch, then use a third finger to tap, then swipe the remaining fingers. For example, imagine using pinch to scale an image, tap to save the change and then swipe to move it aside all without lifting the fingers. At the least, the ability to perform gestures in a single touch session multiple times, makes the gesture recognition more robust against stray accidental touches.
  • Swipe gestures can now be configured to match against any arbitrary angles, not just left, right, up & down.
  • Swipe gestures no longer trigger by simply moving far enough in one direction. They must also move quickly (configurable) and end immediately.

How does this affect your code?

For the most part, this should have no effect on existing implementors of SC.Gesturable. The three built-in gestures: SC.TapGesture, SC.PinchGesture, and SC.SwipeGesture are still defined and they work much better than before. However if you have defined a custom SC.Gesture subclass, it will unfortunately not work correctly with this update. Because we felt the previous version of SC.Gesture's API was too complex and incompatible with the behavior we needed to achieve, we decided it was better to rewrite it in a simpler form. We're very sorry for this backwards incompatibility, but because of the previous issues with gestures, we believe no one was able to use them anyway.

Legacy Framework

There is now a sub-framework within SproutCore, :'sproutcore/legacy', which is meant to contain all code providing support for older browsers. This includes the existing polyfill for window.requestAnimationFrame and a brand new polyfill for Object.keys. The legacy framework is included by default by requiring :sproutcore in a project's or an app's Buildfile. The legacy framework itself requires the :sproutcore/desktop framework, which allows for any legacy code in the SproutCore controls to be separated out.

Therefore, to build an app that will only work with the newest browsers (probably not a great idea —), you may change your Buildfile requirements to include only the specific SproutCore sub-frameworks you need. For example,

config :my_app, :required => [:"sproutcore/desktop", :"sproutcore/datastore"]


  • The owner property of SC.View has been deprecated for general use. This property is identical to the existing parentView property on all views. It existed in order for some ancestor view to claim ownership of a descendent view, so that the descendent could reference the ancestor directly as owner rather than using some chain like parentView.parentView.... However, this type of connection can still be achieved by the an ancestor simply assigning owner, or whichever property they want to use, none-the-less and there's no need for every single SC.View to have it assigned.

Note: This deprecation will show a console warning in debug (i.e. non-production) mode.


  • Fixed several regressions from previous release candidates.




SC.NestedStore has a new property, conflictedStoreKeys, which is an array of all store keys that currently have conflicts with the nested store's parent. A conflict in a nested store can occur when the data in the parent store changes after the nested store has accessed and modified it.

For instance, in a multi-user system where records can be edited by multiple people at the same time, the client may use polling or websockets to update the records in the main store asynchronously in the background. With such a scenario it would be possible for the current user to be editing a record that someone else has changed in the meantime. If the client attempted to commit the changes from the nested store it would get an exception because of the conflict. Instead, the developer can now check the value of conflictedStoreKeys and if it is null, then commit the changes and if it is an array of store keys, then they know which records have conflicts and can deal with them directly.


There are two new binding transforms, string and integer, that ensure the value is always a String or an integer Number. Examples include returning an empty String for null or undefined values when using the string transform and returning a 0 for these same values when using the integer transform. Furthermore, if the integer transform is given a String, it will be parsed to an integer Number according to the extra argument radix (which is 10 by default).

There is also a new binding transform, mix, that allows for the aggregation of multiple bound properties into a single property through a given function. It is often the case that a single property depends on two or more bound properties in a complex manner that isn't handled by the current and and or transforms. To handle this situation previously, the developer would need to write the code to bind in the external property values and then make a local computed property dependent on each of these. The mix transform does exactly the same thing, but with less typing on the developer's part.

For example, to create a mix binding that concatenates two external properties in a non-trivial way, we can now do the following,

currentGroupUserLabel: SC.LabelView.extend({

  // Ex. Returns one of "", "Selected Group", or "Selected Group: Selected User"
  valueBinding: SC.Binding.mix(
    '', // The group name (may be null).
    'MyApp.userController.fullName', // The user full name (may be null).

    // Aggregate function. The arguments match the bound property values above.
    function (groupName, userFullName) {
      if (SC.none(userFullName)) {
        if (SC.none(groupName)) {
          return ''; // No group and no user. Ex. ""
        } else {
          return groupName; // Just a group. Ex. "Selected Group"
      } else {
        return '%@: %@'.fmt(groupName, userFullName); // Group and user. Ex. "Selected Group: Selected User"



  • Updated Description Scale is now a first-class layout property, correctly impacting frame and clippingFrame. If a view is scaled, the width & height of the frame will be correct as the view appears. For example, a view with layout equal to { width: 100, height: 100, scale: 2 } will report a frame of { x: 0, y: 0, width: 200, height: 200, scale: 2 }. The scale also takes a scaling origin into account as well and as part of this change, there are two new layout properties: transformOriginX and transformOriginY, which define the percentage (between 0.0 and 1.0) on the respective axis about which the scale transform is applied. These properties affect all transform styles and so can be used to also change the origin of a rotate style.



  • Added lots of documentation to SC.Request (examples), SC.Query (local vs. remote) and SC.DateTime (adjust and advance).
  • Cleaned up documentation of all protocols, including a warning not to mix in protocols and fixed some problems that prevented some protocols from being properly generated on
  • Added SC.ObjectMixinProtocol with documentation on using mixins with SC.Object as well as the methods initMixin and destroyMixin that are supported.
  • Added documentation on touch event handling to SC.ResponderProtocol (i.e. the protocol that may be implemented by SC.Responder subclasses like SC.View).
  • Added/improved documentation on SC.Gesturable mixin.


This view has been given special behavior when used with SC.View's transitionIn plugin support. If the plugin defines layoutProperties of either scale or rotate, then the picker will adjust its transform origin X & Y position to appear to scale or rotate out of the anchor. The result is a very nice effect that picker panes appear to pop out of their anchors.
To see it in effect, simply set the transitionIn property of the pane to one of SC.View.SCALE_IN or SC.View.POP_IN.


This view was refactored slightly to remove the special overflow view if shouldHandleOverflow is false (default). Previously the overflow view was always created and appended even if it was not to be used.


  • The automatically adjusted size component of the layouts of SC.ListView and SC.GridView have changed to set height and width instead of minHeight and minWidth (as it applies). The reason for this change is so that the entire list of items can be GPU accelerated by setting wantsAcceleratedLayer: true on the view. GPU accelerated positioning using the translateX and translateY transforms requires that the view have a fixed position (top & left) and a fixed size (height & width). These views already have a fixed position by default and now by having them adjust their height or width (depending on the direction), it is possible to accelerate these views by also fixing the other size component (i.e. if the list scrolls vertically, the list will set its height, so the developer needs to set the lists width to a fixed value and then add wantsAcceleratedLayer: true).

Test Results:

With min-height (i.e. can't accelerate):       With height (and accelerated):

  JS Function:       ~5.9ms                      JS Function:       ~5.9ms
  Recalc. Style:     ~0.3ms                      Recalc. Style:     ~0.3ms
  Layout:            ~0.3ms                      Update Layer Tree: ~0.2ms
  Update Layer Tree: ~0.2ms                      Composite Layers:  ~0.3ms
  Paint:             ~2.4ms
  Composite Layers:  ~0.3ms
  Update Layer Tree: ~0.1ms
  Paint x 8:         ~6.0ms

How does this affect your code?

Because lists and grids have an implied layout of { top: 0, bottom: 0, left: 0, right: 0 }, they used to always stretch to fill their parent containing view. This is no longer the case and so a collection with too few items to fill the containing view will only be as tall or as wide as its items warrant. This will affect any background styles that were applied to the collection (such as the Ace theme did), which previously would have covered the whole containing view's background. Unfortunately, those background styles need to be moved to the style of the containing view in order to prevent any styling regressions after updating to this new version.

Therefore, to go along with this change the background: white style in the Ace theme that was applied to $theme.collection has been moved to $ It has also been changed to background-color: white, which is less likely to conflict with other background styles.

How do I check for style regressions?
To ensure that any background styles applied to your collections still look correct, you should do a search through your stylesheets for .collection and move any custom background styles over to an .sc-scroll-view class.

  • The SC.Binding transforms and and or have been refactored to use the new mix code. This means that you can now pass more than two property paths to these transforms.

For example,

isEnabledBinding: SC.Binding.and('.hasValue', '.valueIsValid', '.userIsAllowed')


  • The isPaneAttached property of SC.Pane has been deprecated. This property is identical to the existing isAttached property of SC.View that SC.Pane extends and so isPaneAttached is not needed. Please use isAttached instead.

Note: This deprecation will show a console warning in debug (i.e. non-production) mode.


  • Added code to prevent a possible issue that could occur when animating to an implied layout position. For instance, if a view has a layout set to { top: 5 }, the implied layout is actually { top: 5, right: 0, bottom: 0, left: 0 }. The issue that could arise is if the code tried to animate to an implied value (ex. view.animate('left', 0, { duration: 1 }, callbackFunc)), the animation wouldn't actually need to run and the callback function would fail to fire.
  • Fixed possible issues that may occur when code altered child views in any of the view state callback functions: didCreateLayer, didAppendToDocument, didHideInDocument, didShowInDocument. The issue was that the callback functions were called on the parent before the child was updated to the proper new state. For example, if a developer set the visibility of a child view to false in didCreateLayer, at that point the child view would have still been in an unrendered state and optimizations preventing visibility changes to unrendered views would have meant the visibility change would have been lost.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when using temporary IDs with newly created records. Because the id property is a computed property, once it has been read (i.e. myNewRecord.get('id')), it will remain cached for any further reads. This can become an issue in situations where the ID of the record changes after being saved to the server. For instance, a new record may be given a temporary ID when it is created and the temporary id may be accessed via get. After that record is saved to the server, a call to store.dataSourceDidComplete(RecordType, newBody, would properly update the id value in the store, but would fail to clear the record instance's cache of id. Therefore, a successive call to get('id') would return the old value.
  • Fixed an issue with observing the selection property of SC.TextFieldView. Since the input element doesn't update its selectionStart and selectionEnd values until after the event execution completes, the mouse and keypress event handlers that affect the selection must wait until after the run loop before notifying that the selection property has changed.
  • SC.RootResponder mistook two successive mousedown events at the same point as a double click even if the target of the second mousedown was different. The result was that if a view moved suddenly on a first click, a second immediate click at the same point would try to call doubleClick on the new target view instead of just mouseUp.
  • Fixed a regression in SC.CollectionView that prevented double clicks from triggering the action. Closes #1304 & #1305.



  • SC.ScrollView alignment handling has been improved for container (i.e. the scroll view) or content size changes. This change partially addresses a regression that allowed the content to appear offset incorrectly when it or the scroll view's size changed. But after some investigation, the behavior has also been improved to support the following scenarios:
  1. The scroll view is left (or top) aligned, scrolled to the maximum right (or bottom) edge and container or content changes size: the content should stick to the right (or bottom) side
  2. The scroll view is left (or top) aligned, scrolled to the minimum left (or top) edge and container or content changes size: the content should stick to the left (or top) side
  3. The scroll view is right (or bottom) aligned, scrolled to the maximum right (or bottom) edge and container or content changes size: the content should stick to the right (or bottom) side
  4. The scroll view is right (or bottom) aligned, scrolled to the minimum left (or top) edge and container or content changes size: the content should stick to the left (or top) side
  5. The scroll view is center (or middle) aligned, scrolled to the center (or middle) and container or content changes size: the content should stick to the center (or middle)
  • Refactored SC.Event slightly. Most importantly, SC.Event instances are now cached per event type in order to avoid constant memory re-allocation. Previously, every DOM event was normalized into a new SC.Event object, which was later freed. In order to reduce the amount of memory churn, one SC.Event instance is cached per type of event and updated with the new DOM event as it comes in.
  • Removed long deprecated method, SC.browser.compareVersion. This method was deprecated in version 1.7 and is not used anywhere within the framework. As the deprecation warning noted, developers should use the method for doing a proper comparison between version strings.
  • The core methods used in SC.View layout have been slightly optimized to avoid memory re-allocation. Since SC.View layout code may run repeatedly in short order (e.g. re-positioning during scrolling), we need to ensure that no new objects are created each time. The reason for this is so that we're not quickly adding hundreds of small objects to the garbage heap that will need to be collected. Since we have no control over when garbage collection occurs, the best we can do is try to avoid it and to ensure that it completes as quickly as possible.
  • The argument for the SC.ActionSupport mixin's main method fireAction has been changed from action to context. This allows calling-time specific information to be passed to the action + target on each call. To specify the action for fireAction to use, the existing action property should still be set. As part of this change, the documentation for SC.ActionSupport has been greatly extended and includes tips on supporting multiple actions or targets and for implementing actions on targets.

Along with this change, the actionContext property has also now been deprecated and will be removed in a future version of SproutCore.

Note: this is a backwards-compatible change. If a String is passed to fireAction and no action property exists, the argument will be used as the action (i.e. no context will be sent). When this occurs, a Developer Warning will appear in the console. Likewise, a Developer Warning will appear if actionContext is set prior to a view being initialized.

  • SC.ButtonView and SC.CollectionView have both been altered slightly to use SC.ActionSupport. This has no affect on the use of action & target in these views.
  • Moved tracing code of SC.ResponderContext and SC.Module to debug-only. This prevents the debugging code from being included in production builds, thus reducing the overall deployed file size slightly.
  • Optimized use of the arguments object in several locations in order to avoid its instantiation. There were several occurrences of code copying the arguments object into an Array using slice; this is very costly for performance as it causes the browser to instantiate the arguments object in order to do the slice. Instead, these occurrences were converted to either access the arguments by index without a copy or to do a fast copy without instantiation. See for an example of the performance difference this can make. Using slice is anywhere from ~50% to ~90% slower depending on the browser.

Affected: SC.Request, SC.WebSocket, SC.DelegateSupport, SC.Color, SC.Event, SC.Store, SC.Module, SC.Object, SC.Function, SC.State, SC.Statechart

  • Named two anonymous functions: send_event & handle_event in order to aid in debugging and profiling of the core framework.


  • Fixed a very slow memory leak in SC.browser. Caching of the experimental style names for the current browser would fail intermittently since the cache key was being kept on the CSSStyleDeclaration which the browser (seen in Chrome) would occasionally drop. Caching is now done per experimental style name, which is more correct and has the added benefit of being marginally faster than using SC.guidFor.
  • Fixed a deficiency in SC.RootResponder.prototype.sendAction. It failed to pass the given context argument along to the target unless the target was a ResponderContext object (i.e. SC.Pane or SC.Application).
  • Fixed a memory leak in SC.WebSocket due to a set on an undeclared (i.e. global) variable.
  • Fixed an issue with SC.SegmentedView that meant its frame property failed to update when its layout was changed.



  • Added polymorphic record support to SC.Record. This experimental framework has been in use in a few projects and has recently been vastly improved to fix bugs and improve its performance. Includes unit tests and examples
  • Added new properties to SC.Request instances: allowCredentials (default true, which will indicate that credentials be included for cross-domain requests (e.g. xhr.withCredentials = true) and isSameDomain (readonly computed property, true if the protocol, domain and port match exactly).
    These new properties can be used by an SC.Response subclass to include allowing credentials for cross domain requests.
  • Added dragDidSucceed, dragDidCancel, source.dragSlideBackDidEnd callbacks to SC.Drag.
  • SC.View.VERTICAL_STACK & SC.View.HORIZONTAL_STACK have been improved to allow child views in the stack to resize to fill available space. Previously, every child view needed to have a height or width specified with the exception of the last child view which could be resized to fit the remaining space of the parent view. This option was enabled by setting resizeToFit to false in the childViewLayoutOptions hash. In 1.11, we can now set resizeToFit to false and have all child views without an explicit width or height respectively, resize to fill the available space. By default the available space will be shared evenly by all of these child views, but a more specific per child view weighting can be applied by specifing a fillRatio on the child views. For instance, to split the available space between two flexible child views as 1/3 and 2/3, the first view would have a fillRatio of 1 and the second view would have a fillRatio of 2.
  • Adds new SC.WebSocket wrapper class with proper run loop behavior.
  • Adds SC.ListItemView's right icon as a click-action zone to accompany the existing left icon action support.
  • SC.TextFieldView now supports browser autocompletion via its boolean autoComplete property.
  • SC.ContainerView transition plugins can now specify reversable transitions.
  • The developer warnings that are logged when you try to bind to a non-bindable object (or forget a leadoff period on a local property) has been improved and clarified substantially.
  • Statechart trace logs are now color-coded and much more readable with lots of concurrent substates.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Record toMany relationships now support new records (i.e. haven't yet gotten canonical IDs from the server). Gated behind supportNewRecords property on toMany attribute.
  • Adds support for data-drag events (for example dragging text, an image or a file) to SC.View. See new SC.View events documentation for more.
  • SC.PalettePane's draggability is now implemented in a mixin called SC.DraggablePaneSupport, allowing you to mix it into any of your favorite pane classes.
  • Adds Design Modes, SproutCore's new efficient responsive design implementation. Specify different layouts and property values (including isVisible) for different window sizes.
  • Numbers now expose an ordinal property; SC.DateTime#toFormattedString now takes '%o' formatter to specify the date's ordinal.
  • SC.Drag#slideBack now works as advertised!
  • SC.UndoManager has been refactored to allow easier undo action grouping; see documentation for details. SC.UndoManager#registerUndo has been replaced with the cleaner SC.UndoManager#registerUndoAction API, which provides support for the standard target/action pattern.
  • SC.DateFieldView now supports freeform keyboard number entry.
  • SC.MenuPane now has an escapeHTML property which it proxies to its items.
  • SC.Request.manager has two new methods: isPending and isInFlight.
  • Adds SC.Binding.equalTo.
  • Adds boolean shouldAutoResize property to SC.SegmentedView.
  • Now includes "minimal-ui" viewport meta tag for Mobile Safari apps.
  • Adds stackNextTouchResponder and stackCandidateTouchResponder methods to SC.Touch to make it easier to pass touch respondership between views.
  • Adds horizontal layout for SC.ListView using layoutDirection property.
  • Adds new opt-in API (SC.Store.prototype.chainAutonomousStore) for nested stores which can interact with the data source. This allows you to commit nested store changes to the server before committing successful updates to the parent store with SC.NestedStore.prototype.commitSuccessfulChanges.
  • Setting SC.ScrollView.prototype.delaysContentTouches will now give your content views full control over touch events in question. As a side effect, native touch handling is now possible inside scroll views.
  • SC.SliderView has a new markSteps property, which draws a mark element for each step. It also gains an updateOnScroll property, which allows you to prevent it from handling mouseWheel events (in a scroll view for example).
  • Adds support for calculated properties to String.fmt.
  • Adds toolTip property to SC.MenuItemView, and the corresponding itemToolTipKey to SC.MenuView.


  • SC.ScrollView complete refactor:
    • If horizontalOverlay or verticalOverlay is true, it will use SC.OverlayScrollerView by default. It's no longer necessary to also set horizontalScrollerView: SC.OverlayScrollerView in order to get overlaid scrollers.
    • Use SC.ScrollView's horizontalAlign and verticalAlign properties to align fixed-width or -height content.
    • SC.ScrollView#scale now works as advertised!
    • iOS-style Overlaid scroller bars now fade out when not in use.
    • Ensures that scaling the view maintains the visual center.
    • Improves touch support significantly. Including centered zooming for pinch gestures, smoother bounce-back overdrag past the boundaries.
    • Improves gesture animation performance and feel with requestAnimationFrame.
    • Supports flexible sized GPU accelerated content. When the content of the view has an undefined width or height in its layout and has wantsAcceleratedLayer set to true, SC.ScrollView will fix the undefined size (width or height) of the content to fit the container so that the content may be scrolled using translateX & translateY.
    • Uses shared objects for adjusting the content & container views of SC.ScrollView. This prevents repeated memory allocs while scrolling, which must eventually be garbage collected (a painful occurrence in JavaScript).
  • Improves SC.Touch documentation.
  • The improved documentation for SC.Object's didChangeFor method will hopefully encourage its use.
  • The last item view in a CollectionView now gets an isLast property.
  • Removes an extra Object instantiation in SC.View.prototype.computeParentDimensions (if frame wasn't given, an empty Object was instantiated for no real use). Also removes pre-obfuscation of variables.
  • Speeds up and slims down the SC.View.prototype.adjust method. When a single key is passed to adjust() it no longer creates an Object just to iterate the single key. Likewise, the resulting call to _checkForResize() on layout changes is improved by removing the creation of two Objects used for testing and by removing the over achieving test (the test covered the case of concurrent effective border and size changes, which are very rare and not critical to fail the test).
  • Cleaned up the SC.Pane unit tests (were leaving panes attached, missing run loops, etc.) and fixed the situation where calling destroy on a building out view would fail to remove the view's layer immediately.
  • Improves the SC.View cancel animation method to work with centerX/centerY animations. Disabled the rotation decompositions on X & Y axes, since they don't work in all cases.
  • Changed SC.GridView to provide its own height rather than minHeight. Note: We use height, because this allows the list view to be positioned with translateX, translateY.
  • Refactored SC.MenuScrollView.
    • Reduced code by removing duplicate properties from its superclass SC.ScrollView.
    • Renamed verticalScrollerView & verticalScrollerView2 to topScrollerView & bottomScrollerView respectively to make it clearer which they are and to avoid confusion with the verticalScrollerView property of SC.ScrollView.
    • Removed four (!) extra observers (one which was totally useless on the non-existant horizontal scroller visibility).
    • Tidied up the createChildViews code to be more readable and not make excess calls to reposition the scrollers.
    • Improved the appearance/disappearance of the scrollers. It now shifts the content view at the same time that the container view adjusts to show/hide scrollers so that the content view never appears to jump, which also ensures that there is no extra space at the bottom of the container view.
  • Pulled SC.MenuScrollerView into its own file and refactors it slightly.
    • Reduced the amount of code by removing duplicate properties from its superclass SC.ScrollerView.
    • Removed unused code (ownerScrollValueKey computed property & _sc_scroller_valueDidChange observer(!)).
    • Improved the readability of the _scrollMenu method.
  • Refactored SC.MenuPane slightly:
    • Fixed a problem where the items array was not observed for content changes when it was set on create (includes unit test).
    • Removed an unnecessary layout change in createChildViews, which also meant that creating a menu pane as a singleton (i.e. with no run loop) would throw warnings.
    • Slightly simplified the code by removing duplicated properties from the superclass SC.PickerPane and reusing the items observer code for initialization.
  • Changed the default maximum of SC.ScrollerView to be 0. It was 100 previously, which is arbitrary and incorrect.
  • Removed an extra call to SC.RootResponder's computeWindowSize() each time that a pane is appended. This is unnecessary, since the root responder recomputes its window size property whenever the window actually resizes.
  • Changed SC.MenuItemView's handling of submenus. Previously if the item's submenu was visible and the mouse exited back onto the menu item view, it tried to re-append the same submenu. Instead, it now checks to see if its submenu is already attached before attempting to enter it again.
  • Allows for optimization of SC.RenderContext's setStyle method (Removes V8 "ForIn is not fast case" warning, see
  • Many developer warnings and errors that would previously appear in production have been restricted to dev-mode only.
  • Improved performance of core SC methods: SC.mixin, SC.supplement as well as SC.Function.enhance. SC.mixin and SC.supplement iterated the arguments object to insert a boolean flag to pass to a private function that then iterated its arguments in order to ignore the flag argument, which is totally unnecessary. Instead, SC.mixin and SC.supplement iterate the arguments once and pass the new Array to the private function as a second argument, removing the need for a second iteration.

As well, these three areas all accessed the arguments object to copy it, which requires the browser to instantiate it, which is costly. Instead, we now do a fast copy (similar to this: without instantiating the arguments object.

Finally, by doing a fast copy of arguments these functions are now optimizable by V8, whereas they weren't previously.

Benchmark: SC.mixin & SC.supplement ~ 58% faster

  • Calls adjustLayout on initialization of SC.CollectionView.

Certain containing views, transitions and specialized layout engines need to know what type of layout their child views will have in order to make the proper adjustments. SC.CollectionView subclasses typically set a width or a height themselves, but when this happens late, the actual layout style of the collection is misunderstood at initialization to be something different.

  • Improved the management of the content view for SC.ContainerView.
  • Improved the default styling of overlay scroller views. Making them look more like natural overlay scrollers in OS X/iOS and making them visible on dark backgrounds.
  • Prevents mousewheel events from jumping the slider while the mouse is pressed (i.e. for dragging). Certain mice have a very jittery wheel event (i.e. the Apple Magic Mouse) that results in wheel events firing while the user is trying to drag a slider.
  • Un-deprecated rotate as a layout property (which is equal to rotateZ).
  • Improved SC.State performance by removing expensive observers.

SC.State had two observes helper functions used to be notified when its enteredSubstates and currentSubstates arrays change. Since these arrays are modified by the owner statechart, the observers needed to be chained enumerable observers. However, this resulted in slower object initialization for each state object and excess observer firing as the entered and current substates change. Instead, we simply notify the target state directly each time that the statechart makes a change to its enteredSubstates and currentSubstates.

  • Improved SC.ScrollView performance a tiny bit by removing the unnecessary chained binding back from the scrollers to their owner. Scrollers are created automatically by the SC.ScrollView and are not moved between different owners.
  • Added documentation and constants will make SC.PickerPane positioning and customization much easier.
  • Significantly improved performance of SC.PickerPanes attached to element's within an SC.ScrollView.

There were a couple of issues hampering performance for SC.PickerPanes within SC.ScrollViews. The first was that the scroll view observers were too greedy observing (the unfortunately noisy) horizontalScrollOffset and verticalScrollOffset of the scroll view for changes and repositioning on each change. What this meant was that an SC.PickerPane could reposition itself up to 6 times in a single run loop as the content of the scroll view changed even thought the scroll offsets may not have changed at all. Instead, the proper pattern for observing multiple properties (or noisy properties) is to filter the input through an invokeX (i.e. so even though 6 calls to the observer function occur, we only call positionPane once, via invokeOnce). Additionally, we no longer observe the offsets if the scroll view can't even scroll (in either direction). And finally, to ensure that the anchor element is in its new position before we re-position, we actually use invokeNext as our input filter.

  • Fixed several inconsistencies in property referencing within SC.PickerPane. There were multiple places where '.' notation was used instead of get/set. Also tidies up some unclear code.
  • Removed the enabling of run loop logging when SC.LOG_BINDINGS is set. The run loop logs are very noisy and make it harder to follow the binding changes. Also forced some of the logging code into debug builds only.
  • Cancels active transitions of SC.ContainerView when transitionSwap is altered mid-transition. This includes a developer warning.
  • Renamed all rowHeight properties to rowSize for SC.CollectionRowDelegate.
  • Added retina version images for SC.SliderView in Ace.
  • Removed several lines of debugging code from production builds of SC.Observable using @if(debug).
  • Updates to jQuery 1.11.1. Notably, there was a serious memory leak in jQuery 1.8 where the tokenCache grew continuously (because keys in the cache have a " " appended to them and the code tried to delete keys without taking the " " into account).
  • Updates SC.SceneView to support the new SC.ContainerView hardware-accelerable transitions.
  • SC.Color#cssText is now read/write, allowing you to bind it to a user-enterable text field. SC.Color now implements SC.Error and enters an error state when given bad input.
  • Fixed memory leaks in SC.ListView and SC.CollectionView. Since these views add observers to their related objects, they need to also properly remove those observers again when the views themselves are destroyed. Otherwise, when collection views are removed, the observers on the related objects become stranded.
  • SC.Query's internal token tree is now a proper SC.Error when in an error state.
  • Removed all uses of enhance within the SC.View reopens in core_foundation. The _enhance function is inordinately slow in Firefox (version 31 on OS X). Benchmarks of creating 100 views in a loop takes ~1800ms with the enhance's and only ~38ms without any in Firefox on OS X. In Chrome and Safari on OS X, the difference is negligible.
  • Removed an excess display property (i.e. an observer) in all instances using SC.ContentDisplay, since content is already observed for changes and displayDidChange is called within that function.
  • Updated SC.RenderContext to use the value property of the DOM Attribute, as nodeValue is deprecated.
  • Refactored commandCodes function of SC.Event to be easier to read and with more descriptive inline documentation.
  • Use 24-hour clock notation for French times.
  • Now allows duplicate items to appear in a collection and still be selected independently. Previously, all collection view selection was done per object, which would mean the first instance of the object in the content was always selected. Instead, selection is done by index only so that the same object can appear many times and each be selected separately.
  • Replaced a couple of latent style.webkitTransform calls with experimentalStyleNameFor, which is forward compatible and cross-platform compatible.
  • Reimplemented itemValueKey support in SC.MenuPane.
  • Improved the performance and code structure of SC.TreeItemObserver and SC.TreeController by optimizing overactive observers and object creation. Improved delegate and item handling, and documentation.
  • Added ie10 class to body element when detected (legacy).
  • Added standard touch support to SC.PopupButtonView.
  • Added a visual cue to menu items with submenus.
  • Added a Developer Error when attempting to add records without IDs to relationships.
  • Zero-duration calls to animate will now adjust-and-callback on the next run loop, like any other animation.
  • Improves SC.TextFieldView key handling.
  • Controls will now use isEnabledInPane (which calculates based on a number of things) instead of isEnabled to determine whether they're enabled.
  • Padding and margin will no longer be added to stacked child views when none are visible.
  • Improves support and handling for canceling view transitions.
  • View states now include an ATTACHED_SHOWN_ANIMATING to allow first-class animation handling.
  • Dragging a file into a SproutCore application window will no longer cause the browser to leave the application and open the file.
  • View transitions can now specify what layout properties they impact, allowing for better behavior when adjusting a non-transitioning property during the transition.
  • Nested records should now behave much better in many situations.
  • DateTime localizations are now available in French.
  • Fixes up some bad overrides of interpretKeyEvents. Make sure to use, rather than override, this method in your own code.
  • SC.TextFieldView now supports selection direction when the browser allows.
  • Many webkit-specific properties under the hood – for example, transform CSS – have been replaced with correctly browser-detected versions.
  • SC.View.VERTICAL_STACK and SC.View.HORIZONTAL_STACK child layout plugins now support the use of minHeight and minWidth.
  • CoreTest, our QUnit like testing suite, now includes a "warn" method to explicitly create a warning.
  • SC.MenuPane will ignore the first item if it is a separator.
  • A number of improvements and backwards-compatibility fixes have been made to the SC.SelectView replacement class found in the experimental frameworks.
  • You can now customize your SC.AlertPane's buttons' isDefault, isCancel, tooltips, layerId and localize properties.
  • Adds developer warning when calling SC.PickerPane.prototype.append. A developer should always use SC.PickerPane.prototype.popup to display a picker pane.
  • Adds a layout orientation class to SC.SplitDividerView.
  • Adds SC.String#escapeCssIdForSelector method to handle '.' and ':' characters, which are valid in CSS IDs but which must be escaped for use in jQuery selectors.
  • In development mode, SC.ChildArray (nested toMany attribute) now has a helpfully verbose toString method.
  • runtime framework no longer requires jQuery. jQuery requirement moved to core_foundation.
  • SC.ImageView#value bindings now default to oneWay.
  • SC.TabView can now display local views analogously to SC.ContainerView.
  • Subclasses can now override bindings without issue.
  • SC.AutoResize can now be reliably used to resize height only.
  • SC.IndexSet is now a bigger stickler about valid arguments, especially checking for NaN.
  • SC.SelectView now allows a null itemTitleKey. itemTitleKey and itemValueKey are now null by default.
  • arrayContentDidChange now calls enumerableContentDidChange. You no longer need to call both.
  • Right-clicking on controls will no longer trigger them.
  • Fixes a bug where SC setters weren't being used on child view parentView, owner and page properties, causing some calculated properties to not be correctly invalidated.
  • Fixes a layout bug when adding new child views to a view with SC.FlowedLayout.
  • Transforms were being hard-coded to include their experimental browser prefixes. These now use SC.browser.experimentalFooNameFor to correctly detect when browser prefixes aren't needed (or supported).
  • A great deal of dev-mode-only validation of layout properties has been added.
  • Separates SC.View#isFixedSize property into isFixedWidth and isFixedHeight, allowing for an even finer-grained optimization of child view resize notifications.
  • Adds a Developer Error when setting up a nested record attribute with an inverse property (via toOne or toMany).
  • SC.TextFieldView's maxLength property can now be updated live.
  • SC.ContainerView can now take local property paths (e.g. '.localPage.view') as nowShowing.
  • Binding helper methods SC.Binding.and and SC.Binding.or are now fully operational, including supporting local properties.
  • In the test runner app, adds links to individual test URLs for easier access.


  • Removed the old experimental MenuScrollView, but kept the unit tests.
  • Removed the SC.MenuPane.VERTICAL_OFFSET property. SC.PickerPane already has a provision for offsetting panes from the window's edges, windowPadding, and that is the property that is being used now.
  • Deprecated calculatedHeight and calculatedWidth. SC.ScrollView has to observe the content's frame anyway and so it's better to have just the frame observer in the scroll view be intelligent about what triggers an update (size not position) and save two extra observers in scroll views.
  • Deprecated the view() addition to SC.$ in favor of a new SC.viewFor() method. The SC.$.view() method was called excessively by SC.RootResponder to find the target SC.View instance for events, but was wasteful as it required creating an Array in jQuery only to ever use the first item. SC.viewFor method does the same thing about three times faster.
  • Removed deprecated views SC.SelectFieldView and SC.SelectButtonView.
  • Removed unused SC.PreloadBundleTask class.
  • The SC.AutoMixins mixin, which mixes mixins into child views, has been deprecated and added permanently to SC.View.
  • SC.UndoManager#registerUndo has been deprecated in favor of SC.UndoManager#registerUndoAction.
  • Renamed SC.TouchScrollerView to SC.OverlayScrollerView.
  • Removed SC.ListView's totalRowHeight property. This value is now calculated privately.
  • Removed long-deprecated SC.SAFARI_FOCUS_BEHAVIOR in favor of SC.FOCUS_ALL_CONTROLS.
  • Removed deprecated (experimental) SC.CollectionViewFastPath. Fast-path behavior became standard issue in v1.10.0.
  • Removed long-deprecated SC.Scrollable mixin.
  • Removed long-deprecated SC.TextFieldView's isPassword and continuouslyUpdatesValue properties.
  • SC.Object's superclass instance method has been deprecated. Use sc_super() or arguments.callee.base.apply(this, arguments) instead.
  • SC.CollectionView item views with static layouts should now behave better.
  • Nested records are now cleared from a store on SC.Store#reset.
  • Makes a number of improvements to SC.ChildArray, including removing KVO property pollution from the underlying raw array.
  • Removes KVO pollution on SC.ManyArray's underlying raw arrays.
  • SC.TextFieldView's hint implementation is now much simpler and less bug-ridden.


  • Fixes a serious visual problem with translated and scaled views. The scale transform was being applied before the translation, which meant the translation became scaled. The result was content rendered in the wrong place by the browser.
  • Fixed a regression in SC.TabView that failed to get nowShowing views from the page akin to SC.ContainerView. Also removed extra duplicate observer in SC.TabView and fixed unit test to properly clean up (was leaving panes attached).
  • Fixed SC.MenuPane automatic resizing to fit within the window. The positioning code used in SC.PickerPane failed to apply adjustments to the width or height of the pane, which had been calculated to fit long menus within the window. Also improves the menu positioning code to respect the value of windowPadding (previously it used hard coded secret numbers within the code).
  • Fixed SC.ContainerView's override of set so that it may be chainable.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue with SC.SegmentedView when no renderDelegate exists and also fixes a bug in which a segmented view positioned at 0,0 and clicked on at 0,0 would trigger the middle item view.
  • Made check for pending animations in SC.View's adjust() method safer (fixes error in IE 9).
  • Fixed a critical bug in polymorphic record support while significantly improving performance and reducing memory consumption of polymorphic records.

The previous polymorphic record support took care to ensure that the same store key was returned for all polymorphic classes by duplicating the store key to id mapping on each related polymorphic class. But where it failed was in situations where the store manipulated the store keys hashes directly (ex. replaceIdFor()), which would result in different store key to id mappings between polymorphic classes. Also, duplicating the mapping on each class was very wasteful and slow due to recursion. Instead, now the mapping is stored only once on the root polymorphic record and all subclasses simply reference it directly. This removes the duplicate memory use and removes the need to recurse each time that a new polymorphic record is added to the store.

  • Fixed SC.ObserverSet to pass the given context to the observer method. SC.ObserverSet.prototype.add() accepts a third argument, context, but it did not actually pass it along to the observer method.
  • Fixed a noisy reposition of SC.PickerPane.

The pane listened to changes to its borderFrame in order to know whether to reposition itself or not. This means that changes to its size (width/height) allowed it to reposition to best fit, but because repositioning ends up changing the same borderFrame, it meant one (potentially dangerous) extra call through positionPane for no reason. Instead, we use viewDidResize, which only gets called on size (width/height) changes.

  • Fixed a problem with excessive layout updates for certain types of views. If a view used viewDidResize to check for size changes and then make further adjustments to its position, because of a late cache update, the adjustments to its position would appear as further changes to its size. In particular, SC.PickerPane suffered from this, since it re-positions itself whenever its size changes.

  • Fixed issues with unregistering nested records. There were a few issues with unregistering nested records:

    1. SC.ChildArray did not unregister nested records at all, so toMany relations with nested records did not work properly.
    2. When a child was unregistered from its parent, that did not propagate to children of the child, leading to problems when nesting was several levels deep.
    3. There were two additional caches that were not being cleared when the nested record was unregistered.
  • When the online/offline value of window changes, ensure that a run loop runs when setting isOffline of SC.device.

  • Fixed auto resize prepareLayerForStringMeasurement to take padding of a layer into account when setting the maxWidth on the layer.

  • Ensures computeLayout in SC.GridView returns sane values when itemsPerRow is 0.

  • Now ensures that views are notified that their pane has changed when an ancestor parent changes. Also ensures that views that are orphaned update their pane.

  • The layout functions convertFrameFromView and convertFrameToView now consider the views' scale values.

  • A number of fixes to the deprecated template view framework.

  • Fixes a bug where array's removeObject method was doing squishy == comparisons instead of strict === comparisons. Could sometimes cause the wrong item to be removed.

  • Fixes a bug where apps loading in background windows would fail to launch until they were foregrounded. This was caused by unnecessarily waiting for animation support sniffer callbacks to fire; many browsers defer animation events when a tab is out of sight.

  • Fixes a regression in SC.CollectionView to properly re-render when inside nested scroll views.

  • Fixes a bug where the wrong cursor (pointer instead of text) would show over text field hint elements.

  • Removes most instances of calls to evt.returnValue, which Chrome has begun to complain about.

  • Fixes bug where SC.TextFieldView hints would sometimes be positioned incorrectly.

  • SC.TextFieldView's defaultTabbingEnabled property now functions as advertised.

  • Fixes a bug where a view's own isEnabled property could sometimes improperly override being disabled by an ancestor.

  • Fixes a bug where an initial isEnabled value of false would fail to propagate to children correctly.

  • Fixes a couple of bugs where SC.SelectView would sometimes fail to correctly re-render itself. Improves performance.

  • Fixes a bug where not all properties would be invalidated when "*" changes.

  • Fixes keypress handling in IE8 and Opera.

  • Fixes a bug where ImageViews with useCanvas: true (the default) would fail to apply CSS values.

  • Fixes a number of edge case timing issues with animations and transitions.

  • Fixes a bug where pooled SC.CollectionView item views would retain 'sc-group-item' class when turned from a group item to non-group item.

  • Removes a duplicate call to commitEditing in SC.InlineTextField when handling tabs or backtabs.

  • Fixes a bug where calls to SC.Pane#sendEvent without a (wholly unnecessary) second argument would throw an error.

  • Fixes a bug where range invalidation on an ArrayControler with orderBy set would notify changes to the raw content range, rather than the sorted range.

  • Null SC.Record.attr(SC.DateTime) values will now reliably remain null.

  • A number of CollectionView operations were failing to respect allowMultipleSelection and allowEmptySelection flags.

  • Fixes a bug where canvas elements in SC.Drag ghost views were not being cloned.

  • Fixes a bug where dragging content onto an empty list view would throw an error.

  • XHR progress event handling was previously webkit-only. Now uses the non-prefixed version for better cross-browser support.

  • Fixes a bug where SC.PickerPane stored its anchor element inconsistently.

  • Fixes the incorrect display of progress values when a minimum was used.

  • Fixes a bug where setting the text selection on a hidden SC.TextFieldView would throw an error in Firefox and IE.

  • Fixes a bug where convenience method SC.CollectionView#itemViewForContentObject would throw errors under certain circumstances.

  • Removes a problematic touch browser optimization which was preventing SC.TextFieldView from becoming programmatically assigned first responder status.

  • Fixes a very sneaky bug that was causing any self-observing record to be invisibly created twice, causing a whole slew of subtle, incredibly hard-to-debug problems.

  • Fixes a bug where retrieving not-yet-loaded records from a nested store would lock them at EMPTY and fail to update them when they load into the master store.

  • Fixes a bug where SC.SegmentedView would hoover up mouse events even if they were outside of any particular segment. For example, you can now drag a PalettePane around by the empty space on either side of a centered SegmentedView.

  • Fixes an edge case which made it impossible to clear a dynamic backgroundColor.

  • Fixes a bug where SC.Record#normalize would fail to recognize SC.RecordAttribute subclasses.

  • Fixes a bug where arrayContentWillChange was not called when an enumerable was about to change.

  • Fixes a longstanding SC.routes bug where HTML5 history states would consistently double up.

  • Works around a bug where some browsers support ProgressEvent but don't support the loadend event.

  • Fixes an annoyance where calling with more than three buttons would crash the app.

  • Fixes a bug where SC.CollectionViews could not have a custom layerId set.

  • Fixes a bug where SC.ScrollView's scrollToRect method preferred the bottom right of a larger-than-clippingFrame rect. The top left is now preferred, like you'd expect.

  • Fixes a number of bugs with SC.SplitView's divider view CSS.

  • Fixes a bug where SC.DateField's format property was failing to update when formatDate, formatTime or formatDateTime changed.

  • Fixes a bug where SC.CollectionView#itemViewForContentIndex would happily return an empty view for a bogus content index.

  • Fixes a bug where hitting enter on an empty SC.CollectionView would throw an error while trying to edit nonexistent items.

  • Fixes a race condition with the SC.ContainerView.DISSOLVE transition plugin.

  • Fixes a bug where bound, transformed values would often not sync on initialization. For example, a binding which transformed undefined to "Empty" would fail to sync, as the value was being compared untransformed.

  • Fixes a SC.ListView bug where rowSpacing was being ignored when calculating contentIndexesInRect, causing minor item blinkage.

  • Fixes SC.ScrollerView's button and cap offsets. Looks much nicer now.

  • Fixes a bug where children of ATTACHED_SHOWING (transitioning) views were incorrectly set to ATTACHED_HIDDEN_BY_PARENT until the transition completed.

  • Fixes a bug where rotate layout property was being incorrectly proxied to rotateX. Now correctly proxies to layoutZ.

  • Adds a workaround to age-old IE XHR bug where 204 statuses would be mangled to 1223 for no apparent reason.

  • Fixes a number of bugs where setting various SC.SliderView properties to null would break everything.

  • Fixes a bug where interpretKeyEvents would crash on the rare occasion that cmd.match returned null.

  • Fixes a rare security vulnerability when a TextFieldView's hint property was set to user-supplied data.

  • Removes an invalid condition that prevented key down validation in any browser that supported the touch event.

  • Adds sanity check to SC.GridView layout computation.

  • A number of SC.CollectionView actions now correctly honor allowsMultipleSelection.

  • Fixes a bug where the legacy iPhone theme would hide popup pane workspace toolbars.

  • Fixes a bug with specifying layerIds for SC.SegmentedView's overflow menu items. Fixes a crashing bug with SC.SegmentedView and out-of-sync cached elements.

  • Fixes a bug where the root responder would throw an error trying to call mouseExited on a view that was destroyed with the mouse over it.



  • Added a Developer Error when attempting to add records without id's to relationships.
  • Added a debug-mode only developer error to prevent double calls to materializeRecord from within materializeRecord. The result is duplicated objects that appear to be the same record instance but are in fact not, which can be very time-consuming to debug. Hopefully this saves developers a lot of grief.
  • Added several debug-mode only toString methods for easy debugging.
  • Added a tiny bit of debug mode only developer support. If manually connecting/disconnecting bindings it's possible to accidentally try to bind to a missing object. The normal stack trace this would produce is hard to follow so we present a more traceable error message with the stack.


  • Fixed keypress handling in IE8 and Opera.
  • Fixed the reveal swap transition plugin, SC.ContainerView.REVEAL, to properly reset the content view layout after transitioning out.
  • Fixed a problem with SC.View.prototype.cancelAnimation(SC.LayoutState.CURRENT) that failed to stop at the proper top or left positions when using transform (HW accelerated) animations and the top or left values were negative.
  • Fixed SC.ContentValueSupport to notify a change to each of the dependent content keys when the content changes entirely (i.e. the '*' property changed).
  • Fixed SC.SelectView to render correctly when its items collection is replaced or the content changes.
  • Fixed SC.AutoMixin to prevent the attributes from the former child views being applied to the latter child views.
  • Fixed locally-scoped 'and' & 'or' bindings.
  • Fixed a problem when the initial isEnabled value of a view is false that failed to update the isEnabledInPane value of that view and its child views.
  • Fixed the problem that changing the isEnabled value of a view which had disabled ancestors could change the value of isEnabledInPane for the view to an improper value.
  • Fixed SC.TextFieldView able to still be edited if it had focus while an ancestor view is disabled.
  • Fixed the defaultTabbingEnabled property of SC.TextFieldView to actually prevent tabbing when the property is set to false. Also added insertBacktab handler support to interpretKeyEvents in order to prevent tabbing on shift-tab in SC.TextFieldView.
  • Added missing support for touch events to SC.PopupButtonView.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SC.TextFieldView hints to have a 0 line-height at times.
  • Fixed regression in collection views so that they properly re-render when inside nested scroll views.
  • Removes a duplicate listener on ‘selectstart’ events in SC.RootResponder.
  • Removes the jQuery ready hold in SC.platform that was used to delay launching of the app until the transition and animation event names tests completed. Several browsers will not run the transition/animations in hidden tabs, which slows and possibly blocks an app from launching. Since the results of these tests are used only to optimize the event listeners set up in SC.RootResponder, the code has been changed to setup the root responder at whatever point the tests successfully finish.
  • Fixed picker panes failing to popup in the wrong place if they have some form of resizing. Added an observer to SC.PickerPane border frames so that the pane will re-position itself if it changes size.
  • Removes the appearance of an undefined attribute in SC.TextFieldView.
  • Fixed internal identification of IE7 to prevent a possible future version of Trident from being mistaken for IE7.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak when manually removing event listeners from an element.
  • Fixed a memory leak when using SC.InlineTextField.



  • Clean ups for
  • Fixed memory leak in SC.ContentValueSupport.
  • Fixed layout bug with inline label view editor when used with child view layout plugins.
  • Fixed SC.Module loading on IE11+.
  • Fixed SC.Drag to fire dragEnded when cancelling a drag and drop operation using the escape key.
  • Fixed missing non-retina image for SC.MenuPane.
  • CollectionView: fix the selection on touchEnd. Previously when an item was touched two times, after the second touch it was no longer marked as selected even if it was (correctly) part of the collection's selection, its isSelected property was NO when it was supposed to be YES.
  • Fixed the code to show an insertion point for SC.GridView using @nicolasbadia's code. Adds a default style for SC.GridView's default insertion point that matches SC.ListView's default. Also improves the positioning of SC.ListView's insertion point so that the insertion view can specify a different height/right/width layout if wanted.
  • Fixed misplaced scroll view content when changing the content using touch scrolling. Reapplies the CSS transforms when touch scroll view's content frame changes. Because the CSS transforms are applied directly to the content view, if the content view's layout style changes, the transforms will be erased.
  • Fixed warnings when smoothly decelerating scrolling (includes performance improvement). Removes the necessity to trigger run loops while the scroll decelerates and only triggers the run loop when actually doing an update. This also removes an invoke warning if the first time the deceleration code runs (not within run loop) and doesn't have any velocity and so updates immediately.
  • Changes the theme class for SC.EmptyTheme from 'sc-empty' to 'sc-empty-theme'. This fixes the conflict with 'sc-empty' used by SC.ProgressViews that causes all progress views in apps using the empty theme to not have an inner border. This is a potentially conflicting change, but less dangerous than changing the class used by SC.ProgressView, because SC.EmptyTheme doesn't have any styles.
  • Fix issue with sending statechart events while state transitioning. sendEvent had a typo which allowed events to be sent while in the middle of a state transition. Fixing that revealed that now events sent during state transitions would be queued but never sent (at least not until another event was sent).
  • Resolved Handlebars escaping issue with ampersands.
  • Fix caching issue with SC.routes.informLocation. Since location and informLocation really just represent a single property, they both need to update the cached value for the opposite property.
  • Fixed regression with OS sniffing of Linux and Android in SC.browser.



  • Allows adjust to be called after animate in the same run loop. Adjust can occur cleanly, which won't affect the animation or it can clash, in which case it will override the animation.
  • Improves internal code structure to support optimization by JS engines.
  • Makes the conditional that attempts to lock all textfields from receiving focus behind a modal pane, fail more quickly (this also prevents getting the pane on views that may not yet have a pane).
  • Improves and adds hundreds of lines of documentation.
  • Removes a developer warning when animating with a duration of 0, which can be valid if the duration is calculated. In any case, animating a duration of 0 has always been supported by SC.View.prototype.animate.
  • Improves the regular expression used by SC.RenderContext to escape strings so that HTML entities like ' or à are preserved.
  • Set SC.DEFAULT_CURSOR to 'default' instead of 'auto'.
  • Improves the ability of the SC.browser experimental name testing to succeed by adding a test value that can be used.
  • Masks all debug statements from SC.Binding using @if(debug).
  • travis ci integration.
  • Adds childViewLayout support.
  • Hides visible insertion point on drag end.
  • Passes the value of wantsAcceleratedLayer from the source view to the ghost view in SC.Drag allowing the ghost view layer to be positioned using transforms which are HW accelerated on some platforms.
  • You can now animate centerX and centerY adjustments. Adds support for automatically animating margin-left and margin-top when centerX or centerY layouts are used and the height or width changes. This makes centered height and width animations smooth.
  • Refactors the SC.PickerPane positioning code for SC.PICKER_POINTER and SC.MENU_POINTER.

This code was essentially unreadable and did not even really work. There were lots of odd constants that affected the positioning and placement in strange ways. With this refactor, the picker pane properly positions itself on the most appropriate side and will slide itself up/down or left/right if it can in order to fit.

  • adds ability for pointer to automatically adjust its position as the pane shifts left/right or up/down regardless of its size
  • fixes pane positioning to take into account the borderFrame
  • adds private windowPadding property that ensures pickers are positioned a certain amount of distance from all edges of the screen
  • deprecates the extraRightOffset property since the pointer positions itself
  • fixes bug with render delegate that left the position class on the view after it changed
  • Adds retina versions of huge button, panel background and picker pointers.
  • Adds an '[]' observer to the array when an '@each.key' observer is used. Previously, changes to the array's membership would noisily call propertyDidChange while setting up key observers on each additional item. This change gets rid of this shotgun approach that resulted in multiple fires of the observer when adding multiple new items to the array. It also fixes the problem that removing items from the array also failed to call a change to the array.
  • Gives SC.TreeController the jshint treatment and also adds the arrangedObjects observer on demand, which removes the need for a chained observer (== slightly less memory, faster).
  • Rewrites a lot of the SproutCore TestRunner app.
  • functioning again
  • no longer showing experimental frameworks in the Frameworks section
  • no longer unable to go back from a test
  • reworked the statechart to use SC.Statechart
  • removed Continuous Integration checkbox because it doesn't do anything right now
  • hooked up "Reload" button to re-run a test suite without reloading the app
  • fixed the routing to be able to route to sub-frameworks
  • Makes SC.ToolbarView more intelligent about it's styling: not just styled appropriately for top alignment, layout adjusted to include a top or bottom border.
  • [internal] SC.Observable defines a helper method getEach for getting properties on a single object. This conflicts with SC.Enumerable's getEach, which means that you can't call getEach on an SC.Set like you would on an SC.Array implementation. Instead, when mixing in SC.Enumerable and SC.Observable to SC.Set, we should mix in SC.Observable first, so that SC.Enumerable's version of getEach wins.
  • Reworks the isEnabled addition in order to allow for the enabled state to actively cascade to child views. While you could previously use the isEnabledInPane property to determine if any ancestor view had been disabled, it was lazily computed and not bindable. With this change, isEnabledInPane is updated actively, which means that it can be used to update the child view's display if wanted. For example, a view gets the 'disabled' class if isEnabled is set to false, but it can also add isEnabledInPane as a displayProperty and use it to appear disabled if any ancestor becomes disabled.

This cascading can be blocked by any child view by setting shouldInheritEnabled to false, which allows you to set isEnabled on the top pane, but keep a section of child views separately enabled.

  • [internal] Fixed from the Office for Prevention of Redundancy Office: the 'focus' and 'disabled' classes are set accordingly on all SC.View subclasses. This removes yet one more display observer from SC.CollectionView.
  • Adds SC.View.POP transition, refactors the transition states of SC.View to handle changes in state in order to flip a transition animation smoothly and adds support for cancelling rotation or scale animations in place.
  • Removes two display observers from SC.ImageView and drops undocumented support for setting the value of an image as an array (which was parsed out into a single value for some reason.
  • [internal] Adds support for sprite images based on canvas. This fixes a bug when changing between a sprite and a URL type with the same image that created duplicate elements in the DOM.
  • Removes some ugly unused images from the foundation framework and adds updated sproutcore assets which are more useful.
  • Renames SC.FILL_PROPORTIONALLY to SC.BEST_FILL. SC.FILL_PROPORTIONALLY is still supported but no longer documented.
  • Adds isEditable, isDeletable and isReorderable support for item views. The previous docs indicated that if isEditable of the collection was true, it would set the property on the item views. This was not the case, so there wasn't any way to have a list of items switch between a display mode to an editable mode. This change uses canEditContent, canDeleteContent and canReorderContent to indicate whether to add the respective properties to the item views. For example, this allows you to toggle canReorderContent to hide or show a drag handle on item views that have isReorderable as a display property.

Note: Setting isEditable to false on the collection view overrides the three other properties.

  • [internal] Also escapes the tool tip for SC.LabelView, which could also be a potential avenue of attack for XSS.
  • [internal] Removes excess display property observers from SC.ButtonView (escapeHTML, needsEllipsis, tooltip) and SC.LabelView (escapeHTML, textAlign, fontWeight, needsEllipsis). In the case of escapeHTML and needsEllipsis, these are used in the update rendering, but it seems highly unlikely that the value will need to change on the fly. The docs have been updated to indicate how to support updating these values on the fly if necessary though. In the case of the other properties, they no longer exist on the views.
  • [internal] Removes several lines of statechart debugging code from non-debug builds.
  • [internal] Removes three extra observers from SC.ButtonView instances by using existing observers to also call displayDidChange.
  • [internal] Removes isEnabled displayProperty from SC.Control and instead makes it an effective display property of all SC.Views by calling displayDidChange in the existing isEnabled observer on all SC.Views.
  • Removes the restriction that render delegate data sources can only retrieve displayProperties properties. This restriction is not especially helpful, but worse than that, it forces us to have excess display properties, which means excess observers being set up and running although not every property that effects the display necessarily needs to be observed. For example, SC.ButtonView has several internal observers on properties that are also display properties. It's more efficient to use those same observers to call displayDidChange and not have the properties also be display properties.
  • Prevents exception when clicking on a collection without any content.
  • Removes backgroundColor observer from all SC.Views. If anyone actually uses this property AND needs it to update, they'll have to add the displayProperty themselves. There's no reason every other view in every other app needs this.
  • Adds 'sc-item' class to non-group collection items. Otherwise, you can apply styles to groups, to items and groups, but not items individually without adding class names to the exampleView.
  • Optimizes destroy of SC.View. This is a slow part of the view lifecycle, due to recursively running through every descendant and notifying willRemoveFromParent, didRemoveFromParent, willRemoveChild, didRemoveChild as well as searching through and clearing all of the childViews arrays. Instead, we destroy the topmost parent, including detaching and destroying the layer and clearing all references to the views from SC.View.views, but then we defer orphaning the childViews for the newly destroyed parent until the next run loop. This cuts the destroy time almost in half for the average view tree.
  • Improves item view pooling by shifting from the pool so that there is a good chance that the same item view will be returned for the current index that was pushed on due to a full reload.
  • Removes layer observer from SC.ImageView and use didCreateLayer callback instead.
  • Adds createdByParent property that is set to true when the view was instantiated by its parent through createChildView. Prevents memory leaks and simplifies the code of several views by using createdByParent to identify when the child view being removed was automatically created and should now be destroyed.
  • Adds willShowInDocument, willHideInDocument, didShowInDocument and didHideInDocument nofication callbacks. This allows you to do updates to the UI without needing to observe isVisible or currentState.
  • Changes SC.SheetPane to use transition plugins: 17 lines added, 56 lines removed!
  • Adds BOUNCE_IN/OUT and SCALE_IN/OUT transitions for SC.View
  • Removes a lot of redundancy in view rendering and updating. Previously, the update code would run applyAttributesToContext every time which would update several one shot properties: classNames, isTextSelectable, role and also update some properties that were doubly updated elsewhere: layerId, isVisible. Now the one-shot portions are done in renderToContext, which is strictly a first time render method.
  • Optimizes the observers on isVisible and isFirstResponder to be added when the view is attached and subsequently removed when the view is detached. Also deprecates ariaHidden and sets it properly according to isVisible + current view state. Adds _executeQueuedUpdates method to execute the content, layout and visibility updates when a view is about to be shown.
  • Adds more explicit documentation of what happens when calling removeChild and removeAllChildren. Adds method removeChildAndDestroy that will remove the child and discard it entirely. Adds optimization to removeAllChildren that will clear the parent's layer in one sweep rather than per child. Adds optimization to replaceAllChildren that will clear the parent's layer in one sweep, add the new children and create the new layer in one sweep rather than per child!
  • Removes many additional display observers.
  • Adds the transitions properties to SC.CoreView along with docs.
  • Adds view statechart code and tests
  • Adds debug mode only warnings if invokeOnce or invokeLast are called outside of a run loop.

I encountered a weird bug while working in the console due to the fact that invokeOnce was running after invokeNext, which will never happen in the context of the run loop. A warning should help save developers from making similar mistakes.

  • Added retina stylesheet support to module loading, style sheets were being generated but not loading.
  • Removes extra array creation. Rather than create an array for no purpose other than for testing respondsTo when the statechart is destroyed, this change adds a gate check to the respondsTo method itself similar to what was already done with sendEvent and gotoState. [5763a62]
  • Some actions need to be always handle by a TextFieldView when it has the focus

If a parentView of a TextFieldView handle deleteForward deleteBackward, moveLeft, moveRight, selectAll, moveUp or moveDown, the event will not be mapped to the TextFieldView.

  • Fixes some totally wrong documentation on SC.Query and deprecates the argument overloading in 'local' and 'remote' in favour of only passing the options hash. This makes for:

• more memorizable methods right now

and in the future when we are able to remove the normalization code,

• less code • easier debugging • less chance for edge case bugs

  • Added documentation for a hidden feature where MenuPane can specify a global target/action for use with all of its items, as given passing mention in #945.
  • Improved perforamnce of scroll view on iOS significantly by using request animation frame.
  • All errors are actual Error objects, which provide more debuggable stack traces.
  • Removes SC.ListItemView as the default exampleView of SC.CollectionView. For one, SC.CollectionView should not be used un-extended so there's no reason to predefine this value and for two, this means that you can't blacklist out SC.ListItemView and keep SC.CollectionView.
  • Refactors SC.CollectionView to implement reusable item views and view layers. This support was built into the view already via an undocumented property, but didn't work correctly anyway. The same support could be found in the SC.CollectionFastPath mixin, but it was also poorly documented and difficult to use. Instead, the performance improvement has been re-implemented to be simpler than the version in SC.CFP and to actually work unlike the version in SC.CV and so that it will be seen by developers, it has been turned on by default.
  • Also removes some of the problems with itemViewForContentIndex as noted by internal comments.
  • Also removes the reloading benchmark, which was previously deprecated. Removing instead, because it doesn't even work, the call to SC.Benchmark.start was invalid.
  • This is a work-in-progress commit, there are more to come. Results so far:

on reload all: previous version ~14.5ms, new version ~ 6.5ms on reload partial: previous version ~ 6.39ms, new version ~1.27ms

  • Requesting an index beyond the length of a sparse array should not trigger an index or range request on the delegate and just returned undefined. If you need to prime a sparse array to start loading without setting a length, it's best to use sparseArray.requestIndex(0).
  • Adds the concept of Infinity to SC.IndexSet. Although, the number of indexes will always be constrained to Number.MAX_SIZE, attempting to create a range even in the several hundreds of thousands would freeze the client, because it will attempt to generate hints every 256 items. Instead we can use the concept of infinity and don't try to hint the infinite range. For one, this allows for infinite arrays and infinite lists to be possible without using really large numbers that are very slow to hint.
  • Fixes SC.ScrollView's always updating scroller visibility and maximum scroll offsets. The code was supposed to only go through the process of determining scroller visibility and dimensions when forced (due to the scroll view's frame changing or when the content's cached width and height matches the current width and height of the content). The code assumed that the first argument would normally be undefined, but because the function is an observer method, the first argument is always the target of the observer. Therefore, the fast path conditional would always be false.

This changes the code to instead clear out the cached content width and height before calling contentViewFrameDidChange, which will allow the code to run completely. Subsequent calls from the observed changes will be able to exit early based on the cached values.

  • Fixes SC.GridView's calculation of max height when its width changes. Previously, as the grid view was compressed or expanded, the layout of the grid view (maxHeight) would not update, which meant that scroll views would not adjust their scroll heights appropriately.

This removes the computeLayout() call from the reloadIfNeeded method in SC.CollectionView. Since only certain events should require the layout to change (i.e. itemsPerRow changes in SC.GridView, row heights change in SC.ListView or the content length changes), we don't need to repeatedly run the computeLayout code every time we scroll a little bit.

Adds adjustLayout method to SC.CollectionView which can be used with invokeOnce to adjust the view's layout when one of the previously mentioned events occurs.

  • Changes missing child view error to a warning, since we don't actually throw an exception. Also pulls the warning out of production code.

  • Removes z-index from SC.SelectView label for Ace. SproutCore styles should not use z-index and it's not needed in this case either.

  • New Sheet pane implemented with slick animations.

  • Sets SC.WebView src to '' instead of 'null' or 'undefined' when the value is null or undefined. Removes the "No matching entry in target" message when value of SC.WebView is cleared. [d1289cd]

  • Adds the inline text field to the view's parent rather than its pane. If any view in the chain from pane to the view's parent has a zIndex, the text field won't be visible. By adding it to the parent instead, there's a greater chance that nothing special will need to be done with the text field.

  • Add a difference method to SC.DateTime. SC.DateTime.prototype.difference(a, b, format).

    This method allows you to very easily compute the number of weeks, days, hours, minutes, or seconds between two dates.

  • Improved String.fmt handling of missing named arguments.

  • The SC.Store.reset() method was not clearing out previously constructed RecordArrays, even though the underlying data hash was being cleared. While technically this is valid -> most of the storekeys are set to SC.Record.EMPTY rather than being deleted altogether, which means the storeKey lists inside of the RA's aren't invalidated -> it seems a little strange that a method labeled "reset" does not, in fact, clean up the entire store.

This patch ensures that the entire store is cleared, and adds a few unit tests that enforce the one-record-array-per-query contract.

  • Fixes the order of the container and segmented view in the DOM for SC.TabView so that the segmented view should be rendered above the container without having to resort to forced z-index settings.

  • Adds transition plugin support to SC.ContainerView and introduces five pre-built plugins: SC.ContainerView.PUSH, SC.ContainerView.DISSOLVE, SC.ContainerView.FADE_COLOR, SC.ContainerView.MOVE_IN and SC.ContainerView.REVEAL.

  • Adds a developer error message if an SC.View is created using an existing layerId. This should prevent some weirdness from occurring.

  • Refactors SC.View:animate().

    • animate() uses invokeNext() so that the developer never needs to monkey with the run loop in order to call animate(). Animations will only begin after the browser has had a chance to flush any changes to the DOM, thus ensuring that the animation actually occurs. This will make using .animate() much easier whereas previously, developers would revert to invokeLater/invokeLast to try and make sure the DOM style existed before animate would adjust it.
    • the animate() function can now accept a target argument as well as a method, which conforms to the standard used by many methods in SproutCore.
    • if no target it given the view itself will be the value of this in the callback. Previously, this would be the layoutStyleCalculator, an internal object of SC.View.
    • the animate() function is thoroughly documented now, including notes on how to hardware accelerate position changes.
    • uses new additions to SC.platform and SC.browser to make animations forward compatible and fixes animate() on Firefox nightly
    • hardware accelerated styles no longer remain in the DOM after the animation completes (i.e. sometimes the translate values would stay in the style)
    • resetAnimation() has been renamed to cancelAnimation(), because reset indicates 'revert', but the default behavior doesn't revert the layout.
    • added SC.LayoutState enum for use by cancelAnimation().
    • fixes hasAcceleratedLayer to be dependent on the layout. Previously, adjusting a non-accelerated layout to an accelerate-able layout failed to update the property and hasAcceleratedLayer would be incorrect.
    • cancelAnimation() can now cancel an animation and adjust the layout to its current value during the transition, to its original value or to the final value which is the default. The current value even works for accelerated transitions that use transforms and return CSSMatrix values while animating.
    • simplifies the code somewhat and cleans up a lot of loose ends that remained since the original code was largely copy-pasted over from the old animation framework.
    • removes an observer on the view's layout from within the layoutStyleCalculator and properly chained up the dependencies to remove some manual notification code.
    • Previously, each SC.View created an SC.LayoutStyleCalculator object that it used in a truly dubious manner. The LayoutStyleCalculator was supposed to be a group of functions that could be shared between all views, but instead each view had to create and modify its own instance of the calculator. The calculator had several internal state variables which meant it could not be shared between views. The calculator also cross-referenced the view itself and was never cleaned up resulting in a memory leak. This update untangles the view from the calculator so that the calculator can be shared between views (not really much reason to even have this separate, but none-the-less…).
  • Changes the internal classNames of SC.Theme to be an Array rather than a CoreSet. Having it as a Set makes no sense and the amount of property overloading is ridiculous. We have to check for Objects, Arrays, Strings and Sets, which is a waste of code rather than just standardizing on an Array like classNames is on SC.View. Also, this causes problems if developers use the theme's classNames and assume it will be an Array like with SC.View.

  • Refactors transition and animation testing of SC.platform; adds SC.browser.cssPrefix, SC.browser.domPrefix and SC.browser.classPrefix; adds SC.browser.experimentalNameFor(), SC.browser.experimentalStyleNameFor() and SC.browser. experimentalCSSNameFor() methods; adds SC.UNSUPPORTED constant.

    There were many problems with the animation and transition tests that existed before. There was no forward support so browsers, like the Firefox nightly that have dropped prefixes, would fail to identify as supporting transitions and transforms. Also, animation event listeners were hard coded into RootResponder for webkit only. Also the event names needed to be forward supported as well and because there is no consistency in the event naming, the real transition and animation events may not have been captured on certain browsers.

    Now, SC.platform does quick and precise tests to determine the actual event names allowing the RootResponder to listen only to the properly named events rather than using a shotgun approach with a bunch of different browser prefixes.

    To make the code forward compatible for when prefixes are dropped, SC.browser has three new support functions: experimentalNameFor(), experimentalStyleNameFor(), experimentalCSSNameFor(). These functions return the proper name for experimental names for object classes & properties, DOM properties and CSS attributes, not by guessing, but by testing the standard name and then testing prefixed versions of the name if necessary. This allows developers to avoid writing code like: SC.browser.cssPrefix + "box-shadow black 0 1px 2px", which will fail on browsers that no longer need a prefix and instead use: SC.browser.experimentalCSSNameFor('boxShadow'), which will return either "box-shadow", some browser prefix + "box-shadow" or SC.UNSUPPORTED (allowing you to do something else).

  • Makes invokeNext trigger the next run of the run loop if none is scheduled. This makes invokeNext the appropriate method to use when needing the DOM to be up-to-date before running code against it.

    Previously, invokeNext functions would not run until the next run loop occurred, which if there were no events or timers, might mean that the code won't run for a long time. While invokeLast lets you put code at the end of the run loop, the DOM will not have yet been updated and invokeLater is risky to use at small intervals, because if the interval is too small, the invokeLater code will run in the current run of the run loop and again the DOM will not have been updated. Instead, invokeNext now ensures that the run loop completes execution and schedules an immediate timeout in order to allow the browser to update the DOM.

    This works with the timer additions to the run loop, so additional run loops only run once even if there is an invokeLater expiring at the same time as the invokeNext timeout triggers a new run loop.

  • Refactors SC.RenderContext to simplify the API, introduce consistent naming and make it behave appropriately. This should remove the guess work about whether a function is or is not supported by the context and make it easier to remember the names and parameters of each method.

    • There are now 3 similar access methods: attrs(), classes(), styles()
    • There are now 3 similar add methods: addAttr(), addClass(), addStyle()
    • There are now 3 similar remove methods: removeAttr(), removeClass(), removeStyle()
    • There are now 2 similar reset methods: resetClasses(), resetStyles()
    • Fully backwards compatible.
    • Duplicate and inconsistent method names have been deprecated: css(), html(), classNames(), resetClassNames(), attr()
    • Adds several Developer Warnings to aid developers in updating their code (in debug mode only as not to take up space in production).
  • Added platform detection for the Apache Cordova (formerly phonegap) javascript-to-mobile bridge.

  • Added gitignore entries for .project and .settings, which are eclipse-specific configuration files.

  • Updates jQuery framework to 1.8.3 and removes buffered jQuery.

  • Patches jQuery to prevent security warnings in IE.

    This does NOT patch jQuery to make all calls to .append(), .insert(), etc. pass security validation in IE. Instead it uses execUnsafeLocalFunction to perform jQuery's tests that are based on invalid HTML.

  • Minor optimizations to Array#filterProperty.

  • Improves animation support for current and future browsers. The previous platform checks prevented using accelerated layers on non-webkit platforms, plus any browser that dropped the prefixes would indicate that they did not have support for transitions and transforms.

  • Removes duplicate transitionend event listeners and only listens for the supported platforms event.

  • Adds 'delay' option to set the transition-delay property

  • Adds new SproutCore-only date time formatter, %E, to SC.DateTime which returns the elapsed time from or since now. There is an entire set of default values from the number of years ago to right now to a number of years in the future and of course the strings are completely configurable and localizable.

    For example,

    var date = SC.DateTime.create();

    date.toFormattedString("%E"); // "Right now"

    date.advance({ minute: 4 }); date.toFormattedString("%E"); // "In 4 minutes"

    date.advance({ day: -7 }); date.toFormattedString("%E"); // "About a week ago"

  • Adds SC.appCache and SC.platform.supportsApplicationCache. Working with the application cache is a confusing and time-consuming task. This simple object abstracts out the most important properties for developers to use: hasNewVersion, isNewVersionValid, progress and isReadyForOffline all the while using the minimum number of event listeners which are properly cleaned up when unneeded. It also has a property shouldPoll that will lazily look for updates in the background at a fixed interval. This could be especially useful in a test environment, where you want to ensure that the testers aren't running the old version (which happens frequently when using the application cache).

  • Improves the center calculation for view layouts. Previously you could not use a % width or height with a center value, but there is no technical reason for this limitation. For example, a view with width: 0.3% and centerX: 0, should get the layout style: "width: 30%; left: 50%; margin-left: -15%". Previously it would show a warning and give the view a non-functioning style: "width: 30%; left: 50%; margin-left: 50%".

  • Removes a lot of legacy default CSS attached to SC.SegmentedView. Also makes default SproutCore theme more easily allow for sprited button images (requires a width and height on the icon). After some consideration, the icon sizes are set by default to: 12x12px for small, 14x14px for regular, 16x16px for large and 24x24px for huge. These sizes fit well with the theme and although odd numbered heights would position a bit more nicely, even numbered height icons are much more common.

  • Allows SC.State to represent the empty ("") route. Previously, there was no way for a state to represent the empty route using representRoute:. Now a state can set representRoute: "" to be triggered when the empty route is fired.

  • Improves SC.request.deparam so that it can accept a full URL, not just the params section only.

  • Adds SC.platform.supportsWebSQL and SC.platform.supportsIndexedDB.

  • Improves the Welcome apps slightly:

    • sorts the apps by name alphabetically
    • groups SproutCore apps after project apps
    • adds a new icon for app targets to further differentiate between the developer's apps and the SproutCore apps (Used in the TestRunner app too)


  • Removes 26.6MB of design files from within the framework. This means that these files are no longer downloaded and duplicated in each clone of the framework nor are any of them included in the gem (although many were stripped out of the gem anyhow). These files are still available at
  • Removes the long deprecated SC.Border mixin. This capability was brought into SC.View several versions ago.
  • Fully deprecates SC.InlineTextField class methods, which were labeled as "should no longer be used". This should make inline text field debugging easier to do.
  • Fully deprecates the fontWeight attribute of SC.LabelView.
  • Deprecates most of the visibility module, since the visibility is more accurately and efficiently maintained by the statechart now.
  • Deprecates paneDidAttach from SC.Pane. SC.View already has a callback that does the same thing 'didAppendToDocument', which we should use to keep things simpler.
  • Deprecates SC.StaticLayout mixin.
  • Removes private unused SC.View.prototype.prepareContext method. As the comments pointed out you should not use this method it is OLD.
  • Deprecates store.loadQueryResults used for remote queries so that we can just use store.dataSourceDidFetchQuery for both local and remote queries. All the loadQueryResults method did was set the store keys on the record array and called dataSourceDidFetchQuery anyway. But having this extra function with a much different name is confusing for developers and requires checking if a query is local or remote before calling the matching method. Instead, we can just call the one method dataSourceDidFetchQuery for queries and optionally pass in the storeKeys for a remote query.

Also added better documentation for using dataSourceDidFetchQuery.

  • Fully deprecates the animation sub-framework, since it has been fully implemented into SC.View:animate and significantly improved.
  • Removes long deprecated findAll method from SC.Store.
  • Deprecates useFastPath in SC.CollectionView (i.e. SC.CollectionFastPath) since the performance improvements have been baked in by default.
  • Deprecates SC.BENCHMARK_RELOAD as a public property of SC.CollectionView. This is a property used for developing and improving SC.CollectionView and doesn't need to be public. It also doesn't need to be included in production code. Anyone hacking on SC.CollectionView can add (and later remove) their own benchmarks while they are coding it.
  • Deprecates SC.platform.cssPrefix and SC.platform.domCSSPrefix in favor of SC.browser.cssPrefix, SC.browser.domPrefix and SC.browser.classPrefix. The css prefix and dom prefix in SC.platform were calculated from the user agent, which duplicated work already being done with more rigor in SC.browser.
  • The :template_view framework is no longer included by default when requiring :sproutcore. This framework is now partially deprecated, meaning that it won't be officially supported by the core team. But it is not scheduled to be removed in any successive version and therefor anyone using it is welcome to continue doing so.
  • The default value of SC.SelectView:itemSeparatorKey has been changed from 'separator' to 'isSeparator' to match the documentation. If a property 'separator' is found on the item, it will still be used and a developer warning will appear in debug mode.
  • The 'owner' property that is assigned to child views is deprecated and may be removed in a future release. This property is assigned to a view's childViews when the view is created. However, it is a duplication of the property 'parentView' and it is not maintained properly and not assigned if a childView is added later using appendChild() or replaceChild().


  • Removes the blockers that prevented all browsers that support touch events from using mouse events. Note: a browser's support of touch events is no indication of a touch capable device or even that the touch capable device will not need to send mouse events (via a plugged in mouse for example). When implementing touch support in a custom control, you should call evt.preventDefault in touchEnd to prevent additional mouse events from being sent by the browser.
  • Prevents extremely bizarre bug where an iPad will fail to detect the os in iOS, in spite of following the correct code path. The correct value is assigned to an array and then re-read from the same array a moment later. For some unknown reason, when the value is re-read from the array it would return the old value. Side effects of this are that all hacks looking for mobile safari would fail (including touch handling in text fields).
  • Fixes a regression in SC.ScrollView that threw an exception when beginning a new touch drag while a previous one was still decelerating.
  • Prevents successive clicks with two different mouse buttons from being considered a double click.
  • Fixes a bad conditional that coerced 0 frame widths to a false value. This caused excessive reloads of SC.GridView.
  • Fixes #1093 issue where a view would fail to be hidden if its pane was removed mid-transition.
  • Fixes #1087 issue with triggering and canceling animation in same runloop.
  • Fixes bug where PanelPane's ModalPane would appear if isModal becomes true while the PanelPane is transitioning out.
  • Fixes a problem which kept firstObject and lastObject referenced from an array controller from updating on replace. Also fixes a problem updating lastObject on an enumerable when replacing the last items and shrinking the collection.
  • Fixes a problem when using an SC.SplitView as a split child.
  • Fixes a bug that updating the parent record data hash failed to update the nested record hashes as well.
  • Fixes a problem with SC.ScrollView that required an additional frame change notification to work previously.
  • Fixes a problem where childViews incorrectly called viewDidResize one extra time when appended to the DOM. The views will already have run viewDidResize once on being adopted by a parentView.
  • Fixes a miscalculation of isFixedPosition that resulted in incorrect values when short form layouts were used (ex. specifying { width: 10, height: 10 } only which implies top: 0 and left: 0). This would have caused such views to return false for hasAcceleratedLayer even though they had set wantsAcceleratedLayer to true.
  • Prevents needless view updates when displayDidChange is called on an unrendered view. Normally, the actual update code handles the check to see if the view is rendered and can be updated, but if displayDidChange comes before a render, we would end up rendering and then updating. Now it checks to see if the view is rendered before attempting to update it at all.
  • Fixes a potentially huge memory leak when views that mix in SC.ContentValueSupport (or via SC.Control) will not remove all the content value observers from the content object when the view is destroyed. One result is that every time you scrolled a list of SC.ListItemViews back and forth it was appending more and more observers to the content.
  • Gives SC.InlineTextFieldView a default layout size of 0x0 so that it doesn't alter the scrollTop/scrollLeft of a parent view layer that allows overflow.
  • Fixed position of picker panes when the anchor has a frame origin of 0,0.
  • Fixes the initialization of SC.ContainerView when the contentView is already set.
  • Fixes typo in SC.Binding.transform causing transforms to be added to parent.
  • Fixes inability to specify the window padding on a PickerPane to a value other than the default.
  • Fixes escaped overflowTitle of SC.SegmentedView that showed '»' and invalid text of overflowToolTip that showed 'More…'. Also removes unnecessary escaping of title attributes on buttons and labels, because the browser doesn't render HTML inside of a title and removes invalid alt attribute on button divs.
  • Fixes SC.ArrayController so that firstObject, firstSelectableObject and lastObject update properly when swapping out the content. This also ensures that when allowsEmptySelection is false, that the selection changes to the new first object when the content is swapped.
  • Fixes SC.browser snorting of IE11
  • Fix values of text field autocorrect and autocapitalize

According to:

The new values for 'autocorrect' are "off" and "on", and the values for 'autocapitalize' are "none" and "sentences".

  • Fixes a bug that caused the drop target to have dragExited called when the drag ends and also improves the ghostView layout to match the actual size of the drag view.
  • Fixes animation bug where animating multiple keys in which some do not actually change value resulted in leftover animation styles.
  • Fixes polymorphic records so that you can change the id on the record. Previously, this would result in broken storeKey caches on the polymorphic superclasses, so the same record would appear with different ids depending on which class it is requested with.
  • Fixes exception when setting the content of an SC.TreeController (or any other object that nulls out arrangedObjects and mixes in SC.SelectionSupport). Fixes previous commits failing unit test.
  • Fixes bug #990: SC.ListItemView Doesn’t Render Right Icons of the View’s rightIcon Property

The code for rendering a right icon was missing in the render method. It has been added. Additionally the first part has been adapted to the code for the (left) icon: In case of contentRightIconKey, it is only rendered if a value exits for that key.

  • Fixes SC.ImageButtonView to actually apply the image class to the wrapper div, thus removing the extra internal div and allowing the .active class to work like the docs say. Previously, there was no way to get an active version of the image used without also adding a custom class name to the button + the docs said you could and were wrong.
  • Fixes SC.CollectionView to reload when isEnabled changes. Otherwise, the isEnabled property isn't reset on the item views to match the value of the view itself. This was done by observing isEnabled separately from the other displayProperties so that we can also call reload().
  • Fixes placement of the run loop for focus event so that code changed when makeFirstResponder runs, it runs inside of the run loop.
  • TextField incorrectly sets initial isBrowserFocusable
  • Fixes SC.LabelView default style so that 'needsEllipsis: true' will work on single line labels. Also added the property to the SC.LabelView class with jsdoc explaining it.
  • Fixes improper binary search used by SC.ManyArray addInverseRecord that resulted in an infinite loop
  • Call notifyPropertyChange on currentStates when statechart is destroyed.

The currentStates property was remaining cached after the statechart was destroyed. This meant that when respondsTo was called, it would still iterate through these now destroyed states, causing a crash.

  • Fixes bug that allowed the context menu to appear regardless of overriding contextMenu in a view or setting SC.CONTEXT_MENU_ENABLED or isContextMenuEnabled to false. This makes the context menu event handling behave the same as the key, mouse, etc. event handling.
  • Fix SC.TextFieldView to insert a new line when the enter key is press on a text area

A fix were already there for the SC.InlineTextFieldView class so I copy it into the TextFieldView class. I've updated the SC.InlineTextFieldView class so that it now call the super class in the case where it is a text area.

I've also removed some useless code in the InlineTextFieldView class:

  • A fix in the insertNewline method which is not needed anymore
  • The method fieldValueDidChange which only call the super class
  • Fixes the hint value for SC.LabelView so that it will appear when the label has no value and isEditable is true. Includes unit test.
  • Added fix for incorrect loop in SC.Request.manager.cancelAll
  • Destroying a READY_NEW record puts it directly into DESTROYED_CLEAN state, but was failing to remove the data hash like would happen when we pushDestroy a record or call destroyRecord/dataSourceDidDestroy on a record.
  • Fixed issue with centerFoo + border layouts which calculated views' negative margins based on the view's inner size rather than the size including the border.
  • There was an issue that if you destroyed a child view, it would destroy its layer and remove itself from the parent, which in turn invoked updateLayerLocationIfNeeded in parentViewDidChange. If before updateLayerLocationIfNeeded ran a new child was created with the same layer id, when updateLayerLocationIfNeeded did run it would remove the new layer from the parent.

The solution was that if a view is destroyed, don't invoke updateLayerLocationIfNeeded.

  • Fixes SC.Cursor's determination of its internal stylesheet object. Previously, it would just take the last stylesheet, but any style elements in the body would match this. Instead we find the stylesheet whose node matches the element we insert for the cursor object.
  • Fix SC.LabelView inline editing

If an SC.LabelView is inside a collection view the doubleClick method can't be call because the collection will handle the mouseDown event.

  • Prevents exception when using borderFrame property with useStaticLayout views before they have rendered. Includes updated unit tests.
  • Fixes incorrect calculation of the borderFrame property in SC.View. It used the wrong names for the properties and didn't work at all.
  • Fixes frame failing to recompute if the border property of the layout is adjusted. Previously, layoutDidChange only checked for changes to the width or height layout properties to indicate that the frame has changed.
  • Adds unit tests that validate the frame and borderFrame when using border layouts.
  • Adds _effectiveBorderFor() function, which reduces the amount of repeated code to determine the border of any particular side
  • Also tidies the layout.js file a la jshint.
  • Fixes typo in warning message and makes SC.View:createChildViews behave as the warning indicates. If there is an invalid childView it will be ignored, which includes removing it from the childView's array so further iterations over childViews (eg. SC.View:awake) don't throw exceptions.
  • Also removes unnecessary conditional around the main body of the function.
  • Includes extra unit test.
  • Fixes memory leak in SC.MenuPane. It failed to destroy its internal menu view and that view's child views when the menu pane was destroyed. It also failed to remove the internal menu view reference.
  • Fixes problems with SC.MenuPane.
  • it will now observe the items array for changes to its contents, so if the items array object itself doesn't change we can still update the menu items
  • it no longer shares the default items array object with all instances of the menu pane
  • it no longer shares the internal key equivalents hash object with all instances of the menu pane
  • removes unused variables
  • fully deprecates support for an items object to be an array
  • improves jsdocs
  • Fixes incorrect code in SC.CollectionView reloadIfNeeded when reloading all indexes. The previous version would check the containerView's childViews and either pool them or destroy them, which doesn't work because itemViews can be created without being a child view of the container. So the same itemView would be created twice with the same layerId, which isn't so bad in this case, but not correct either. As well, the "optimized" replaceAllChildren implementation is almost exactly the same as the original replaceAllChildren. If we can really optimize replaceAllChildren by setting 'childViews' rather than appending them sequentially, why not do that in SC.View.prototype.replaceAllChildren?
  • Fixes debug images and test iframe.html being included in builds. These files (one of which is 2.5MB) would get included into every build, because they were at the wrong path. I removed the apple logo which appears unused in the tests and fixed the directory structure and file references so that 'a_sample_image.jpg' and 'iframe.html' don't get included in production builds.

Note: this is especially a problem if you wanted to create an app manifest based on the contents of the built static directory. The client would have to download a 2.5MB debug image that is never used.

  • Fixes a regression with SC.CollectionView that occurred after a previous fix to remove a view DOM leak. SC.CollectionView previously created a view with the same layerId as the view to be replaced before replacing it, which only worked because of some weird logic external to the CollectionView that used to prevent a view from being able to find its layer if it didn't have a parentView (which was also the cause of a leak because the layer might still exist in the DOM). In any case, having two views use the same layerId at the same time is a bad idea.
  • Fixes duplicate 'input' property in SC.platform.
  • Fixes bug noticed by updated jQuery. The previous version of SC.RenderContext:addStyle() would replace styles, which was really only due to an undocumented behavior of jQuery, plus it is semantically incorrect for 'add' to replace. The refactor of RenderContext makes the functions behave properly.
  • Fixes SC.View:animate() failing to work on Firefox 16+ and IE10+, since they have dropped prefixes on the properties.
  • Fixes problem with cleaning up bindings on SC.View. Previously, SC.View would destroy itself first before calling the super destroy method. This would remove the parentView object from all childViews, which meant that when the super destroy method tried to remove bindings and observers, it was unable to resolve any parentView property paths and thus unable to remove any bindings to the view's parentView.
  • Fixes minor memory leak in SC.Set. The way that SC.Set removes objects is to "untrack" the internal index of the object by shrinking its length, but it never actually removed the object at the last index. The only way that the object could be freed is if a new object is inserted at the same internal index, thus replacing it. If the objects were removed in the reverse order that they were added, every object would still be in the set (until they were possibly overwritten).
  • Fixes moderate memory leak with bindings and observers. Previously, SC.Binding objects and observers were never cleaned up even as views and objects were destroyed which could prevent the views and objects from being garbage collected and prevented the binding objects from being garbage collected.
  • Fixes minor memory leak in SC.ObserverSet. Each time that a new observer is added to an object the ObserverSet for the object will add a tracking hash for the target and the method. As more methods are tracked for the target, they are added and as methods are no longer tracked for the target, they are removed. However, even when no methods are tracked for the target, an empty tracking hash for the target still exists. This creates a small leak of memory, because the target may have been destroyed and freed, but we are still maintaining an empty tracking hash for it.


  • Softens the build tools dependency requirements from being ultra-pessimistic (i.e. within a minor version) to being pessimistic (i.e. within a major version).

  • Fixes 'repeat' slice for @2x version. It was incorrectly appending @2x to the end of the whole path (ex. /resources/images/image-sliced-from.png@2x instead of /resources/images/image-sliced-from@2x.png).

  • Fixes incorrectly named "responder" generator to "state" generator for generating SC.State subclasses.

  • Fixes the snake case generator for "sproutcore gen", so that names like 'SCProject' get properly transformed to 'sc_project' and not 's_c_project'.

  • Added support for background-size property in Buildtools spriting, this is required for spriting to work properly in retina firefox.

  • Fixes inconsistencies and improper syntax in several templates created with "sproutcore gen".

  • Fixes missing stylesheet warnings on a clean app generated with "sproutcore gen app" or "sproutcore gen statechart_app" by adding a default stylesheet to the app. Also adds a default stylesheet to a design, when using "sproutcore gen design" (i.e. an SC.Page resource)

  • Fixes improper binary search used by SC.ManyArray addInverseRecord that resulted in an infinite loop.

  • Fixes bug that allowed the context menu to appear regardless of overriding contextMenu in a view or setting SC.CONTEXT_MENU_ENABLED or isContextMenuEnabled to false. This makes the context menu event handling behave the same as the key, mouse, etc. event handling.

  • Fixes actions: deleteForward, deleteBackward, moveLeft, moveRight, selectAll, moveUp and moveDown to be always handled by the TextFieldView element when it has focus.

  • Fixes SC.TextFieldView to insert a new line when the enter key is pressed on a text area.

  • Fixes the hint value for SC.LabelView so that it will appear when the label has no value and isEditable is true. Includes unit test.

  • No longer modifies the underlying items given to an SC.SegmentedView with an overflow menu directly so that we don't invariably dirty the original object.

  • Fixes regression in IE7 and IE8 which caused XHR requests to fail to notify. Also fixes unit tests to pass in IE7+.

  • Fixes debug images and test iframe.html being included in builds. These files (one of which is 2.5MB) would get included into every build, because they were at the wrong path. I removed the apple logo which appears unused in the tests and fixed the directory structure and file references so that 'a_sample_image.jpg' and 'iframe.html' don't get included in production builds.

    Note: this is especially a problem if you wanted to create an app manifest based on the contents of the built static directory. The client would have to download a 2.5MB debug image that is never used.

  • Fixes SC.browser unit tests

  • Fixes determination of touch support in Chrome on Win 8.

  • Adds missing un-prefixed border-radius rules to the default theme for browsers that have dropped the prefix.


  • Unit tests verifying ALL fixes are included.

  • Fixes a bug that left childView elements in the DOM when they were rendered as part of their parent's layer and the child was later removed.

    If childView layers are rendered when the parentView's layer is created, the layer property on the childView will not be cached. What occurs is that if the childView is then removed from the parent view without ever having its layer requested, when it comes time to destroy the DOM layer of the childView, it will try to find it with a get('layer'). The bug was that it only returned a layer if the view has a parent view. However, since the child was removed from the parent first and then destroyed, it no longer has a parent view and would not try to find its leftover DOM layer.

  • Fixes improper implementation of SC.SelectionSet:constrain (fixes #870). It was naively using forEach to iterate through the objects while mutating the array so that the last object could never be constrained.

  • Fixes implicit globals in SC.MenuPane, creating a possible memory leak.

  • Fixes memory leak with child views of SC.View. The 'owner' property prevented views from being able to be garbage collected when they are destroyed.

  • Fixes SC.stringFromLayout() to include all the layout properties.

  • Fixes the excess calling of parentViewDidResize on child views when the view's position changes, but it's size doesn't. Previously, views that had fixed sizes (i.e. width + height), but not fixed positions (i.e. not left + top) would still call parentViewDidResize on their own child views each time that the view's parent view resized. However, this isn't necessary, because changes to the view's parent view will effect the view's frame, but if the view has a fixed size, it will not effect the child view's frames.

    • This fixes a strange issue that occurs with SC.ImageView's viewDidResize implementation, where it fails to resize appropriately.
    • This separates isFixedLayout into isFixedPosition + isFixedSize, allowing us more options to decide what to do when the layout is a fixed position vs. a fixed size vs. both vs. neither.
    • Note: A similar optimization already exists in layoutDidChange.
  • Fixes bug in SC.Locale that caused localizations to be overwritten by the last language localized.

  • Fixes SC.Request's application of the Content-Type header. It was incorrectly adding the header for requests that don't have a body which would cause some servers to reject GET or DELETE requests.

  • Fixes a bug where SC.Record relationships modified within a nested store, would fail to propagate the changes to the parent store if isMaster was NO in the toOne or toMany attribute. This also fixes possible instances of the same bug if using writeAttribute() and passing YES for the ignoreDidChange param inside a nested store.



  • Improves and adds much documentation.

  • Adds the Showcase app used on This app contains an up-to-date implementation of all of SproutCore's Views and Controls, including code snippets for the many options of each. The app also links into the SproutCore demos, which are being recovered and re-implemented.

  • Introduces SC.Color:

    • feature detection for rgba
    • parser from rgb(a), hsl(a), hex, and argb values to a normalized rgb space
    • converter from the normalized rgb space to rgb(a), hsl(a), hex, and argb notations
    • hsl mutators to rotate the hue, saturate, or lighten a color
  • Fixes and enhances the media framework:

    • enables live scrubbing
    • decouples MediaSlider and Audio/Video view
    • fixes layout rendering by creating a render delegate
    • adds SC.mediaCapabilities for media capability detection
    • updates styling to use Chance
  • Adds window.requestAnimationFrame() polyfill. This allows you to use requestAnimationFrame on any browser, which will use the browser's version or fallback to a basic timer version instead. This does not use the run loop, because this is for non-event driven animations.

  • Adds indeterminate SC.ProgressView support.

    • updated to match new SproutCore theme
    • uses CSS animation if possible or else falls back to highly optimized JavaScript animation.
  • Adds useUnixTime attribute to SC.DateTime record attribute handlers.

  • Adds XHR2 event notification support.

    Here are some example uses:

    • req.notify('progress', this, this.reqDidProgress); // Handle 'progress' events
    • req.notify('abort', this, this.reqDidAbort); // Handle 'abort' events
    • req.notify('upload.progress', this, this.reqUploadDidProgress); // Handle 'progress' events on the XMLHttpRequestUpload
  • Adds ability for SC.Query to compare through association (i.e. query.orderBy = 'address.street' now works).

  • Adds several more unit tests and fixes outdated unit tests.

  • Moves base CSS for SC.ButtonView, SC.CheckboxView and SC.RadioView out of the foundation framework and into the desktop framework where these views are defined.

  • Prevents exception when setting SC.SelectView items to null.

  • Prevents exception when clicking on a content-less SC.CollectionView.

  • Improves SC.SelectView handling of separator items.

    • Previously, if a separator item didn't include a title, it would throw an exception in String loc().
    • Added a small improvement to the SelectView performance since separator items can't be selected so we don't need to check them.
    • Added unit test showing that the first selectable item becomes the default value when no value is set. This prevents disabled items or separators from being default.
  • Adds binding between a tree controller and it's tree item observer to keep the selection options between the two in sync ('allowsSelection', 'allowsMultipleSelection', 'allowsEmptySelection').

  • Adds 'interpretKeyEvents' support to SC.TextFieldView allowing you to implement special handling of many common keys. For example, it is now easy to submit the value of a field or fields when the 'Return' key is pressed by adding an insertNewline() method to the text field view. Other interpreted keys are: escape, delete, backspace, tab, left arrow, right arrow, up arrow, down arrow, home, end, page up and page down.

  • Moves key_bindings to core_foundation so it can be with views/view/keyboard (the only file that uses it).

  • Refactors createNestedRecord for child records without primary keys:

    • The previous version had some broken code, such as checking for the existence of id, although it is not set anywhere previously or passed to the function and creating an existingId variable for no purpose. It also wrapped most of the function in a run loop, but this is not necessary.
    • The previous version would create a new record even if the child record has no primary key, which would auto-generate a new primary key and thus a new store key each time that same child record needed to be re-accessed. It also did extra work fixing up the store by having to manipulate the id after creation.
    • This version generates a re-usable id upfront for child records that don't have a primary key value. This means that the id is unique to that child record and if the child record is unloaded and reloaded, even though it doesn't have a primary key, it will still get the same generated id and thus, get the same store key in the store, preventing the store from creating new objects and leaking the caches on the old child record.
  • Changes SC.ArrayController orderBy syntax to 'key ASC' or 'key DESC', not 'ASC key' or 'DESC key'.

    • SC.Query's and MySQL's ordering syntax are both 'key DIR' and so SC.ArrayController's syntax should be the same.
  • Adds functionality to SC.routes to pull the parameters out of the location when it is URL encoded. For example, 'videos/5?format=h264&size=small&' now properly has url: '' in the params object.

  • Adds observer support of firstObject and lastObject on Enumerables. Note: Any Object that mixes in SC.Enumerable must pass the start and length arguments to enumerableContentDidChange() for firstObject and lastObject to be independently observable.

  • Fixes SC.ArrayController so that when orderBy changes, the firstObject and lastObject properties are invalidated and thus recomputed if needed.

  • Refactors SC.GridView so that the adjustment of item views only updates when the frame changes. It is also has much better performance by only changing on a width change, since items are positioned left to right and only changing the items currently visible.

    • This also makes SC.GridView work with sparse data, where it would previously have requested the entire array of data each time the clipping frame changed (happens on scroll in SC.ScrollView).
    • This fixes a problem rotating grid views on an iPad.
  • Improves SC.DROP_ON support for SC.ListView and SC.GridView. These views now update the target item's isDropTarget property to reflect that it is the target of a drag and drop operation, which allows us to style the drop target item appropriately.

    • Previously the support was commented out in SC.GridView and was incorrectly implemented in SC.ListView (it wiped out the isSelected value on the target items).
  • Prevents exception on SC.CollectionFastPath when calling itemViewForContentIndex() before the view was visible.

  • Enhances SC.SegmentedView to support vertical layout and adds a vertical layout theme.

  • Makes SC.DisclosureView default CSS more directly targeted to that type of button only.

  • Removes internal _observers, _bindings and _properties arrays from SC.Object classes after they are created. This was a waste of memory.

  • Reduces the default touchBoundary on touch controls from 50px outside, which is really big, to 25px outside.

  • Makes iframes scrollable in iOS by default.

  • Fixes the default value of SC.MenuPane's itemSeparatorKey to be 'isSeparator' as indicated in the documentation.

  • SC.LabelView with a value of null or undefined will render an empty string "", not "null" or "undefined".

  • Adds a warning in debug mode when duplicate bindings for the same key are detected. This warning detects when a binding is being created more than once for the same property.

    • For example, if you define 'smallBinding' inside 'MyApp.ParentClass = SC.View.extend({ smallBinding: … ' and then extend MyApp.ParentClass further like so 'childView1: MyApp.ParentClass.extend({ smallBinding: … ', then childView1 would have the same binding to small appearing twice in its bindings Array. This can lead to strange behavior when you try connect and disconnect the bindings on the fly.
  • Adds support to SC.MenuPane for pgUp/pgDown/home/end to navigate the menu.

  • Improves SC.ModalPane's automatic disabling of covered SC.TextFieldViews.
    SC.ModalPane will disable tabbing into any fields not in the current pane, so that tabbing won't jump "behind" the modal pane. However, if the text field had isBrowserFocusable set to NO, SC.ModalPane would unintentionally set it to YES when it was done. This is no longer the case and SC.ModalPane will respect the previous value of isBrowserFocusable on each text field.

  • SC.View:animate() no longer fires multiple callbacks when animating more than one property at the same time.

  • Adds support for SC.Object:invokeOnceLater() so that additional arguments that are given are passed to the target method.


  • The default value of SC.Menu:itemSeparatorKey has been changed from 'separator' to 'isSeparator' to match the documentation. If a property 'separator' is found on the menu item, it will still be used and a developer warning will appear in debug mode.
  • SC.ArrayController's orderBy direction syntax has been changed to match that of SC.Query and MySQL. Using the previous syntax will result in a developer warning in debug mode.
  • Removes the TestControls app from SproutCore. This app was not well-maintained and has been replaced by the Showcase app used on


  • Fixes touchIsInBoundary function of SC.View to account for the fact that the screen coordinates of the view can change without its frame or parentView changing.
  • Fixes critical bug in SC.View:animate() where animating a layout property and then later animating a different layout property on the same view would throw an exception.
  • Fixes edge cases of SC.View:animate() so that callbacks are still fired if animating to the current value or animating with a duration of zero.
  • Fixes missing computed properties, bindings and observers when reopening a class. When re-opening a class we have to also re-configure all current subclasses of that class. If we don't, then any computed properties, bindings or observers added in the reopen() won't be registered in instances of the subclass.
    • Makes the call to reopen() recurse through all the current class's subclasses in order to re-extend them. If the hash given to reopen() contains computed properties, bindings or observers, these will be registered for the subclass.
    • Takes care not to override properties that the subclass may have defined prior to the reopen().
  • Fixes SC.Object.prototype.mixin so that the mixed in objects' observables are initialized.
  • Prevents multiple change notifications firing with changes to SC.Array and SC.SparseArray.
  • Fixes SC.ArrayController's orderBy to work with more than a single Array item. Ex. testController.set('orderBy', ['lastName', 'firstName']) would not have ordered by firstName second.
  • Fixes SC.UserDefaults readDefault for Firefox 13 to return a default value.
  • Fixes memory leak in the store when removing or replacing child records.
    • The first time that you access a child record, the store updates four caches: parentRecords (parentStoreKeys => [childStoreKeys]), childRecords (childStoreKeys => parentStoreKeys), records (SC.Record instances), dataHashes (SC.record backing attributes).
    • Previously, if you set the child record to null or unloaded and reloaded the parent record or set the child record to a new child record and the child record doesn't have a primary key, the store would create duplicates on all these hashes, resulting in a memory leak.
    • Now each time that you set the value of the child record on the parent, it clears the old child record caches in the store.
    • See previous tests to prove the memory leak, by modifying the child record and checking the number of properties in the store's caches.
  • Removes SC.SegmentedView's observers from items when they are removed from the view. This prevents a case where a removed item calls itemContentDidChange and puts itself back in a segment.
  • Fixes customized classNameBindings. (ex. classNameBindings: ['isWorking:wkg'])
  • Fixes memory leak with SC.TextFieldView accessory views and with typing large amounts of text.
  • Fixes addition of has-icon class to list items that don't actually have an icon defined.
    • There are situations where a ListItem will have hasContentIcon set to true, but will not have an icon defined. It's more proper to not add the has-icon class, which makes space for an icon, if there is no icon.
  • Fixes gray background appearing on first and last segments and white background appearing on first and last disabled segmentes of SC.SegmentedView.
  • Fixes mouse move, enter, exiting on SC.SegmentedView when a segment is disabled.
    • previously, the disabled segment still received the active class when the mouse moved into it or over it
    • added unit tests to show that the active class is properly applied
  • Fixes the application of defaultValues to the data hash in createRecord and also allows the provided hash to use the attribute name OR the attribute key when there is a key.
    • The previous implementation would assign 'null' data hash properties for every property in the record, now the data hash only includes attributes.
    • The default value would be applied to the attribute name in the data hash, which didn't work if the attribute used a key.
    • Previously, if a record attribute had a key, then accidentally passing the attribute name instead of the attribute key would fail to work correctly. Now it will accept the name and/or the key and only store the key in the data hash.
  • Fixes the default styling for SC.TextFielView on IE, Opera and Mobile Safari.
  • Fixes the styling for icons on SC.LabelView.
    • the previous style caused the entire label to be position relative with middle vertical-align when an icon was included. Those styles should only apply to the img.
  • Fixes theming of SC.SegmentedView.
    • fixed the disabled style wasn't being applied to the view or its segments
    • changed font size of regular size view from 11px to 12px which matches the font size of regular size button
    • fixed the img positioning to be properly centred for the different size controls
  • Fixes Jumbo control size style on SC.ButtonView to allow for 24px high icons.
  • Fixes setting content of SC.StaticContentView to null, so that it removes the previous content.
  • Fixes default CSS on SC.ListItemView img.right-icon
  • Fixes default vertical icon position for SC.SMALL_CONTROL_SIZE checkbox.
  • Converts background-position CSS which is not yet supported by FireFox to CSS which is currently supported by FireFox.
  • Fixes regression with SC.offset and Mobile Safari targeted code.


  • Thinned picker pane border divs so that they don't overlap the content view. [0b06db2]
  • Prevents target property conflict when configuring button targets with SC.AlertPane. [0364b5c]
  • Changed the aria-orientation of horizontal SC.ScrollView to 'horizontal' from 'vertical'. [c3ee69b]
  • Allows SC.CollectionFastPath to work with sparse content by always returning an item view even when content isn't yet available. [020653b]
  • Prevents SC.GridView from iterating over its content array in order to work with sparse content. [020653b]
  • The 'mobile-safari' body class name is no longer being added in all browsers. [b491224]
  • Enables pasting in SC.TextFieldView to notify that the value changed. [a51318b]
  • Prevents default touch behavior being intercepted on <textarea> and elements in mobile Safari. [8093963] 1.8.1 - BUG FIX RELEASE Documentation fixes. Fixes the timeout proxy settings: :inactivity_timeout & :connect_timeout. Setting them in a proxy config allows the developer to extend the timeout for the connection to be setup and for activity to occur. Adds missing CSS for SC.PickerPane left and right pointer. Tidies up index.rhtml template: removes self-closing HTML renames app.manifest to manifest.appcache Fixes the styling of ModalPane backdrop for SC.PanelPane. [b1d386a] Fixes regression with Firefox specific SC.TextFieldView CSS. [0bc44f1] Improves use and compatibility of SC.TextFieldView: applies 'autocapitalize' and 'autocorrect' attributes to all browsers automatically centers hint text fixes problem centering input elements in IE8 fixes problem positioning hint in textareas improves readability of hints by making them antialiased in Webkit Fixes issue when subsequent attempts to load a failed/aborted image will result in queue processing being stalled. [62ad31f] Fixes nesting SC.ScrollViews not passing mousewheel events from child to parent scroll view when child can no longer scroll. [341e88d] Fixes styling problem with SC.ListItemView right-icon. [6de3c55] Fixes SC.StaticContentView not removing previous content when setting content to null. [81307a8] Fixes Safari focus ring artifacts in panes and Chrome bug with non-HW accelerated animations in render layers, by removing the default .sc-pane --webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0) CSS. This also makes it possible to accurately manage which parts of the page should become layers, because making everything a layer is not optimal. [f9d56f3] 1.8.0 CHANGES & FEATURES Added --statechart switch to sc-gen app to get a base statechart setup. Addition of invokeNext to SC.RunLoop (easily accessed from SC.Object). This function invokes the passed target/method pair once at the beginning of the next runloop, before any other methods (including events) are processed. Use this to defer painting to make views more responsive. If you call this with the same target/method pair multiple times it will only invoke the pair only once at the beginning of the next runloop. Addition of invokeOnceLater to SC.Object. A convenience method which makes it easy to coalesce invocations to ensure that the method is only called once. This is useful if you need to schedule a call but only want it to trigger once after some defined interval has passed. Desktop framework thoroughly updated to include WAI-ARIA attributes for improved compatibility with assistive technologies. Addition of routing integration with SC.Statechart. States can be made to represent a route (by default SC.routes routes) and if assigned then the state will be notified to handle the route when triggered any time the app's location changes to match the state's assigned route. Added mult extension to String that multiplies a string a given number of times. [5a2aee1] Addition of SC.StatechartDelegate mixin. Apply this to objects that are to represent a delegate for a SC.Statechart object. When assigned to a statechart, the statechart and its associated states will use the delegate in order to make various decisions. TextFieldView has a new property'hintOnFocus' which uses a div to act in place of the regular 'placeholder' so that it remains visible when the text field has focus. SC.TextFieldView long placeholders will show ellipsis if too long. [ab66960] Rewrite of SC.browser. Matches more browsers correctly and replaces the potpourri of various properties with seven standard properties: device, name, version, os, osVersion, engine and engineVersion with matching constants: SC.BROWSER, SC.DEVICE, SC.OS, SC.ENGINE. Added a function SC.RunLoop.wrapFunction, which, when called on a function, returns a version wrapped in code that ensures a run loop. [de83d88] Created a new object SC.bodyOverflowArbitrator, which, given requests for body overflow:hidden; or overflow:visible; will decide which overflow to assign. Objects issue, then change or withdraw their requests. Previously, views may have set the body overflow directly, which would lead to unpredictable behavior when more than one object had an interest in the setting at one time. [c55e32b] APP_IMAGE_ASSETS is a new global array that contains the list of all sprited images, this is ideal to preload images at different points. Even before the app or SC finishes loading. [31c2239] Added support for text selection in SC.TextFieldSupport. [1dcc289] Don't throw an exception if there are SC.Record.EMPTY records in the store and calling commitRecords on the store. Changed getDelegateProperty of SC.DelegateSupport to not accept null as a valid value. Updated Handlebars to version 1.0.0.beta.4. [e80d40d] Added helper method patchUrl to SC.Request. [5e955ce] Throw an error in development mode when passing an incorrect parameter to SC.IndexSet.create. Added default itemTagNames for 'dl' and 'select' collection tagNames in TemplateCollectionView. [73c3f84] Don't allow disabled radio buttons to be checked in SC.RadioView. [99e47b1] Moved all TemplateView code into its own framework. It is still included by default when requiring :sproutcore in your Buildfile, but can easily be excluded by requiring specific frameworks instead. Speed improvement in IE by avoiding excessive focusin/focusout events. [1c817a9] Speed improvements in renderContext, switching from joining arrays of strings to simple string concatenation. SC.TabView places tabs first in the view hierarchy for accessibility. [9e1b4e4] In SC.SelectView, if value object and list objects are both records, compare the store keys to see if they are really the same thing. Added @lang support for multi-lingual text-to-speech voices. [4f9ec80] Faster code escaping using regular expressions instead of DOM. New flag to stop picker repositioning when the window is resized. SegmentedView update to enable/disable overflow. Small performance improvement for splitView. New string measurement functions to optimize for string wrapping. Added support for autoCorrect and autoCapitalize in TextFields. Added back object types previously removed by the refactored SC.Object Refactored observer paths code for a more robust handling. Rewrite SC.LOG_RUNLOOP_INVOCATIONS — now renamed to SC.LOG_DEFERRED_CALLS — to work with the new runloop implementation. Added this SC.RunLoop.kill to terminate cleanly a run loop in case of an error. Added the ability to dynamically add substates to a statechart via a state's addSubstate method. Updated the statechart tracing logic. Updated SC.State. getSubstate now accepts a callback; added getState method; gotoState and gotoHistoryState now use getState Updated state's gotoState and gotoHistoryState to allow for a more expressive state arg that now allows for the use of 'parentState' Updated SC.State's getSubstate method to allow for path expressions. Also refacted the findFirstRelativeCurrentState method. New SC globals to provide information like build mode, build number and locale. DEPRECATIONS & REMOVALS SC.Animatable has been deprecated. Please use the animate method in SC.View. SC.TableView has been deprecated. Please use one of the alternative community versions. Several properties of SC.browser have been deprecated. Please use the standardized properties and matching constants. Removed minWidth property in SC.ButtonView. [9ae0a43] Removed unused frameworks: mini and documentation. Removed unnecessary Internet Explorer legacy code. Removed unnecessary font-weight SC.LabelView CSS attribute. Removed zIndex inside SC.TextFieldViews. Removed preload images task for “Chance” slicing system. Removed unnecesary strong reset in YUI reset. Removed unnecessary line-heights for SC.LabelView that caused problems with theme stylings and the global 1.2em line-height. Removed acceleration layer on sliders as it was creating GPU glitches on views appended after the slider. Removed legacy handler of buttons to improve speed. Removed deltaAdjust in scrollView and left only the calculations done in SC.Event. Removed the --template switch from sc-init, because it didn't create a project structure that was compatible with SC 1.8+. BUG FIXES Fixed an issue causing ScrollerView to not render correctly on first time. [2e26048] Fixed an issue with SC.RecordArray's made up of new records without guids, where the order of the array would change in Chrome. [3937a54] Fixed SC.SplitView is not properly resetting the cursor after a drag. [5db962d] SC.CollectionView's height updates when its length changes. [cb03ec4] Fixed the --dry-run switch for sc-init. Several new unit tests, fixes for failing unit tests and clean up of outdated tests. The documentation was extensively searched for typographical and grammatical errors and was fixed. Several fixes to Ace styles and images to remove inconsistencies. If the defaultValue of a child attribute returned an array of childRecords, the resulting constructed instance would be an Array, not a ChildArray. Fixed the determination of hasAcceleratedLayer for accelerated Views. Fix 'x' & 'y' values returned by SC.pointInElement. Note: This method is the most correct way to test the inclusion of a point within a DOM element. Fix rangeStartForIndex in SC.IndexSet when encountering holes where hints should have pointed. [506752b] Fix in Handlebars template integration, so that the triple-stash {{{ doesn't escape values and only {{ does. [7d3703d] Fixed adding .sc-complete class to SC.ProgressView when the maximum is reached. [98b4ce5] Fixed inline text field view attempting to be blurred after it is destroyed. [fe18943] ListItemViews edited inline can work with a validator. Fixed bug in TemplateCollectionView where specifying a tagName in the itemView or itemViewOptions wouldn't properly override default itemTagNames. [73c3f84] Fixes to improve scrolling acceleration and speed in different browsers, including OS X Lion. Fixed the ENDS_WITH conditional in SC.query to return correct results. [63e5492] Fixes to SC.FlowedLayout: remove name collision with maxSpacerLength, removed extra adjust calls, and fixed to work better with border properties in layouts. [15472f8] Fix in SC.RootResponder for double keydown event with wrong charcode when modifier key is held down. [eb7b59e] Fixed case where Views with useStaticLayout == true would return improper measurements for frame. [91eca04] If you clicked on a checkbox but let go of the mouse when not over it, it behaved like you clicked it. [a4ebdcc] Fixed some datastore issues when using key values that were different than the association property names. [80efcdb] Fixed the body overflow decision in SC.Panes by using > and < instead of >= and <=. This keeps overflow properly hidden when size equals min size. [7dfe46d] Fixed the positioning/initial selection of the popup menus in SC.SelectView, which was about 1px off. [51f31ff] Fixed crash in InlineEditor mixin when beginEditing and commitEditing were called in the same runloop. [3c124cc] TextFieldView now correctly hides the text when the field type is password. [7df3c4b] Fixed tooltip for image buttons. [dcbf4ec] Tabbing was not respecting modal panes. Fixed so that textfields get a tabindex=-1 when they are not in the modal pane. [4313d5f] When apps didn't have a first responder at loading time the app would throw an error. Passing the native event when a focus or blur event is called. This makes it consistent with all the other event handlers. Workarounds for mobileSafari touch handling in textfields and links. IE was getting two blur/focus events. Small bug fix for timers when there is no currentRunLoop. Reverted change to receive focus if it the view becomes key responder. Disabling layout style calculations for opacity in IE, as this will always break transparent pngs. Changed code to get a reliable anchor for pickers and menus. Reposition pickers based on the size of the app and not the window viewport. Added tooltips back to button. Fix for popup_buttons as they were not rendering as expected. Bug fix to update list scrollers when adding new items to the list. Changed timeout value for a faster experience in menu scrolling. Updated values in select button to fix rendering regressions. Refactored childViews creation in formView. Updated new selectView to correctly support width resizing. Better string measurements for autoResize mixin. Also included the support to auto fit text (reduce font size if necessary). FlowedLayout fixes when the view changes visibility and code clean up. Added back hints to labels. Several modular loading bug fixes, including support for css. Bug fix for string measurement. It was double escaping. Observers failing in IE as strings don't work as arrays. Don't schedule multiple run loops when we only need one in SC.Binding. Add in support for specifying an optional prefix that will be applied to all messages. Updated SC.State's getSubstate method to allow for path expressions. Updated css to match Abbot css fixes for $skip parameter in chance. Added css style namespace to sc-focus, this was generating problems when focusing the elements the first time in the app. 1.6.0 Minor bug fix for SC.Checkbox with no title Fixed test typo Make sure YUI reset styles are in the yuireset framework Add displayTitle for SC.Checkbox which allows the title to be localized. Fix datetime values being null when localization is being used. Causes problems when you try to format dates at execution time I'm not sure the intention of having the right padding gone for text-areas, but this override of the default looks really bad in Safari & Chrome & Firefox. 'i' before 'e' except after 'c', plus Sublime Text 2 automatically removes extra whitespace, so lots of whitespace cleanups Fixes failing Text Field unit tests in IE. Listens for focusin/focusout instead of focus/blur. Clearer test message Test for clippingFrame fixes clippingFrame should always return a frame relative to the view itself, not its parent Remove unused init override from SC.Request Controller update to help clean up old record arrays and objects. Added sc_require for sizing render delegate Replaced a failing test with a pending one until fixed Fixed SC.DateFieldView tests Fixed tab responder tests Test fixes for childView insertion Testing CSS fixes Revert "Remove namescape definition from SC.browser" Added documentation for tagName in SC.TemplateCollectionView Added missing semicolon Fix CollectionView touchStart function not properly setting touchSelectedView Statechart documentation improvements Polymorphism requires datastore and added myself as Contributor If a superclass was used to load a record first (ex. toOne: {MyApp.Person}), then if a subclass later appeared with the same ID (ex. store.find(MyApp.Male, id), it would error out because the subclass would generate a new store key and as it passed the storeKey up to its superclass, the superclass would already have a different storeKey and throw an exception. Plus store.recordTypesByStoreKey would forever be stuck on the superclass Record Type. Added a DataSource reset function for fixtures - Fixes #408 Minor docs fix Fix tests on nested records Throw arror on attribute types that can't be resolved into an object Fixed typo in docs (thx iammerrick) Fixed didAppendToLayer callbacks from appendChild - Fixes #168 More rigorous test on didAppendToDocument Make sure to awake SC.TemplatePane - Fixes #387 Deprecated SC.SelectButtonView - Fixes #393 Better target/action handling for AlertPanes - Fixes #394 Throw error when dataSource object can't be found in data store. Minor documentation improvement SC.RangeObserver method handles string (thx kswenson) - Fixes #482 Fix SC.TextField to only update DOM if actually changed - Fixes #436 Always re-render SelectField when firstTime is true - Fixes #448 refactored record relationship support into it's own mixin, SC.RelationshipSupport modified relationships API to use enhance added the ability for 'createIfEmpty' to follow a relationship chain. objects related via 'isMaster' RecordAttribute relationships will be lazily created with pushRetrieve Added tests for pushDestroy not destroying a destroyed record & beginning of authoritative server push. Cleaned up code, added comments, minimized common code across pushRetrieve and pushDestroy. added support for propagating SingleAttribute and ManyAttribute relationships between store records on asynchronous updates Fixed SC.Record JSON encoding - Closes #473 Fix parse error in SC.Math Doc improvements Improved docs on SC.DragDataSource Correct SC.DropTarget documentation Switch @mixin to @namespace for JSDoc to recognize Added support for 'readOnly' attributes in the input and textarea fields. As discussed in issue 453, if isEnabled is set to YES and isEditable is set to NO a 'readOnly' attribute will be added to the input and textarea fields. This allows input fields to remain uneditable, but allows the user to select the text. Documentation Improvements Fix a bug in string measurement.js where the measurement width would be capped to the body width even without a max-width set Remove namescape definition from SC.browser fix TABBING_ONLY_INSIDE_DOCUMENT to work when tabbing backwards fix for nextValidKeyView unit test failing with wrong return value when TABBING_ONLY_INSIDE_DOCUMENT is disabled Form render delegate should use 'className' instead of 'name' Fix formatting of warning for renderdelegate name property. rename renderDelegate's 'name' property to 'className' to be more clear about what it does. Separate logic for menuItemViews property so it can be overriden. Make destroying panel panes destroy their modal pane as well, and test this. Fix for focus issues with textfield and the app in general Removing css rule to 3d accelerate panes, this rule is to aggresive and might be consuming too much memory Allow exception handler to handle it so it is not thrown again Adding isResponse flag to SC.Response fixed isEnabled for new select and popup view prevented invalid value from being changed to null by selectedItemDidChange removed duplicate code and fixed prepare/teardown in situations where no elements could be measured U-UA header needs to be on top before any other headers to actually be respected Fix bug where null button would break pane don't set border-right on collection fixed docs for split_child.js Forgot to revert part of the action button regression Additional FormRowView tests. Do not implicitly set contentValueKey from FormView. Clean up FormRow, and start testing it. Clean up FormView some more, and test it. Fix FormView createChildViews logic. Fix FormRowView whitespace. Clean up forms a bit more. Styles should be in Ace. Clean up and fix typo in FormRowView. Clean up and test SC.CalculatesEmptiness. Add tests for FormsEditMode. Clean up FormsEditMode a little. Checking for hasContentValueSupport in conditions Make FlowedLayout handle empty defaultFlowSpacing gracefully (and test this) Clean up FormView/FormRowView a little. Remove the empty test files for views that are no longer used. Get rid of View#getThemedProperty Remove unused "renderer" code from SC.Theme. Deprecate SelectFieldView. Buttons removed support for legacy handlers (method-based actions and null targets), so, fixing test. Fix CheckboxView Test isSpacer in FlowedLayout. For testing, we need to observe everything. If this causes performance issues we should investigate other solutions. Add some tests for flowedLayout. Add unit test for view.reopen bug. Make SplitView 'guess' autoResizeStyle automatically based on the supplied 'size'. Add 'extends' to list of reserved words (Safari reserves it, apparently) Putting back legacy button support, we have to look into how to make action strings work faster, this seems to be way slower for mobile Adding a check to focus event when the mainPane is still not initialized fix alternating colors updated some styling in runtime Clean up SelectView handling to handle other types of items more easily. Try to make the popup button auto-closing of the menu less tolerant. Get rid of unnecessary sc_requires. Test SelectView more thoroughly in Test Controls. Adding reset styles back as it's affecting basic styling for template views Add string-loaded CSS. Fixed SC.typeOf to work correctly. Was giving incorrect results when determining if an object was an error object. Set identifying headers in send() not init, get rid of attachHeaders parameter from class methods. Call set() attachIdentifyingHeaders to NO either in the hash or later. updated statechart's gotoState method. Now provides a warning if an explicit fromCurrentState value was not supplied. minor fix for Array.prototype.copy. Was missing a semicolon that JSLint was complaining about. Updated SC.Copyable's copy method. Now provides a more informative error if copy has not been overriden. Updated SC.State.plugin to perform addition checks on given value. If invalid then an error is reported Make first responder in view hierarchy when gaining back focus only if not tabbing only inside the document Update SC .ico file Added code to imitate browser tabbing Disabling default focus ring Removing orphan code in render context update function Adding z-index to segmented view since we need to change the order of tab view rendering for ARIA purposes Change order tabs views are created, to fix accesibility tabindex order bug Fix for radio button keyboard support Always focus when it becomes key responder removing debugger statement Removing legacy action handler and improving keyboard handling for buttons Keyboard support for radio views Small code tweak Stop bringing always SC app into focus by default Call focus whenever a view gets responder that way ARIA does the right thing, and it also solves some issues with tabbing focus Removing unneccesary keyresponder code from slider and field views Added keyboard support to checkbox Fixed regression to be able to tab between address bar and views, also added tabindex to view that is firstResponder, this will enable ARIA to handle focus Fix a bug where setting the same value of the iframe would blow it away and cleaning it up a bit Apply nested stores patch by Brian Moore. Reset invalid widths and heights for views inside a FlowedLayout. The previous method of calculating minWidth/Height was correct when canWrap was NO, but incorrect when canWrap was YES. Fix docs for SelectView/PopupButtonView/etc. Fix some broken styles. Add tests for selectview's menu width. Improve docs and get rid of useless minimumMenuWidthDidChange (it was not even observing anything) Bind menu's minimumMenuWidth to the selectview. Add defaults and observe the minimumMenuWidth. Test aspects related to the selected item. Fix bug and make it observe the selected item so it can change value and title appropriately. Update some documentation. Add PopupButtonView tests. Lazy menu instantiation... Add tests for the mixins and extensions for SC.MenuPane/SC.MenuItemView. Fix menu item checkmark styling. Fix list item styling... Setting currentMenuItem doesn't work. This feature, while we should have it, wasn't in the old one, so skipping for now. Update for new AutoResize API. Add menuWidthPadding property for render delegate. Test long menu items. Update menu item for the new AutoResize API. Enhance the createMenuItemViews method instead of menuItemViews, which is not enhanceable. Separate logic for menuItemViews property so it can be overriden. Improve key handling so that up/down goes relative to current selected item. Make menu's minimum width themeable. Make button handle the allowDefault. Keyboard mostly working... For mouse events, SelectView is now fully operational. Keyboard... not so much. Make MenuItem a little more flexible. Make Test Controls use experimental SelectView Clean up select page Add unfinished new SelectView/PopupButton. Add in new support for specifying and accessing localized metrics in the same manner as you can currently specify and access localized strings. For strings, you do: Introduces changes to maintain a separate hash of layout values, for the current locale 2. Added a separate method to do localization of layout hash 1.6.0.rc.2 Fixed SC.PickerPane#modalPaneDidClick return values - Fixes #339 Fixed SC.Enumerable fallback for SC.RecordArray#find - Fixes #363 Added SC.requiredObjectForPropertyPath that throws an error when object can't be found Make it possible for the handlebars helpers to generate tags other than Improved Observer Tests with better location (thx martoche) Fixed disclosure positioning in Ace, fixes #457 Added backslash to prevent SASS comment interpolation warning Allow for passing relative paths to #collection helper. Further cleanup to TextField template multiline Added isMultiline property to SC.TextField. jQuery is now smart enough to take booleans for certain attributes Stop using jQuery expando Added unit tests for SC.ContainerView to verify it cleans up views that it instantiates. SC.ContainerView will instantiate it's contentView if nowShowing is set with a string or class, however it was not cleaning up views when it was finished. Now it keeps track and cleans up when necessary. Unit test for previous commit checking that the themeName got passed through to the buttons. Allow you to set themeName on the AlertPane to also set the themeName on the buttons (which were previously stuck as 'capsule') Unit test for previous commit adding controlSize to TabView + removed useless TabView methods test and left a warning unit test instead. Whitespace + allow setting of controlSize Comment typo forEachIndex is not a function in IndexSet fix jQuery/SC conflict for events handeling add tryToPerform on SC.TextField use prop instead of attr in SC.Checkbox replace with remove more code : passing unit tests but fail in real app upgrade to jquery 1.6 use jQuery.sub() Minor adjustments for docs fixed so that replace on ChildArray only notifies the part of the array that has actually changed remove more code : passing unit tests but fail in real app upgrade to jquery 1.6 use jQuery.sub() Hacky solution to the issue where template collection views render their item views multiple times when they are nested inside another template collection view. Adds support for specifying an inverse template name to template collection view. Adds unit tests for using an inverse template in template collection views. Fixes issue with nested template collection views causing childViews array to get messed up. Adds failing unit test for childView structure of nested collection views. Adds unit tests for checking the number of items rendered in nested collection views with default content. 1.6.0.rc.1 Added 'Show Progress' checkbox to Test Runner fixed the double call issue and changed the tests to reflect what really should go on. Adds failing unit test that demonstrates child arrays not playing nicely with array observers. TemplateCollectionView should not try to use a content object if it is not defined yet. Also pulls in Sven's fix to ensure that collections with custom tag names get the proper child tags. Invoke Handlebars observers at the end of the run loop. This ensures that DOM updates happen as close together as possible. Have Handlebars set up one-way bindings. This avoid potential cyclic bindings and is faster. Fix for when a TemplateCollectionView's content changes multiple times before its layer is created. Move around the stylesheets into its own framework. Move resets to their own framework. Adding in new CSS resets. Use new spy framework in button test Add ability to stub a method add spies to test framework On touch platforms, 'mousedown' & 'mouseup' were allowing default, but not tracking it for the later click event. This resulted in 'click' calling preventDefault & stopPropagation Attach prefix for core_tools' urls to allow to run apps on path other than / Move sc-hidden class to be outside of sc-view. Update deprecated SC.Button mixin to throw an error and changed the message. Fixed SC.Button template view class / mixin conflict. Don't call arrayContentDidChange() if storeKeys already exist; this will be handled by the next call to flush(). SC.ArrayController should setup and teardown property chains when its underlying content object changes. Property chains should use objectAt in case they are used with array-likes instead of native arrays. Includes unit test of @each with SC.SparseArray. Clarify error thrown when editing a record array without an underlying store keys array. Remove sc-docs app and code as its been moved to the sproutcore/sc-docs repo Fixes #400. SC.CheckboxView now triggers an action on mouseUp/touchEnd + unit tests updates Fixed bug with ImageView. Fixes SC #380. Fixes #410. Scrolling in Opera is fixed. Fixes #414. Allows SC.routes to handle passing only a function. datastore/record_attribute: added tests for SC.DateTime to transform datastore/record_attribute: added Date as a possible transform type for SC.DateTime Fixes #434. Update checkbox & menu item PSDs to remove reduced saturation. Moved touch event handling into the returned pane Clean up some DataSource code and fix a failing test datastore/data_source: fixed SC.DataSource returning incorrect values on commitRecords Added MIXED_STATE to datastore datastore/data_source: added more tests; fixed additional bug with return status of commitRecords datastore/data_source: added tests for SC.DataSource replace() and isEditable computed property had different behavior for editing when a RecordArray was not backed by an SC.Query. This commit updates isEditable to reflect the behavior of replace(). Have SC.RecordArray use the isEditable computed property instead of checking the query manually. This allows subclassers to implement consistent isEditable logic. Improve documentation for SC.RecordArray#replace Adds documentation for _scra_records property in record array. Remove trailing spaces from record array. Setting simulateTouchEvents before currentWindowSize has been set, will fail because simulateTouchEvents attempts to determine orientation using currentWindowSize. Potential update to button view SC.metricsForString() now also uses the 'letterSpacing' css property when calculating the size of a string remove weird encoding test which breaks abbot Small tweak improve markdown parsing and @link tags in the docs Updated documentation for sc-docs command Updated documentation for sc-docs command Add dependencies updated statechart docs fixed docs for render_delegate.js fixed handling of mouseDown and mouseUp when isSelectable is NO fixed autoResize to copy classNames properly to the metrics element fix RenderContext.element() to use SC.$ instead of a custom factory Add flag to know when unit tests have finished running. fixed measureString and metricsForString to actually respect when ignoreEscape is YES fixed container to create child using createChildView Removing strings.js file. No loc files should be in the framework unless is a very special case Rename all english.lproj directories inside sproutcore to resources SC.Logger.stringifyRecordedMessages broken Made the list view styling use chance Make sure not to call notifiers twice if the server's response status was 0 Fixed all unit tests that were failing in IE. All the failing tests had to do with exiting and entering concurrent states. Issue was addressed using the updated SC.StatechartSequenceMatcher Refactored and updated SC.StatechartSequenceMatcher's functionality. It's now more flexible in how you construct sequences and how those sequences are matched Refactored some logic in the SC.StatechartMonitor class Refactored statechart code so that classes and class extensions are placed into their own respective files Updated SproutCore's Buildfile so that the statechart framework is part of the sproutcore wrapper framework Segment view changes for handling layerId Refactoring code in layerid code for menu support for layerId in Menu pane and Segment view. Added the sc-docs directory to the apps folder which includes the sc-docs command, the jsdoc-toolkit, and the new doc viewer app expanded view-related documentaiton Fixed view-related documentation Fix for loc(). Adding back to String.prototype, Talk to me if you have any problems with this commit Update for incorrect label view documentation fixed a bug with the SC.State.plugin logic. Now checks the klass variable if null updated SC.StatechartManager's tracing output removed code from statechart framework. Code was acting as a temporary stop-gap that is no longer needed. Was also causing unit tests to fail. Respect the new touch_enabled flag (defaults to true) fix to measure views when the become visible fixed bug which caused all non-webkit browsers to be treated like old safari versions fixed rows not having a default height - this fixes the test controls infinite loop Calculate minWidth/Height correctly. Perf tweaks for unit tests runner Make the unit test run faster by dumping results only until the end Temporary fix to select button Fixing the broken loc() function. Refactoring css core code. This change packs all .sc-view css rules into one. Also sets the default font on the body of the page instead of reapplying the rule in every view, this change might break some styling for some apps. Contact me if you have any doubts Disabling image preloading by default Fix the html examples of the routes file Fix documentation for SC.routes Refactor base css styles to use SCSS Update to trimming functions Minor unit test bug fixes for IE Fixing SC.offset support for IE Adding trim functions only for IE Fixing trailing commas, and minor bugs related to IE. Also moved trim functions for strings back into core_foundation as IE doesn't support them, finally changes the icons library to use chance for slicing Fix up SC.PopupButtonView a bit Revert "Revert "fixed gotoState to pick a better default fromCurrentState when a statechart has concurrent states"" fixed to respect escapeHTML property Move BindableSpan to core_foundation/views as system shouldn't depend on TemplateView Clean up global leaks improved documentation for previousValidKeyView and nextValidKeyView added tests for previousValidKeyView added test for parentView.lastKeyView priority over nextKeyView fixed next and previous to respect last and first, cleaned up while loops end condition Made changes to _supportsPlaceHolder function to make it work with Firefox4 changed conditions for newRowPending code to handle the first child having startsNewRow correctly fixed bug in dealing with batchResizeId changing and stopped views that aren't visible from being measured fixed event passing for blur event fixed window leak removed debug code added tab functionality for selectButton since it has acceptsFirstResponder: YES fixed previousValidKeyView and cleaned up nextValidKeyView added some more warnings about correct usage to docs added tests for nextValidKeyView made pane.makeFirstResponder actually call responderContext.makeFirstResponder; this fixes hasFirstResponder not being set properly added more doc fixed bug in lastKeyView calculation, renamed private methods, and added documentation fixed default tab behavior in certain corner cases and added optional properties to make tab order easier for views that tab in a different order from their childViews order fixed firstResponder being set to null when a view resigns first responder Added support for attachIdentifyingHeaders to SC.Request so we can opt out of having custom headers set on each SC.Request updated styling for list views Get rid of 'uninitialized property' warning since it didn't really make If no listener handled a response, don't try twice if the base status is the same as the status. Fixed a bug with the support for notifying multiple listeners on a single status. Added unit test for multiple notifiers on a single status support in SC.Request Added support in SC.Request and SC.Response for multiple listeners per status 1.6.0.beta.3 Removed stray debugger statement that broke sc-build 1.6.0.beta.2 Allow native touch scrolling inside an SC.TemplatePane. Add SC.Button template control. Created SC.TextField and SC.Checkbox views to eventually replace the *Support mixins. 1.6.0.beta.1 Bugfixes to synchronization between SproutCore RecordArray/ManyArray/ChildArray and TemplateCollectionView Moved forms to experimental framework Moved routing into its own framework Improved ability to use table elements in Handlebars templates CSS and cross-browser fixes for built-in controls Significantly cleaned up in-line documentation CHANGE LOG FOR 1.5 Upcoming Added ability to opt out of custom headers when making AJAX requests Allow multiple listeners per single response status Fixes for making panes properly handle first responder General CSS Cleanup throughout Add support for trim and loc back to string.js Bug fixes for IE7/8/9 support Fixed unit tests for IE Added unit tests for keyboard focus functionality Fix keyboard focus issues in the view layer Updated the styling of list views Fixed bugs with flowed_layout and auto_resize Small documentation fixes throughout Bug fixes for statecharts for IE support Improving the performance of the unit test runner Updated index.html for the latest versions of IE 1.5.0 Fix problem in SC.TextFieldSupport where binding to its value when its layer hasn't been created could potentially start an infinite loop Fix range observer support in SC.TreeItemObserver. Fixed issue with isVisibleInWindow not getting passed to childViews Fix problem with SC.TextFieldView not properly setting input type to password when SC.platform.input.placeholder is true. Change SC.View default border color to transparent SC.Event.KEY_ENTER updated to SC.Event.KEY_RETURN. SC.Event.KEY_ENTER is no longer defined. Fix bug in SC.ContainerView where it was checking for SC.View instead of SC.CoreView, and add unit test for using SC.TemplateView in SC.ContainerView Move some necessary updateLayerLocation code from SC.View to SC.CoreView Fix SC.Event mouse handling for Safari 5.0.5, and trust that Apple will continue using extremely huge mouse wheel values Fix problem with localizing strings via SC.String.loc, and add unit tests for localizing with multiple parameters. Change Foundation String mixin to work standalone with SC.String and mix in mapping to String.prototype. Framework code updated to use SC.String instead of relying on prototype. Fixed issue in SC.FormRowView that could cause an infinite loop Fixes a bug where bindings would not work when specified in a class definition as an SC.Binding object (as opposed to a property path). Fix SC.SAFARI_FOCUS_BEHAVIOR check. Don't show experimental apps in welcome list Removed mobile references from Buildfile Moved Greenhouse and Designer Framework to Experimental Remove Docs app since it is worthless Remove time.js, update Date validator and tests so that it works with SC.DateTime, and provide warning for backwards compatibility. Updates template collection unit test to fail when we were removing child views twice. Also fixes a bug where SC.TemplateCollectionView would not add array observers if the content property was present at initialization time. fix firefox 4 transitionEnd case - should be transitionend Added back commented out LabelView CSS tests so we know to make them work later Remove unused SC.StaticQueue Remove CSS tests for LabelView while I figure out how to get document.defaultView.getComputedStyle to return the correct results for framework-level tests. Make sure content is defined before trying to access its layer in SC.ScrollView Use local image for testing the image view scaling to avoid epic fails No longer need to teardown child views when content changes on an SC.TemplateCollectionView. Preserve options hash passed to {{#collection}} helper. In SC.ScrollView, apply 3D translations even if view does not implement _viewFrameDidChange. Split up SC.String and extending String.prototype, change more framework code over to using SC.String. Use SC.supplement when mixing into Array.prototype. Create SC.CoreArray which doesn't have SC.Enumerable mixing in to avoid hackiness of old Array handling. Added tests for querying nested records by property path Added support for quering within SC.Objects or hashes. E.g. "foo.baz = 'bar'". Inspired by an old mailing list post by Thomas Lang. Experimental polymorphism: Add ability to pass isPolymorphic in SC.Record.extend hash instead of needing it set it afterwards, with unit test. move SC.Request/Response to new framework Improved isFixedLayout property plus unit tests. jslint cleanup, plus original computeFrameWithParentFrame doesn't use pdim, so don't pass it. Fix for potential bug determining frame for non-fixed layout view within static layout parent View. Add failing test to illustrate potential bug if a non-fixed layout view is embedded within a static layout view. Found the bug by accident, but the fix is straightforward so added it (in next commit) Require Function.prototype extension in runtime files Use Array.isArray in SC.isArray if its available. This is 50% faster when checking arrays and 10% slower when checking objects that aren't arrays, but we're checking arrays 10 times more often than non arrays in SC.isArray, so this is a net win. Unit tests for SC.isArray added. Unit test handling of hints on password fields when placeholder is not supported Fix hint handling for SC.TextFieldView when isPassword is true Fix check for continuouslyUpdatesValue Use feature detection instead of browser detection when handling SC.TextFiledView#maxLength Deprecate SC.TextFieldView#continuouslyUpdatesValue as its completely broken, use applyImmediately instead. Remove SC.TextFieldView#_supportsPlaceHolder and use SC.platform.input.placeholder Move SC string localization support to Core Foundation (where it belongs) and small code shuffle in CF Reorganize String, Function and Date enhancements in Runtime framework Make our String extension handling more sane. SC.CoreString is now SC.String, and Core Foundation additions are now mixed into SC.String. Handlebars loc helper now uses SC.String.loc. Add empty SC.ChildRecord object with warning of deprecated to improve 1.4.x backwards compatibility Initial work at making framework code prototype-safe. We shouldn't be using helpers attached to native object prototypes in framework code as they can fail on some platforms Change instance so "".dasherize to SC.String.dasherize to safeguard against platforms that mix dasherize into String.prototype (I'm looking at you, WebOS) Change SC.String functions so they can run standalone as well as when mixed into String.prototype More work on documenting Foundation framework Add unit tests for Store.loadRecords. Ensure that SelectView works with custom views. SC.SAFARI_FOCUS_BEHAVIOR is deprecated in favour of SC.FOCUS_ALL_CONTROLS, update docs and unit tests. SC.RootResponder now properly checks that responder is defined in makeTouchResponder by accessing properties. ContainerView now properly replaces its children. Still need to write a unit test. CollectionView should enable or disable the ability to select when isEnabled is true or false. Fixed SC.Menu icons in Ace Update ImageView so that CSS classes for values are rendered and updated correctly. Unit tests provided. CollectionView now calls actions when useToggleSelection and actOnSelect are true CollectionView was wiping selections when it was touched but an item wasn't being selected. Behaviour now same as mouse. Added toolTip support for imageButtonRenderDelegate SC.TabView with tabLocation bottom is positioned correctly. Re-render child views if the layer is destroyed then re-created. Fix global variable leakage in SC.View layout style code Fix problem in CollectionView where using a ListItemView on touch would cause epic fails in the touchEnd event. Some styling fixes for Checkbox and Radio icons Fixed SC.Query to handle negative numbers Now that {{#each}} uses bindings, we have to invoke a run loop in the unit test for it to pass. Don't automatically render child views if the view's render method renders them explicitly. Added icon examples to TestControls Proper location for form render_delegates 1.5.0.rc.2 Clone itemOptions so that we don't nuke classBindings after the first round trip Update SC.ChildArray to use array observers. Remove unnecessary invalidation when storeKeys changes in SC.ManyArray. When a property observed by a binding is changed outside a run loop, schedule a run loop automatically. Remove trailing white space in child array. Fixes bug where property chains were being activated even when the associated property had not changed. Add support for setting itemViewTemplateName in SC.TemplateCollectionView, plus documentation. {{#each}} helper should bind relative to the current context. Fix array arithmetic used by SC.TemplateCollectionView when calculating changes. Update SC.ManyArray and SC.RecordArray to use array observers. Make the test for a simple implementation of SC.Array reflect the API changes. Revert changes to SC.Enumerable, move new functionality into SC.Array. Update to use array observer API. Update SC.TemplateCollectionView to use new array observer functionality. Make sparse arrays support the new Array observer API Remove enumerable observers Update array controller unit test to use public API when resetting an array. Update SC.ArrayController to use array observers. Implement array observers. Remove enumerable observers. Make our mouse wheel delta detection intelligent about when it sucks. If our browser detection fails and the delta exceeds a specified limit, we readjust so future scrolls aren't Crazy Fast™. Initial work on fixing documentation in Foundation framework Document SC.browser Docs: Markdown-ified Datetime docs Docs: Markdown-ified Datastore docs Docs: Markdown-ified CoreFoundation docs Docs: Markdown-ified Animation docs Support the class attribute in {{bindAttr}}. SC.TextFieldSupport should notify value change when its loses first responder to support autofill Move SproutCore's Handlebars extensions into core_foundation, Update testing framework to use new version of qunit, change testing framework to depend on jQuery instead of having its own version Remove warning for when a binding connects to an undefined property. This bug has been fixed. Ensure that TemplateViews created with an ID by the Handlebars view helper are added to view cache, unit test included Add 'datetime/localized' to the Buildfile configs so it doesn't bust for Some Folks. Apologies to Some Folks. bindAttr should look up properties relative to its current context, not the view. Completed initial audit of Desktop framework documentation First stab at fixing the inline documentation in the Desktop framework. Separate core DateTime code from localization-specific code as core DateTime code depends only on Runtime Unit test and fixes for chained property observers that would cause them to fail if all objects in the chain did not exist at the time the property chain is setup. Use touch events for TextField. Required for certain Android platforms Fix more unit tests in core_foundation that were trying to delete window properties. Internet Explorer does not support deleting properties from the window object. Remove trailing commas for IE7 compatibility 1.5.0.rc.1 Removed #bindCollection helper. Instead, use {{#collection PathTo.Collection contentBinding="MyApp.controller.content"}} {{view}} helper looks up views relative to the view, and then the global scope Built-in helpers and mustaches now automatically update. It is no longer necessary to use {{bind}} or {{boundIf}} Adds enumerable observers, which allow you to subscribe to mutations of an enumerable Fixed error reporting when a Handlebars template is unable to find a property Dependent keys that contain paths now invalidate immediately instead of at the end of the run loop, which significantly improves performances, especially when combined with @each SC.offset offers more reliability than the deprecated SC.viewOffset Added SC.getPath(), which is like SC.get() but takes a path instead of just a property Improved compatibility of using SC.CoreViews (such as SC.TemplateView) inside standard SC.Views Tear down SC.TemplateCollectionView child views when no longer needed, which fixes a memory leak issue Integrated new functionality from the Ki framework into the SC.StateChart framework so that they now have feature-parity The SC.PickerPane was updated to add removeTarget and removeTarget properties Fixed documentation in datastore and view layer Refactored and fixed bugs in the way SproutCore handles AutoResizing. Updated the test_controls application to reflect AutoResize changes Fixed bugs with the selection behavior in lists Fixed bugs with the logic that determines when sproutcore applications are ready to begin execution Improved performance of layout updates Fixed bugs in keyboard behavior of menus Made more views utilize render delegates Updated unit tests for menus to reflect new keyboard behavior Add proper autoresize behavior to buttons Fixed frame calculation bugs in lists Removed redundant bounds checking in scroll Fixed bugs with the localization of titles in segmented views Fixes for formView Added ability to scale apps so that we can visualize them on the iPhone If using StaticLayout in the image, don't use Canvas Fixed firstResponder support in text_field Fixed responder behavior in editable Refactoring for flowed_layout Rewrote the existing inline editing code to make it more generic and integrated it with SC.LabelView, SC.InlineTextFieldView and SC.ListItemView Added a new SC.SplitView class to the experimental framework which is a re-write of the existing SC.SplitView class but with cleaner code and multi-pane support. Introduced a new AlertPane API and backwards compatibility for the existing API. The new API allows us to create an AlertPane by defining a hash of parameters instead of single methods which take 15+ parameters. Added the ability to programmatically trigger SC.Ready instead of automatically by jQuery which allows the app developer to decide when his app is ready to run Moved render delegates from Ace to base_theme, and render delegates from base to legacy_theme Renamed standard_theme to legacy_theme Cleaned up old, broken css code in desktop and foundation frameworks Updated ImageView documentation Small bug fixes throughout Added unit tests for new functionality Fix failing unit tests 1.5.0.pre.5 Support for high resolution screens. Support for IE7 base64 images using MHTML Initial support for accessibility (WAI-ARIA) Improved SC.Logger, allows log recording and different reporting levels like log4j Modular loading and whitelisting. Improvements and bug fixes in SC.TemplateView and Handlebars helpers Added {{bindAttr}}, {{boundIf}}, and {{collection}} helpers Fixes to Ace CSS IE7 compatibility fixes Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements 1.5.0.pre.4 We are beginning to move API that we don't believe will be ready before 1.5 release into the experimental framework. If your apps rely on code that is migrated to experimental, please make sure you include it as a dependency. For more, please see frameworks/experimental/ Support for extending classes after they've been created with the reopen()/enhance() combo. For more, see: this discussion This change may break existing code if you call sc_super() in your mixins. If your app throws exceptions after updating, please see this post. Added SC.TemplateView and Handlebars. These allow you to specify the content of your views using templates. {{#view}} helper allows you to define child views {{#bind}} helper allows you to render a property, and automatically update DOM if that property ever changes. {{#collection}} helpers allows you to render a simple collection of items using templates SC.TextFieldSupport and SC.CheckboxSupport mixins for SC.TemplateViews that wrap elements.
  • Split SC.View into units of functionality. SC.View remains functionally the same, but you can now use SC.CoreView, a light-weight subset of SC.View.
  • SC.ImageView will use a tag on platforms that support it, which improves performance significantly.
  • SC.SegmentedView now creates an overflow menu if there are too many segments to display.
    • Class names for SC.SegmentedView have been cleaned up. You may need to update your CSS if you were theming SC.SegmentedView.
  • You can now observe the contents of enumerables using the special @each key.
  • Dependent keys can accept property paths. For example, you can say .property(''), and it will be invalidated if the bar property of foo changes.
  • Deprecated SC.viewportOffset(). Please use SC.offset() instead, which is more explicit about what it returns.
  • SC.browser now detects Android devices.
  • SC.device.orientation now works reliably on desktop, iOS, and Android 2.1 and above.
  • Experimental support for gyroscope information, if provided by the browser.
  • Unit tests for runtime, desktop, foundation, core_foundation, and datastore are all passing.

    DISCLAIMER: This is a very rough and not comprehensive overview of the 1000+ commits that formed SproutCore 1.4.


    • Touch Support Gen 1
    • Bug Fixes and Stabilization
    • Build tools performance improvements
    • Greenhouse (experimental)
    • SC.TableView (experimental)


    • Implementation of SC.ErrorCatcher.
    • Orientation change recognition
    • Add all sorts of alt-key goodness to scrollers:
      • alt-click in track scrolls to click
      • alt-click on buttons scrolls by page
      • alt-drag scrolls 1/2 speed.
    • CollectionView fast path (experimental)
    • SC.Animatable
    • Accelerated Layer
    • Adding new SC.device object for states such as orientation, online and offline (and moving orientation out from root responder)
    • Add application manifest check to html tag of default index.rhtml
    • Media framework (experimental)
    • Default iPhone loading screen for webapps
    • Nested Records (experimental? or functional?)
    • SC.DateTime
    • SC.StaticContentView
    • SC.Border
    • Add a task queue to SproutCore, capable of running tasks in the "background"; that is, while idle. (experimental)


    • Better IME support
    • MainPane now has a 200x200 min app size. This is where you should set the minimum size of your app.
    • Move feature detection from SC.browser to SC.platform.
    • Desktop framework no longer requires all other frameworks to load
    • Improved context menu handling
    • Add trigger() method to SC.routes to trigger the current route.
    • Improvements to MenuViews
    • Add the ability to observe changes on SC.Set at an add/remove level, allowing for efficient filtering, merging, etc.
    • Allow configuration of the touch icons and status bar, as well as favicon via Buildfile.
    • Add deprecation warning to SC.Scrollable
    • Better mouseWheel support
    • Added some ARIA tags for accessibility.
    • SC.ScrollView / SC.ScrollerView improvements
    • Experimental mousewheel momentum support. Set SC.WHEEL_MOMENTUM to YES.
    • Support descending sort in ArrayControllers.
    • SC.StaticLayout functionality is now built into SC.View
    • Allow panes the chance to handle user events.
    • Fixes/improvements to PopupButton
    • Make inline text editor inherit escapeHTML from the list item view
    • Added domCSSPrefix to SC.platform
    • Make views update their layer's layerId if their layerId changes.
    • Adding maxlength property to textfield view
    • Added inflector functions to SC.String: singularize() and pluralize()
    • Adding mousewheel support to textareas.
    • Adding HTML5 spellCheck support for textfields. It works with the latest versions of Firefox, Sproutcore, Chrome
    • Adding lastObject() method to SC.Enumerable
    • Allow SC.outlet to specify a different root.
    • Improvements to drag/drop
    • Improvements to SC.UserDefaults
    • Switch from XHTML -> HTML5.
    • Update SelectButtonView to use target/action instead of deprecated function calls.
    • Invoke button actions after a delay if triggered by keyboard shortcuts.
    • Make PopupButtonView and SelectButtonView click and hold delay a constant. Also lowered default value.
    • Use SC.Enumerable's sortProperty to sort objects so that this works on any SC.Enumerable not just native arrays.
    • SC.Record: Add in a the new concept of 'readOnlyAttributes' to complement 'attributes'.
    • New type of SC.PickerPane: PICKER_MENU_POINTER - It's a menu but position like picker pointer
    • Add a willRemoveAllChildren to SC.CollectionView.
    • Added max() and min() to SC.Array
    • Added isDescendantOf method to SC.View
    • Added acceptFirstResponder code to radio and checkbox button.
    • Add a constant for the default separator height, too.
    • use SC.WELL_CONTAINER_PADDING for well and change default value to 15
    • Initial support for re-using views in collections
    • Push an extra div into the scrollView so that it's possible to style the corner differently.
    • Moved all of the standard theme scroller metrics into SproutCore as default values.
    • Adding themes to segmented view
    • Changing tabView so you can set the height of the tabs with a global variable
    • Added provision for Enabling/Disabling menu items in SelectButtonView
    • AlertPane: Esc triggers cancel button / enter triggers default button
    • SC.Query: 'orderBy' can now optionally be a comparison function. In this case, the specified function will be passed the two records directly, rather than the typical method of operating on specific properties. This can be useful for complicated comparisons that cannot be expressed by the simpler method.
    • Add option to only allow focus tabbing among webapp controls.(No jumping to address bar
    • pushRetrieve, pushDestroy and pushError now return storeKey on success instead of YES
    • If there is a list item being edited, commit the changes if the list is scrolled.
    • New Validator for positive integers and also accepts a default value
    • Make sure we always have a root responder.
    • Taught toFormattedString to handle characters %h (unpadded 24-hour time, 1-24) and %i (unpadded 12-hour time, 1-12).
    • FocusRings for SC.ButtonView
    • Adding a handy escapeForRegExp method to String
    • Alignment support for SC.SegmentedView
    • allowing text fields to only apply changes on blur via applyImmediately: NO
    • Added a property to enable/disable textfield tabbing.
    • Removed mobile framework as it was unnecessary
    • Update all encodings to be valid UTF-8
    • We now force parentViewDidResize. It is no longer optional.
    • Only add 'px' units to layout values that are numbers. Strings will be unchanged.
    • 'layerLocationNeedsUpdate' is not set until updates are completed.
    • If a pane receives a tab key press, try to find the next eligible view in the view hierarchy and assign it first responder.
    • In collection view, check if the item is loaded or not before advancing to it.
    • SelectButtonView should by default highlight whatever item is set to its value property.
    • SC.Request: Added 'proper' async() function
    • Changed disclosure from using a label tag to using span
    • add debug() support to SC.Logger
    • Added the shouldInheritCursor property & documentation to SC.View. Defaults to YES.
    • ResponderContext is now a mixin included by SC.Pane and SC.Application.
    • TextFieldView: add support for escapeHTML
    • Renamed isEnabledObserver to reduce the likelihood of naming collisions.
    • Move into runtime, and only implement if the browser does not.
    • do not append font-weight style with px
    • Disable other mouse events while dealing with inputs.


    • XSS security improvements
    • Fixed a bug with listItem views not always being removed properly
    • Miscellaneous code cleanup, optimizations and fixes
    • Fix for memory leak in SC.Response
    • Fixed issue with SC.ManyArray not notifying inverse attributes of correct records that got removed in SC.ManyArray#replace, with tests.
    • TextField hint was not updating for browsers that support placeholder
    • Fix SC.Object so it handles both local and non-local property paths at the same time.
    • Fixed SC.Binding.disconnect()
    • Initialize the value of the select field view to the value of the first element if there is no emptyName and the value hasn't been previously set.
    • Fixed RenderContext to properly handle styles starting with a dash
    • Change the value of the textfield on keyDown to reflect key repetitions.
    • Ignore moveRight and moveLeft events if the user has a control or meta key held down. Otherwise, we may inadvertently block browser keyboard shortcuts.
    • Destroy the layer before removing from parent , otherwise the view will leak
    • Fixes to SC.SegmentedView.
    • Fixed checkbox/righticon/disclosure states in SC.ListItemView
    • RootResponder's performKeyEquivalent should check the menupane before the keypane.
    • Fixed broken useToggleSelection property.
    • Correctly trigger the document's 'ready' event
    • SC.LabelView was lacking a default implementation of inlineEditorShouldBeginEditing(), so by default it would never switch to editable mode when 'isEditable' == true.
    • Fix for bug in SC.Record.normalize(). It would try to normalize a null child record reference.
    • SC.Event.special.mouseover didn't exist, changing it to mouseenter fixes the mouseenter event
    • RecordAttribute: Allow null dates
    • Checking / Unchecking checkboxes or clicking in empty space was not removing focus from in-focus form fields
    • Fixing before ondeactivate in textfield as it is not letting textfields within iframes get focus
    • Invalidate the verticalScrollOffset and horizontalScrollOffset with -1 instead of 0, because those are actually valid values.
    • Reset the click count if clicks occur too far away from one another
    • Make SC.RecordAttribute respect isEditable
    • SC.SelectButton should accept first responder only if it is enabled.
    • Prevent scrollbars from being shown when PickerPane is opened.


    • XHR requests now work with Opera
    • IE7 fixes
    • Fixed problem with poor security management in FF4
    • Fix for window focus events on IE.
    • Fixed issue with underscore characters not appearing in IE text fields.
    • Adding extra validation to avoid incorrect appearance of hint when deleting all text while using firefox
    • Fix the default # added in FF and IE when using routes
    • SC.Pane should not call sendAction from its sendEvent implementation.
    • Fixing IE8 selection woes and removing a lot of legacy cross-browser code
    • Resolve a bug where other panes would disappear if a menu pane was opened (IE7 only).
    • Fix for SC.button on IE7, now it calculates the label with once is appended to the document
    • SC.TextFieldView: Default hint as empty string to avoid IE displaying null in the text fields