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Update changelog for 1.5.0.rc.1

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1 parent 6f50f77 commit 769f4a85e0838a2e7b854dd11b32de342c3fb963 tomhuda committed Apr 2, 2011
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+* Removed #bindCollection helper. Instead, use {{#collection
+ PathTo.Collection contentBinding="MyApp.controller.content"}}
+* {{view}} helper looks up views relative to the view, and then the
+ global scope
+* Built-in helpers and mustaches now automatically update. It is no
+ longer necessary to use {{bind}} or {{boundIf}}
+* Adds enumerable observers, which allow you to subscribe to mutations
+ of an enumerable
+* Fixed error reporting when a Handlebars template is unable to find a
+ property
+* Dependent keys that contain paths now invalidate immediately instead
+ of at the end of the run loop, which significantly improves
+ performances, especially when combined with @each
+* SC.offset offers more reliability than the deprecated SC.viewOffset
+* Added SC.getPath(), which is like SC.get() but takes a path instead of
+ just a property
+* Improved compatibility of using SC.CoreViews (such as SC.TemplateView)
+ inside standard SC.Views
+* Tear down SC.TemplateCollectionView child views when no longer needed,
+ which fixes a memory leak issue
* Integrated new functionality from the Ki framework into the SC.StateChart framework so that they now have feature-parity
* The SC.PickerPane was updated to add removeTarget and removeTarget properties
* Fixed documentation in datastore and view layer

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