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Version bump - 1.6.0.rc.2

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1 parent 8d1153f commit d2304b6e99b84748f0ae6a154f3fec3fe120c2ea @wagenet wagenet committed May 23, 2011
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  2. +2 −2 frameworks/runtime/core.js
@@ -1,6 +1,42 @@
+* Fixed SC.PickerPane#modalPaneDidClick return values - Fixes #339
+* Fixed SC.Enumerable fallback for SC.RecordArray#find - Fixes #363
+* Added SC.requiredObjectForPropertyPath that throws an error when object can't be found
+* Make it possible for the handlebars helpers to generate tags other than <span>
+* Improved Observer Tests with better location (thx martoche)
+* Fixed disclosure positioning in Ace, fixes #457
+* Added backslash to prevent SASS comment interpolation warning
+* Allow for passing relative paths to #collection helper.
+* Further cleanup to TextField template multiline
+* Added isMultiline property to SC.TextField.
+* jQuery is now smart enough to take booleans for certain attributes
+* Stop using jQuery expando
+* Added unit tests for SC.ContainerView to verify it cleans up views that it instantiates.
+* SC.ContainerView will instantiate it's contentView if nowShowing is set with a string or class, however it was not cleaning up views when it was finished. Now it keeps track and cleans up when necessary.
+* Unit test for previous commit checking that the themeName got passed through to the buttons.
+* Allow you to set themeName on the AlertPane to also set the themeName on the buttons (which were previously stuck as 'capsule')
+* Unit test for previous commit adding controlSize to TabView + removed useless TabView methods test and left a warning unit test instead.
+* Whitespace + allow setting of controlSize
+* Comment typo forEachIndex is not a function in IndexSet
+* fix jQuery/SC conflict for events handeling add tryToPerform on SC.TextField
+* use prop instead of attr in SC.Checkbox replace with
+* remove more code : passing unit tests but fail in real app
+* upgrade to jquery 1.6 use jQuery.sub()
+* Minor adjustments for docs
+* fixed so that replace on ChildArray only notifies the part of the array that has actually changed
+* remove more code : passing unit tests but fail in real app
+* upgrade to jquery 1.6 use jQuery.sub()
+* Hacky solution to the issue where template collection views render their item views multiple times when they are nested inside another template collection view.
+* Adds support for specifying an inverse template name to template collection view.
+* Adds unit tests for using an inverse template in template collection views.
+* Fixes issue with nested template collection views causing childViews array to get messed up.
+* Adds failing unit test for childView structure of nested collection views.
+* Adds unit tests for checking the number of items rendered in nested collection views with default content.
* Added 'Show Progress' checkbox to Test Runner
4 frameworks/runtime/core.js
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ window.SproutCore = window.SproutCore || SC ;
// rest of the methods go into the mixin defined below.
- @version 1.6.0.rc.1
+ @version 1.6.0.rc.2
All SproutCore methods and functions are defined
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ window.SproutCore = window.SproutCore || SC ;
SC = window.SC; // This is dumb but necessary for jsdoc to get it right
-SC.VERSION = '1.6.0.rc.1';
+SC.VERSION = '1.6.0.rc.2';

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