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Added documentation for tagName in SC.TemplateCollectionView

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1 parent 165e21a commit e7070ba8208d276200c615b789eb153ae19479e4 Thomas Bartelmess committed with wagenet
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  1. +8 −0 frameworks/core_foundation/views/template_collection.js
8 frameworks/core_foundation/views/template_collection.js
@@ -9,7 +9,15 @@ sc_require('views/template');
SC.TemplateCollectionView = SC.TemplateView.extend(
/** @scope SC.TemplateCollectionView.prototype */{
+ /**
+ Name of the tag that is used for the collection
+ If the tag is a list ('ul' or 'ol') each item will be wrapped into a 'li' tag.
+ If the tag is a table ('table', 'thead', 'tbody') each item will be wrapped into a 'tr' tag.
+ @property {String}
+ @default ul
+ */
tagName: 'ul',
content: null,
template: SC.Handlebars.compile(''),

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