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Commits on Sep 17, 2014
  1. @dcporter

    Adds unit test to demonstrate bug with adding and removing touches fr…

    dcporter authored
    …om a SC.ScrollView pinch-scale gesture.
  2. @dcporter

    SC.ScrollView touch scaling:

    dcporter authored
    - Fixes a bug where the center of a scale gesture was being miscalculated.
    - Improves unit test coverage for touch gestures and touch scaling.
Commits on Sep 4, 2014
  1. @dcporter

    Fixes a number of SC.ScrollView bugs.

    dcporter authored
    - Scroller max values now update during touch scaling.
    - Bouncing back from out-of-bounds scales now position correctly.
    - Views can now animate back along an axis whose canScroll property is false.
    - Handling of subsequent touches after the initial one is captured by the content is improved.
Commits on Sep 2, 2014
  1. @dcporter
  2. @dcporter
  3. @dcporter

    Fixes SC.ScrollView bug where pinching in very small would cause erra…

    dcporter authored
    …tic positioning of the content.
  4. @dcporter

    Fixes a couple of ScrollView bugs:

    dcporter authored
    - Fixes a bug where min/max scroll offsets would be out of date during touch scaling.
    - Fixes a bug where the scroll view would occasionally jump around for no reason when scaling.
  5. @dcporter
  6. @dcporter

    Hacks in a fix for a bug where LayoutStyleCalculator would override S…

    dcporter authored
    …crollView content view scroll transforms.
  7. @dcporter
  8. @dcporter
  9. @dcporter
  10. @dcporter
  11. @dcporter

    Updates for existing SC.ScrollView unit tests.

    dcporter authored
    - Fixes responder chain bug that was preventing the content view from ever getting a swing at touch events.
    - Fixes a ScrollView bug where child view tiling was failing to trigger min/max recalculations when it caused a container view resize.
    - A number of unit tests were failing because SC.ScrollView now updates its layer asynchronously. Fixed these by cheating and triggering the update synchronously.
  12. @dcporter


    dcporter authored
    - Improves scrolling performance with requestAnimationFrame.
    - Implements touch kinetic scrolling and scaling. Working on #1267. (A number of bugs and bounce-curve improvements remain to be made.)
    - Improves SC.Touch documentation.
    - Adds a number of new SC.ScrollView properties to control various aspects of touch scrolling (e.g. direction scroll tolerances and locks).
    - Cleans up old touch-scrolling methods from SC.CollectionView, SC.ScrollerView and SC.MenuScrollView.
Commits on Sep 1, 2014
  1. @publickeating

    Fixes broken unit test.

    publickeating authored
  2. @publickeating

    Deprecates the view() addition to SC.$ in favor of a new SC.viewFor()…

    publickeating authored
    … method. The SC.$.view() method was called excessively by SC.RootResponder to find the target SC.View instance for events, but was wasteful as it requires creating an Array in jQuery only to ever use the first item. SC.viewFor method does the same thing about three times faster.
  3. @publickeating
  4. @publickeating
  5. @publickeating
Commits on Aug 31, 2014
  1. @publickeating
Commits on Aug 30, 2014
  1. @publickeating

    Merge pull request #1196 from sproutcore/team/nicolasbadia/localization

    publickeating authored
    Improves localization support
  2. @publickeating
  3. @publickeating

    Tidies a tiny bit.

    publickeating authored
  4. @publickeating

    Merge pull request #1246 from sproutcore/team/dcporter/bye-experiment…

    publickeating authored
    Removes outdated experimental scroll-view framework.
  5. @publickeating

    Closes #863 Fixes merge conflicts and removes extra cycles of calling…

    publickeating authored
    … `unloadRecord` on children and `unregisterChildFromParent` on the parent.
  6. @publickeating
  7. @publickeating

    Modified unregisterChildFromParent so it can safely be called on any

    Greg Fairbanks authored publickeating committed
    storeKey, even if it is not a child record.
  8. @publickeating

    Propagate status changes to child records.

    Greg Fairbanks authored publickeating committed
    Since nested records are now being properly unregistered, the status of
    nested records was getting stale, leading to exceptions because the status
    was still set to SC.Record.EMPTY.
  9. @publickeating

    Further changes to unregister child records when a record is unloaded.

    Greg Fairbanks authored publickeating committed
  10. @publickeating

    Fix drag and drop handling for nested records.

    Greg Fairbanks authored publickeating committed
    If the item that is dragged is a nested record, special handling is needed
    because the data hash will be removed when the record is unregistered. We
    need to read the data hash so it doesn't get lost.
  11. @publickeating

    Fix calculations for (un)registering ChildArray records.

    Greg Fairbanks authored publickeating committed
    The previous commit incorrectly calculated which records to unregister
    and register. All items after the passed in index need to be unregistered,
    then all the new items should be registered, followed by the existing items
    that were previously unregistered.
  12. @publickeating

    Fix issues with unregistering nested records.

    Greg Fairbanks authored publickeating committed
    There were a couple of issues with unregistering nested records:
    1) SC.ChildArray did not unregister nested records at all, so toMany
    relations with nested records did not work properly.
    2) When a child was unregistered from its parent, that did not propagate
    to children of the child, leading to problems when nesting was several
    levels deep.
    3) There were two additional caches that were not being cleared when the
    nested record was unregistered.
  13. @publickeating
  14. @publickeating
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