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Commits on Jun 5, 2014
  1. @mauritslamers

    merge with master

    mauritslamers authored
  2. @mauritslamers
  3. @mauritslamers
  4. @mauritslamers
  5. @mauritslamers
  6. @mauritslamers

    fixing error where sc_require wouldn't return the error when the .js …

    mauritslamers authored
    …fallback also didn't exist. Commenting out unnecessary console logs.
  7. @mauritslamers

    changing the __dirname and __filename api to dirname() and filename()…

    mauritslamers authored
    … because of race conditions with the value of __dirname
  8. @mauritslamers

    also load SC.Benchmark

    mauritslamers authored
  9. @mauritslamers
  10. @mauritslamers
  11. @mauritslamers
  12. @mauritslamers
  13. @mauritslamers
  14. @mauritslamers
  15. @mauritslamers
  16. @mauritslamers
  17. @mauritslamers
  18. @mauritslamers
  19. @mauritslamers
  20. @mauritslamers

    initial package.json

    mauritslamers authored
  21. @mauritslamers
Commits on Jun 4, 2014
  1. @nicolasbadia @dcporter

    Reimplement itemValueKey support to SC.MenuPane

    nicolasbadia authored dcporter committed
  2. @jameschao @dcporter

    Fixed excessively high scroll offset values in test

    jameschao authored dcporter committed
  3. @jameschao @dcporter

    Deferred scale related calculations to the end of run loop, so give t…

    jameschao authored dcporter committed
    …ime for other intermediary calculations
Commits on Jun 2, 2014
  1. @dcporter
  2. @dcporter

    Fixes a bug where (non-scaling) ScrollView would fail to remove mid-t…

    dcporter authored
    …ouch transform styles from its contentView's layer. Addresses (part of) #1252.
Commits on May 23, 2014
  1. @dcporter

    Fixes a bug where FlowedLayout views failed to stop observing the lay…

    dcporter authored
    …out of removed childViews.
  2. @fairbanksg @dcporter

    Fix incorrect pruning of SC.SelectionSet objects.

    fairbanksg authored dcporter committed
    forEach was being used, but inside the forEach, items were being removed
    from the set.
  3. @dcporter
  4. @dcporter

    Updates CHANGELOG.

    dcporter authored
  5. @fairbanksg @dcporter

    Add unit test for previous SC.MenuItemView changes.

    fairbanksg authored dcporter committed
  6. @fairbanksg @dcporter

    Remove the dependent keys from some SC.MenuItemView properties.

    fairbanksg authored dcporter committed
    Since these properties will be updated manually based on the configured
    key, there is no reason to have a static dependent key specified.
  7. @fairbanksg @dcporter

    Clean up SC.MenuItemView properties.

    fairbanksg authored dcporter committed
    There was some inconsistency with the item*Key family of properties.
  8. @fairbanksg @dcporter

    Add toolTip to SC.MenuPane items.

    fairbanksg authored dcporter committed
    Added the ability to set tooltips on menu items.
  9. @dcporter
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