Forms framework bugs #424

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devinus commented May 10, 2011

Two observed bugs in forms framework using master:

  1. The form fields were not binding to their appropriate properties on my controller's content object.
  2. There was a noticeable lag focusing between fields

I observed this using the generic example from the doc comment:

childViews: "fullName gender".w(),
contentBinding: 'MyApp.personController',

fullName: SC.FormView.row("Name:", SC.TextFieldView.extend({
  layout: {height: 20, width: 150}

gender: SC.FormView.row("Gender:",{
  layout: {width: 150, height: 40, centerY: 0},
  items: ["male", "female"]

With controller stub:

MyApp.personController = SC.ObjectController.create({
  content: SC.Object.create({
    fullName: 'Charles Jolley',
    gender: 'male'

ialexi was assigned May 11, 2011

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