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Multiple retrieveRecord requests for the same record #474

rvalle opened this Issue · 7 comments

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SC is hitting our server 3 times for the same individual record. before it would only ask for it once.

Seems to have been introduced in 1.6.0.rc.2


Looks like #472 adds tests for this.


@wagenet I don't think that's the same issue. The problem there is connected with using toMany association and lack of retrieveRecords usage.

@rvalle: do you have values from that record used in a view more than once? I think that the reason for this could be that view is trying to get 3 values and since request has not yet finished it fires it one time for each value.


I think we have several views using the same record. And since the request is not finished, it is requesting several times.

I think that on previous implementations if a record was been requested there would not be subsequent requests...

I will look deeper into the issue.


@rvalle, this seems like a serious issue. Any updates?


I have been busy fixing my IE8 issues. I am going to look into what is happening now.

I have the feeling that the way observers worked have changed... things are faster now. My guess is that whatever lock mechanism to know if a request is been fetch doesn't work now... we are instantiating an number of views that may requests make use of the same records (just as a twitter application may have multiple messages referencing the same sender). and that is triggering multiple requests at the same time.

let me look a bit into this and I see if I can provide further details.


@rvalle that would be great. I hate making you do too much legwork but that definitely will help us find a solution.


Closing for being stale, please re-open if still around.

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