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Consolidate controlSize theming support #785

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I've noticed that SC.ButtonView is themed for SC.HUGE_CONTROL_SIZE, but not SC.LARGE_CONTROL_SIZE and SC.SegmentedView is themed for SC.LARGE_CONTROL_SIZE and not SC.HUGE_CONTROL_SIZE.

  • The number of control sizes is confusing and I find that a lot of devs just ignore controlSize and override the sc-regular-size styling, so I don't think we need both Huge and Jumbo (seem to mean the same thing) as well as both Tiny and Small (what use is a tiny control?). I think it should just be Small, Regular, Large and possibly Huge, but I would rather leave Huge out.

  • If we're going to declare Small, Regular, Large sizes, then the theme should support all of those sizes. Which means several controls need more styling to fill in the gaps.

SproutCore member

+1 to narrowing it down to 3 sizes overall. However:

Part of the reason to have lots of options for buttons is that you need buttons with lots of different sizes. The fact that SC.ButtonView doesn't support varying heights without ticking between quantized controlSizes is annoying as hell, and I would love to see a fix for this in two point oh.

SproutCore member

Possible to fix this for now by making SC.HUGE equivalent to SC.LARGE and setting a developer warning when SC.HUGE is used?

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