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SC.View#_touchBoundaryFrame fails to invalidate when ancestor views move. #827

dcporter opened this Issue Sep 6, 2012 · 1 comment

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dcporter commented Sep 6, 2012

SC.View#_touchBoundaryFrame (in core_foundation/views/view/touch.js and used by touchIsInBoundary, which is used by ButtonView's tap support among others) is a cacheable property of "frame" and "parentView". Unfortunately, these are not sufficient; the button's touch boundary changes whenever its location on the screen changes, not just its location relative to its parentView.

The solution appears to be to make it a property of "clippingFrame" instead, which is reliably invalidated all the way down the view tree (frame is not, if for example any ancestor's isFixedLayout = true)

It may also need "frame" and/oror "parentView"; further testing should validate this. Also of course it will need a unit test.

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Fixed in master.

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