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ListItemView doesn't implement the protocol defined in SC.ActionSupport #828

amiorin opened this Issue · 3 comments

4 participants

action: 'funBar' 

the action is not fired.

I tried the same action with a SC.ButtonView and the action is fired.

action: 'funBar'
target: ''

Writing an explicit target doesn't fix the problem.

The action should be fired on doubleClick.


To elaborate, @amiorin reported that he was able to get the action to fire by making it a local function on the ListItemView.

I haven't repro'd personally, but the symptoms sound like ListItemView is using the old school action-as-function paradigm and never got updated to the newer target/action paradigm. Funny thing though is that I don't see any action handling built into ListItemView at all, so why would action-as-function work?


Yeah, sorry, action/target is supposed to be set on the collection view (see The collection view handles all the user interaction, not the item views that it creates.

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