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pushRetrieve now updates primaryKey value of record + tests #535

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When pushRetrieve is used to update a record of which the primaryKey value has changed, it does not update the stores cache.
This behaviour can be reproduced as follows:

var sK = store.loadRecord(Model, { firstname: 'me', lastname: 'too', guid: '@433247823'}, '@433247823');
store.pushRetrieve(Model, 1, {firstname: 'me', lastname: 'too', guid: 1}, sK);
store.idFor(sK); // returns @4332478 instead of 1

The included patch solves this behaviour by mimicking the dataSourceDidComplete behaviour in updating the stores primaryKey value cache. A test is included.

@ColinCampbell ColinCampbell merged commit 21d3543 into from
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1  frameworks/datastore/system/store.js
@@ -2258,6 +2258,7 @@ SC.Store = SC.Object.extend( /** @scope SC.Store.prototype */ {
if(dataHash===undefined) this.writeStatus(storeKey, status) ;
else this.writeDataHash(storeKey, dataHash, status) ;
+ if (id && this.idFor(storeKey) !== id) SC.Store.replaceIdFor(storeKey, id);
return storeKey;
16 frameworks/datastore/tests/system/store/pushChanges.js
@@ -59,3 +59,19 @@ test("Issue a pushError and check if there is conflicts", function() {
ok(!res, "There is a conflict, because of the state, this is expected.");
+test("A pushRetrieve updating the id of an existing record should update the primary Key cache", function(){
+ var tmpid, recFirst, recSecond, sK;
+ tmpid = "@2345235asddsgfd";
+ recFirst = { firstname: 'me', lastname: 'too', guid: tmpid };
+ recSecond = { firstname: 'me', lastname: 'too', guid: 1 };
+ SC.RunLoop.begin();
+ var sK = store.loadRecord(SC.Record, rec, tmpid);
+ SC.RunLoop.end();
+ equals(store.idFor(sK),tmpid); //check whether the id is indeed tmpid
+ SC.RunLoop.begin();
+ store.pushRetrieve(SC.Record,1,recSecond,sK);
+ SC.RunLoop.end();
+ equals(store.idFor(sK),1); // id should now have been updated
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