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instantiated views referenced from inside an #if block only get properly destroyed the first time they are removed #565

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When an already instantiated view is used inside of an #if block its destroy method is called the first time the condition becomes false. Then, when the condition becomes true again, the view is properly re-rendered, however when the condition becomes false once again, the nested view is removed from the document but its willDestroyLayer method is never invoked. I believe that this is happening because the nested view's isDestroyed property is set the first time it is torn down and then never reset.

A failing unit test to demonstrate the issue is attached.

@ColinCampbell ColinCampbell merged commit dea8a7a into from

Merging this in, unsure what the fix is but thanks for the failing test!

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Commits on Jul 28, 2011
  1. @burrows

    Adds a failing unit test that demonstrates an issue with referencing an

    burrows authored
    instantiated view inside an #if helper.
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  1. +30 −0 frameworks/core_foundation/tests/views/template/handlebars.js
30 frameworks/core_foundation/tests/views/template/handlebars.js
@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@
module("SC.TemplateView - handlebars integration");
+TemplateTests = {};
test("template view should call the function of the associated template", function() {
var view = SC.TemplateView.create({
templateName: 'test_template',
@@ -542,6 +544,34 @@ test("should update the block when object passed to #if helper changes and an in
+test("views nested within an #if helper should be destroyed every time they are removed", function() {
+ var view, didCreateLayerCalled = 0, willDestroyLayerCalled = 0;
+ TemplateTests.someView = SC.TemplateView.create({
+ template: SC.Handlebars.compile("<h1>hello</h1>"),
+ didCreateLayer: function() { didCreateLayerCalled++; },
+ willDestroyLayer: function() { willDestroyLayerCalled++; }
+ });
+ view = SC.TemplateView.create({
+ template: SC.Handlebars.compile('{{#if foo}}{{view TemplateTests.someView}}{{/if}}'),
+ foo: true
+ });
+ view.createLayer();
+ { view.set('foo', false); });
+ equals(didCreateLayerCalled, 1, 'didCreateLayer should have been called once');
+ equals(willDestroyLayerCalled, 1, 'willDestroyLayer should have been called once');
+ { view.set('foo', true); });
+ { view.set('foo', false); });
+ equals(didCreateLayerCalled, 2, 'didCreateLayer should have been called twice');
+ equals(willDestroyLayerCalled, 2, 'willDestroyLayer should have been called twice');
test("Should insert a localized string if the {{loc}} helper is used", function() {
SC.stringsFor('en', {
'Brazil': 'Brasilia'
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