Added platform detection for the Apache Cordova (formerly phonegap) #849

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This pull request adds autodetection of the Apache Cordova browser-to-mobile-runtime bridge. It's fairly simple detection: Does the cordova object exist or not.

I opted not to build this out into a full framework because cordova needs additional configuration independent of sproutcore to work properly. There are different library versions for different platforms, which need to be included independently for each build target. For example, an android build needs to include the android cordova lib, etc etc.

There's a small unrelated part of this pull request, in that I've added .project and .settings to the .gitignore file. These are eclipse-specific files/folders used for the IDE to save its settings, and should be ignored (much like .DS_Store, etc).

@krotscheck krotscheck Added platform detection for the Apache Cordova (formerly phonegap)
javascript-to-mobile bridge. Also added gitignore entries for .project
and .settings, which are eclipse-specific configuration files.
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+1. The cost/benefit on this apparently self-contained, zero-overhead change looks positive. =)

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Rebased onto master.


ps. I had to ponder even just this one line change, but I think it's in line with SproutCore's goals which should be to do everything possible to make developing web apps easier. For better or for worse, SproutCore is a full package, so we should continue to run with that and make the package even fuller (of course, without sacrificing performance and instead making extreme performance possible due to the tight integration of all the components.. but I digress..).



I agree with you. This is actually a prerequisite for a lot of work that I'm doing over in the Media framework :).

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