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+To view the SproutCore website, first install nanoc:
+ gem install nanoc
+Then run nanoc autocompile and load http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.
+The templates for the site are located in layouts/.
+Each content page is located in content/.
+To configure navigation tabs, modify the metadata at the top of each page:
+ ---
+ title: SproutCore - About
+ id: about
+ h1: About SproutCore
+ download: true
+ subnav:
+ - What is SproutCore
+ - Who's Using SproutCore
+ - Core Team
+ - Logos
+ ---
+"title" is the title that is displayed in the browser.
+"id" determines the active state of the main navigation at the top.
+"h1" fills in the main title on the page itself
+"download" indicates whether the download button should be displayed
+"subnav" is a list of panels on the page to navigate through
+You can add modal content using a modal helper:
+ <% modal "your-modal-id" do %>
+ <h1>Modal content here</h1>
+ <% end %>
+The URL structure has changed slightly. Instead of being located at /community.html,
+the page is now located at /community/. Please make sure that all links to images, CSS
+and JavaScript are absolute (/js/myjs.js, not js/myjs.js).

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