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SproutCore Todo Tutorial

This tutorial will take you through the complete process of building a SproutCore application and an associated back end to go along with it. It is designed for developers new to SproutCore who have worked through at least the Hello World tutorial on the main SproutCore site.

Before You Begin

IMPORTANT: This tutorial is designed for use with SproutCore 1.0 alpha or later. Follow these instructions to install SproutCore 1.0

Make sure you have your basic development environment setup. You will need:

  • A web browser with dev tools installed. We recommend Safari 4 Beta or later with the Develop menu turned on or Firefox with Firebug.
  • A command line. (Like Terminal on the Mac)
  • Your favorite text editor (We like TextMate with the SproutCore.tmbundle installed)

Using the Git Repository

Branches have been saved in this Git repository for each step in this tutorial. If you ever get lost, you can browse this code online or, clone this repository on your own machine and checkout each step as you work.

To get get a copy of this repository on your own machine, make sure you have Git installed, then on your command line do:

git clone git://github.com/sproutit/samples-todos.git todos
cd todos
git checkout -b working origin/blank

TODO: Add more information on how to use the branches for newbies

Getting Help

If you need help on this tutorial, please join us on IRC on #sproutcore at freenode.net or visit the SproutCore Google Group where some friendly folks will be happy to lend a hand.

Moving On

OK, you’re ready to begin! Go to step 1.

Begin Tutorial: Step 1: Create Your SproutCore Application »

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