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== 1.0.1041 / 21-Dec-2009
- yui-compressor now runs once at the end of a build, significantly shortening build time for many projects.
- Added Button Hold behavior for SC.Button. Holding a button will repeatedly fire an action (think arrow buttons on a scroll bar)
- Improved SC.Logger
- Incorporated rough draft of new SC.Animatable framework
- Minor bug fixes - mostly tweaks required for better IE7 support
- Improved documentation on a few methods
- Added a logging for invokeOnce() and invokeLater() making it easier to track when these events occurs and what caused them
- Moved some images into themes so they won’t load when Apple uses its own private theme
- Fixed some bugs in SC.SheetPane introduced when merging the public source code
- Added didAppendLayer and willRemoveLayer callbacks to SC.View so we can add events for video tags
- Added SC.get() which works on any object, even null values
- Added SC.WellView
- New animating SC.SheetPane
- Better support for SC.DateTime
== 1.0.1036
Added mising .tmpl files that prevented doc tool from running
== 1.0.1035
- Fixed bug with the new proxy. HTTP method names were not capitalized, causing some servers to throw an exception
== 1.0.1033
- Updated SproutCore JS
- Build tools now work as a distribution. We can include resources from other projects as well
== 1.0.1009
First release of SproutCore 1.0 RC1
== 1.0.0.a1 / 2009-04-04
Brand new version of build tools. The line (Abbot) is built on a Rake-like
tasks system instead of using integrated Ruby code. It also incorporates a
suite of over 300 unit tests to verify the build operation under lots of
different configurations